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Making Film of JYJ in Los Angeles revealed

Back in June we reported that the members of JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) were in Los Angeles to work with artists / producers such as Kanye West and Darkchild for their album ‘The Beginning’.

Well, a video or making film of the creative process behind the scenes showing JYJ work with the various producers and artists was recently released.

Pretty cool to see JYJ working in the studio and positive thoughts shared by the producers and artists that worked with them.

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Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu enter the Twitter world!

Following the confirmation of Micky Yoochun officially creating a Twitter account earlier today, it looks like fellow members Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu also wanted to join in on the fun, as they just recently created themselves an account (Jaejoong@mjjeje, Junsu@0101xiahtic ) as well!

Although the accounts are yet to be fully confirmed, Jaejoong’s account seems to be legit as the two can be seen tweeting to each other on their profiles.

Their short but sweet conversation reads:

mjjeje: @6002TheMicky Yoochun-ah T_T

6002TheMicky: @mjjeje You’re right next to me, what are you saying Yoochun-ah for..!

mjjej: Yoochun-ah Voila I changed my picture

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.


Xiah Junsu dishes on his upcoming musical

Xiah Junsu is the first ever idol to prepare a musical concert with his own name headlining it.

Perhaps such is the reason why he’s working harder than ever preparing for his four day musical, set to begin on October 7th. Junsu will be working alongside musical stars such as Seo BumseokMin Young KiShin Young Sook, and others.

Already having received the rookie award for “Mozart!” at the Musical Awards, Junsu became widely known for his strong concentration skills and the amount of effort he puts into his rehearsals.

In a recent meeting at his rehearsal hall, Junsu met with reporters and honestly confessed his thoughts regarding his first ever self named concert.

Thank you for your interest. The pressure of being alone is bigger than ever, being the first concert under my name. This performance was only possible with the support of the director and producers. We’ve aready been rehearsing together for three months now so the level of synchronization with the other actors is as great as ever. We’re all working hard and I believe that we’ll be able to show everyone a great concert.”

The concert seats a 10,000 member audience and began production last May.

I released a single in Japan in May and this will be the first time I’m performing one of the songs in Korea. The song holds a message of my feelings for my fans.” Junsu’s “Intoxication” is considered one of the highlights of his musical, being the first ever performance in Korea.

Co-producer Yoo Heesung revealed, “‘Mozart!’ was sold out in February and was successfully completed. Junsu’s concert will be like a galla in style where the actors will be able to connect with the audience more as opposed to singing a few songs and going off stage. Levay also fell in love with Kim Junsu’s performance after watching him and has expressed that he would love to produce songs together. He also said that he will be writing a song specifically for Kim Junsu.”

Sylvester Levay is a world famous composer, also having worked on “Mozart!” alongside playwrightMichael Kunze.

One member of the musical revealed, “Kim Junsu never misses a day of rehearsal. None of us anticipated too much since he is a famous idol star but he has exceeded all of our expectations. He works very hard.

With so much effort being put into his musical, what meaning does it hold to him? Junsu replied, “A musical is a medium that gives me bravery and strength. It’s not just a stage that allows me to sing and act. It’s not something that I can just lightly accomplish, but rather something that I want to consistently work on into my future.”

The interview concluded with a question on TVXQ and whether he kept in contact with the members. Junsu simply replied, “Each individual member is working hard on his activities. Just watching each other work feels like support in itself.

Source + Photos: World Journal

Xiah to Perform with Levay in Musical Concert

Kim Jun-su, better known as Xiah, a member of K-pop group TVXQ, will perform with Grammy Award-winning composer Sylvester Levay in the musical concert “Mozart!” at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium from Oct. 7 to 10.

The Korean rendition of the Austrian musical that garnered huge popularity for its starry casting and high-quality musical score early this year will bring actors and actresses together again in “Levay with Friends.”

Renowned for composing film scores in Hollywood from 1980 to 2000, Levay wrote his most popular works for the mid-1980s U.S. TV action series “Airwolf” (1984-1986). Since the 1990s, Levay has dedicated himself to musicals.

Kim and other actors will team up with the Hungarian composer who will lead a 38-member orchestra to perform the memorable musical. The concert will include songs from “Elizabeth,” also composed by Levay to be performed by Kim, Park Eun-tae and Jeon Dong-seok. “Elizabeth,” a representative Austrian musical collaboration by Levay and his writing partner Michael Kunze, will be presented in Korea in 2012.

Also, Kim will introduce a new song composed by Levay, who was deeply impressed by Kim’s performances both in the musical and as a member of TVXQ.

When Kim first took the role, there was a lot of cynicism and doubt about his debut as a musical actor but he rebuffed such criticism with his powerful vocals and excellent performances.

The EMK Musical Company said that in the concert, Kim is expected to show his talent as a musical actor that goes beyond his popularity as a K-pop idol star. Kim recently took part in singing the title song for the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” along with Micky and Hero.

Veteran actor Seo Beom-seok who played Mozart’s father in the musical said that it will be a good opportunity for him and his fans alike to enjoy the program once again. “All actors who took part in the premiere earlier this year have missed Levay’s music. So we are very excited to hold a concert with him on this special occasion,” he said.

Yu Hee-sung, co-director of the musical, said that Kim and world-renowned musician Levay will produce a concert different from other gala events. “All the staff and the actors are making a concerted effort to recreate a touching performance for some 40,000 people,” he said.

The local musical production company said that it will put “Mozart!”on stage as an encore performance next year and “Elizabeth” in 2012.

Source: KoreaTimes
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Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert Sells Out In 20 Minutes

The first performance of the ‘Kim Junsu Musical Concert -Levay With Friends’ was completely sold out in 20 minutes and once again showed off the ticket of power of Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu).

According to EMK Musical, “When the tickets were released on reservation site Interpark at 9pm on the 1st, all the floor seats were sold out in 90 seconds and then all the rest of the seats were sold out in 20 minutes.” It was said later that the large influx of fans also caused the server to crash, which caused great confusion.

This concert, which began when Mozart!’s composer Sylvester Levay gave Kim Junsu a love call, is said to be a high quality performance with the composer himself participating actively by conducting the orchestra and playing the piano.

EMK Musical said, “As there aren’t many opportunities to hold a musical concert at the Sports Stadium, the biggest concert arena in Korea, we will create a performance that will appeal to the masses and introduce those who are unfamiliar with musicals to the genre.”

Many have their attention focused on Kim Junsu, who has been praised for his possibilities as a musical actor, and he will be joined by top musical actors such as Shin Young Suk, Bae Hae Sun, Park Eun Tae and Jung Seon Ah.

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Xiah Junsu is chosen as the best male idol singer again

In many surveys, DBSK/TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, have been chosen as the best male idol singer. Another major survey was posted recently, and the number one spot was claimed by none other than Junsu.

Korean portal site, DC Inside, had a survey about who the best male idol group singer is. The quiz was open for six days, starting on the 11th and ending on the 17th. Junsu easily achieved the number one spot with 28,132 votes (38.8%).

SHINee’s Jonghyun was in second place, with 13,670 (18.9%) votes. Following these two were Super Junior’s Yesung in third place, SS501’s Youngsaeng in fourth, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung fifth, and BEAST’s Yoseob in sixth place.

SM Entertainment’s vocal coach must be pretty damn good.

JYJ (Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu) reveals upcoming mini album information

Via Tokyohive:

As many of you know already, JYJ (Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu) recently flew to Los Angeles to record for their new mini album. Now, Rhythm Zone’s official JYJ Website has released some information pertaining to this upcoming mini album.

This new album will be titled 「The…」 (yes, The…) and is scheduled for release on September 8th. The mini album will come in 2 versions. MINIAL+DVD which includes the DVD “THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” Rehearsal Movie (仮), ※注:同時発売のLive DVDの「Making Movie」のロング・バージョンになります and いつだって君に Special Movie and will be priced at 2,800円 (around $32). There will also be a regular Minial version which will cost 2,300円 (around $26).

■MINIAL+DVD 2,800円(税込) RZCD-46640/B

1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Instrumental)
6. Get Ready (Instrumental)
7. Long Way (Instrumental)
8. W (Instrumental)

※注:同時発売のLive DVDの「Making Movie」のロング・バージョンになります

いつだって君に Special Movie

■MINIAL 2,300円(税込) RZCD-46641

1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Floor on the Intelligence Remix)v
6. Get Ready (Caramel Pod Remix)
7. Long Way (DAISHI DANCE Remix)
8. W (The big sky in the east ver.)

On the same day, the THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME DVD is scheduled to be released. The price will be ¥5,800(tax in) or around $67.


君がいれば~Beautiful Love~
been so long [Special Guest : LISA]
I have nothing
My Girlfriend (Special ver.)
COLORS~Melody and Harmony~
Get Ready
Long Way


Making Movie
Backstage Movie *初回のみ収録

Check out the album covers below and Junsu’s new blonde hair!

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Junsu visits Yoochun at his drama set

TVXQ’s Junsu visited Yoochun on the set of his new and upcoming drama SungKyunKwan Scandal.

On the first, Junsu came to support Yoochun on set and gave out 100 fried chickens to the staff.

Kang Sung Pil, an actor that stars in the drama and was present when Jusu visited, said, “Junsu showed up with no notice so Yoochun was really surprised. I think he was really touched.”

He continued, “I even suggested he make a cameo appearance and he said he would love to if he had the chance.”

It’s sad to think that Yunho and Changmin will probably not visit him on the set anytime soon.


DBSK or TVXQ or DBSG or TOHOSHINKI or “The rising gods of east” do not need any introduction in korean music history.The most famous band of all time,the best in Korea,the best in Japan or maybe whole asia.The group was formed in 2003 under SM Entertainment.The band was intorduced in Japan in 2005 under Avex sub -label Rhythm zone.





XIAH:Kim Junsu (born December 15, 1986; registered on January 1, 1987 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) better known by his stage names, Xiah, Xiah Junsu (shi-ah jun-sun) (in South Korea) and Junsu (ジュンス) (in Japan). He is a Korean singer-songwriter, composer and occasional actor. He is a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ

Xiah was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He has an older fraternal twin brother named Junho. He was the first member to join TVXQ. Xiah auditioned for SM Entertainment with best friend Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Eunhyuk didn’t make the audition that year but Xiah made it. Xiah joined SM Entertainment at the age of eleven after winning a televised audition judged by two members from H.O.T., Moon Hee Jun and Kangta. He debuted with the group, during a BoA and Britney Spears showcase.He chose Xiah to be his stage name, explaining that the name was short for “Asia”, as Asia is pronounced “ah-shee-ah” in Korean. “Xiah” would be an implication of his desire to become not only a star in Korea, but also a star recognized all throughout the continent.



U-KNOW:Jung Yunho (born February 6, 1986), better known by his stage names, U-Know, U-Know Yunho (in South Korea) and Yunho (ユンホ) (in Japan). He is a Korean singer and occasional actor. He is the leader of the South Korean boyband TVXQ.

U-Know was born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea. He has a younger sister, Jung Ji-hye. At the age of thirteen he joined SM Entertainment, after winning a dance competition. Before debuting in 2003, U-Know appeared in label-mate Dana‘s music video for her song “Diamond” as a backup dancer and rapper.He has said he chose his stage name to be U-Know because as the leader of the group, he wants to understand everybody as in “I know you.”



HERO:Kim Jaejoong (born January 26, 1986), better known by his stage names, Hero, Youngwoong Jaejoong (in South Korea) and Jejung (ジェジュン, Jejun) (in Japan), is a Korean singer-songwriter, composer and occasional actor. He is a member and lead vocal of South Korean boy band TVXQ, known as Dong Bang Shin Ki in South Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan.

Hero was born as Han Jaejoon in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. At a young age, Hero was given up for adoption by his birth mother to the Kims and his name was changed to Kim Jaejoong. When he was fifteen, he moved to Seoul by himself in order to take part in the auditions held by SM Entertainment. Life in Seoul proved to be hard for Hero and he had to take various odd jobs to come up with the 150,000 needed for the rent. He once took on a role as a soldier in the movie Taegeukgi Hwinallimyeo (태극기 휘날리며); he then used the money acquired from the job to buy gum, which he sold to a female employee at a supermarket.



MAX:Shim Changmin (심창민, 沈昌珉; born February 18, 1988) also known asMax (internationally), Choikang Changmin (최강창민, 最强昌珉) in South Korea, Changmin (チャンミン) in Japan, and Shén Chăngmín (沈昌珉) in China and Taiwan which is based on his name in Hanja form, is a Korean singer, songwriter and occasional actor best known as one-fifth of South Korean musical group TVXQ. He is managed under music labels SM Entertainment in South Korea and Rhythm Zone in Japan.

Max was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He has two younger sisters, Shim Sooyeon and Shim Gi-yeon. He joined SM Entertainment by winning the best singer and best artist award in SM Entertainment’s 6th Annual Youth Competition, a talent search conducted annually by the talent agency.He debuted with TVXQ in 2003 performing the group’s debut song “Hug” on SBS network’s BoA and Britney Spears showcase special.



MICKY:Park Yoochun (born June 4, 1986), better known by his stage names,Micky, Micky Yoochun (in South Korea) and Yuchun (ユチョン, Yuchon) (in Japan). He is a Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and occasional actor. He is a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ.

Micky was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, until his family immigrated to the United States when he was in the sixth grade.He lived in Fairfax, Virginia, where he attended Holmes Middle School and Chantilly High School.He was scouted by Brothers Entertainment and went back to South Korea, where he joined SM Entertainment.He has a younger brother named Park Yoohwan.

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