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“We Got Married” announces final broadcast date for ‘Adam Couple’

After announcing that the ‘Adam couple’ were concluding their run on the show, representatives ofMBC’s “We Got Married” have revealed the final broadcast date for Jo Kwon and Ga-In.

The representative revealed, “This week’s episode, scheduled for January 8th, will not feature the Adam Couple.  The episode will consist of only the Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun couple, and the Nichkhunand Victoria couple because there is not enough footage for the Adam Couple.  Their last broadcast date will be on January 15th.

The producers are currently in the final stages of editing the couple’s last segment.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Daum



The ‘Adam Couple’ comes to an end

The longest running couple on ‘We Got Married‘ – the Adam Couple – will be ending their virtual marriage.

On a recent broadcast of MBC radio ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa‘, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girlsmember Ga-In revealed that they’re in the process of recording their last episode together.

Jung Yoon Jung, the PD from ‘We Got Married’ revealed to Star News stating, “Jo Kwon and Ga-In couple have started recording their final episode. The pair have built up a lot of affection toward one another over time, and they have shed a lot of tears.

The Adam Couple started their virtual marriage in September of 2009, and quickly became one of the most popular couples on the show. Their relationship on the show lasted for 1 year and 5 months but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Source + Photo: Star News


Ga-in covers JYP on Kim Jung Eun’s ‘Chocolate’, sneaks in Jo-Kwon

Beautiful Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in recently made an appearance on Kim Jung Eun’s ‘Chocolate’ and was eager to show off her strong vocals. Ga-in covered JYP’s (Park Jin Young) “I already have a woman,” a song where JYP talks about wanting to cheat but having second thoughts because he already has a woman. To fit Ga-in better, the song was changed to “I already have a man.”

During the wonderful performance, Ga-in changed the lyrics a bit and sneaked in her husband from We Got Married with “I already have Jo Kwon” to the delight of the fans in the audience.

Check it around 2:55 below:


Jo Kwon feels responsible for Ga-In

On the latest episode of ‘We Got Married‘, husband Jo Kwon confessed that after a year of marriage, he now feels a sense of responsibility when he’s together with his wife, Ga-In.

The virtual couple went on a trip to Jeju Island as a commemoration for their one year anniversary of ‘marriage’ on the show. However, instead of being able to enjoy the trip alone, they were accompanied by fellow group members, 2AM’s Seulong and Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea.

One of the highlights of the episode was when Ga-In and Jo Kwon were in their wedding car as they watched a compilation video of scenes of their marriage life since being on the show. The couple gave heartwarming smiles as they looked back on their one year of marriage.

When Seulong asked Ga-In if she has any regrets on marrying Kwon, Ga-In laughed and replied, “Other guys don’t want to approach me anymore”. However, during the interview with the producers, she said,“I don’t feel like it’s been 1 year. More like 6 months? It feels like it’s been only a short time.”

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon said, “One year ago, Ga-In used to just treat me like whatever. Back then, my thoughts of her as just a nuna were very strong.”

He continued, “I thought of her as a nuna, or a singer sunbae, but now I feel like she is someone who needs to be in my arms, who I need to let in.”

Lastly, Jo Kwon added, “I feel like I’m responsible for being the person she can lean onto.”

Cute, no?

Source + Photo: Star News


Khuntoria couple brings out their “daughters”?

As 2PM’s Nichkhun is now “married” to f(x)’s Victoria on MBC’s “We Got Married“, it seems the other f(x) members are now the “daughters” of the couple.

On an upcoming episode, Nichkhun met with the f(x) members for the first time. Due to the four of them calling Victoria their “Big Mother”, they automatically became the couple’s new children.

Before meeting their dad, LunaSulli, and Krystal (no Amber again), along with Victoria, wrote five wishes on what they wanted from Nichkhun. Though he was embarrassed about the whole situation, Nichkhun tried his best to satisfy their wishes. He also behaved in a way that was different from the norm, which made his daughters and his wife happy.

This episode was actually recorded a few months ago, but this episode will air tomorrow (later today in Korea). Can’t wait to see the interaction between Nichkhun and f(x).

Source + Photo: Newsen

‘Adam Couple’ celebrates 1 year anniversary on Jeju Island

The oldest couple of MBC’s “We Got Married” recently visited Jeju Island for their 1-year anniversary.

Although their anniversary was technically on September 20th, Jo Kwon and Ga-In were unable to visited Jeju Island until September 28th. Apparently the couple watched the sunrise together while reflecting on their past year.

As for the remaining “We Got Married” couples, CNBlue’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun were forced to endure a prolonged separation due to their promotional activities in Japan; 2PM’s Nichkhunfinally took f(x)’s Victoria to visit Thailand with him in order to introduce his wife to his family.

Source: Newsen
Photo: me2day

Seohyun and Yonghwa to record We Got Married in Japan

The SeohyunYonghwa couple are apparently spending time together in Japan.

“We Got Married” staff revealed today that because SNSD is preparing for their Japanese debut, the two were unable to meet for the past month. Despite his busy schedule, Yonghwa decided to visit Seohyun after the producers arranged the meeting.

The producers also reported that the lovely couple had a good time. They stated, “Apparently, the two have not been on a vacation out of the country without their parents before.”

With Jokwon and Gain spending time in Bali for their wedding pictorial and Victoria and Nichkhun visiting Thailand, it seems inevitable that Seohyun and Yonghwa will follow suit.

The episode is scheduled to be broadcast in November.


Jokwon likes Jiyeon better than Ga-In?

2AM’s Jokwon made a shocking confession on SBS’ Chuseok special,  ’Fantasy Star Couple Challenge Cup‘.

Jokwon partnered up with T-ara’s Jiyeon for the special, which is a surprising development as he is normally paired with his ‘wife’ Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In.

The MC asked him, “Where is Ga-In?” Jokwon cheekily responded, “She’s not in Korea. I’m thinking about cheating on her today.”

Pushing further, the MC asked, “Do you like Ga-In or Jiyeon?”

Jokwon’s answer? “I like Jiyeon better today.”

He even showed Jiyeon some aegyo but regretted the whole situation at the end, moaning: “What am I going to do?”

Jokwon, don’t piss off your wife with cheating inferences, even if it’s a joke!

Source: Nate
Photo: Screen captures from the show

Nichkhun reminisces in Thailand

2PM’s Nichkhun is currently in Thailand with f(x)’s Victoria to film some episodes for MBC’s “We Got Married“. While there, he got to visit a town he used to go for vacations.

He tweeted a picture of himself and wrote, “Hua Hin My CITY”.

The last time he visited was three years ago, and he revealed in an interview back in February that this was the place he has been wanting to return to.

‘We Got Married’ is plummeting in ratings

MBC’s “We Got Married” currently stars six of the hottest idol stars but that isn’t doing the trick.

The episode on the 18th received a viewer rating of 10.7%. That’s a 1.6% drop from the previous episode, when their rating was 12.3%. The week before that, it was 13.5%.

The ratings have been going down each week and nothing seems to be helping. The problems seem to source from the fact that the couples are doing similar activities every episode, and it’s getting boring for the viewers. Additionally, the non-realistic scenarios the couples get put into make it less like a reality show.

Is this show more enjoyable for the couples than it is for the viewers?

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