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Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 1


Go Eun Bi is a student of medical university, but she is hooked on and fascinated musical theater. She always imagines herself performing on stage when in the classroom and school. Her idol is the famous musical actress Bae Kang-hee. When watching Kanghee live performance, she is touched by her singing and drops the tears.


After the performance, Bae Kang-hee encountered the president (chairman) and the son of president, Hong Jay. The president seems like want to match Kang-hee and Yoo Jin as a pair.


Hong Jae Yi returns from New York. Previously he was a talented musical composer, but now he starts to compose popular songs, all these seemed to be because of Bae Kang-hee. Jay Yi seems like afraid that if he continue to compose music for musical theater, he may meet with Kang Hee. So to avoid her, he gives up musical.


The day Jae Yi returned, he drinks with friends and drunk, lying on the side of the Han River. Go Eun Bi practices treble while walking, and stands beside the river to sing continuously, worse of all, sing badly. Jae Yi is awaken by her voice. Jae Yi tells her not to sing again, as she has sang wrongly and sounded wrongly. Eun Bi asks who is Jae Yi, why want to control how she sings. Jae Yi says he is the one who wrote the song. Eun Bi unbelievably asks is he the musical composer Hong Jae Yi, but continue to ridicule him that if he is Hong Jae Yi, then she must be Bae Kang Hee. Jae Yi rebuffs her that in short, a people as not talented as her don’t even can be a musical actor in dream.


Eun Bi is stimulated and hurt by Jae Yi’s words, decided to put down everything, she takes leave of absence from her study for one year to go and fulfill her dream of musical theater.


A year later, while working Eun Bi also participates in audition, and has failed for more than eighty times. There are only two more weeks away before she has to return to school, and her family is forcing her to quickly restart the study again. So Eun Bi is anxiously looking for opportunity, and finally saw in the newspaper that the musical of Bae Kang He “The Queen” is recruiting male choir actor. In order to participate in Kang Hee’s musical, Eun Bi decides to posing as a guy for audition. She is see through by Yoo Jin during the audition process. On the way home, she bumps into Sa Bok Ja (Christine played by Park Kyung-lim). Bok Ja says she just back from New York, and can teach Eun Bi singing and acting. But actually she herself is not a formal musical performers, and she also use the excuse to stay in Eun Bi’s house.


The musical “The Queen” is met with greet success, after discussing with the troupe on cooperation matter, investor Yoo Jin decides to give up on creating own musical, and to buy read-made works, and to hold an open audition to select and recruit actors and production staffs.


Yoo Jin, Yoo Jin’s girlfriend Seo Ra-Kyung, Bae Kang Hee and director have a meeting together. When discussing about the assessment for the selection activity, Kang Hee remembers Jae Yi.


Sa Bok Ja drunk at the dinner, Jae Yi forced to bring her home, while he calls Eun Bi who stays together with Bok Ja to come. Eun Bi calls Bok Ja as “teacher”, and is laughed by Jay Yi. After Jae Yi knows her intention to be a musical actress, he gives her a musical score, let her try to sing. On the sheet music there is no lyric, Jae Yi says can sing as she please according to her own experience.


Eun Bi compiles her experience during the audition and sing, Jae Yi feels that it’s good, and let her do it again. This time Eun Bi sings about the incident of meeting with Jae Yi one year ago. Jae Yi who is playing piano also recalls the event at that time.






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Ku Hye Sun –The Musical Stills





For the ones who wants to watch it live, you can try the following links:

Link 1 (please use IE to open this link and you need to install an ActiveX (TVAnt) for first time viewing)

Link 2 (this is Gorealra offiicially launched by SBS, it’s a silverlight player so you might receive request to install/upgrade silverlight in your browser before watching)

* I am not sure if the above links work in every country but you might wanna try them if interested. Enjoy watching!

Goo Hye Sun shares a bizarre selca


Actress Goo Hye Sun showed off her bizarre side through a new selca.

On September 2nd, she tweeted “This night at 9:55 is the first broadcast of ‘The Musical‘. I’ve been working for this drama for a long time. I hope it goes well… Like this,” and attached the above photo.

In the picture, Goo Hye Sun is smiling brightly in front of the camera. However, her smile appears distorted in the picture.

Netizens responded with, “Goo Hye Sun can become broken like that“, “The best of bizarre photos“, and “Goo Hye Sun’s new image“.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

‘The Musical’ airs its first episode!


On September 2nd, SBS’s new drama ‘The Musical‘ aired its first episode!

The episode introduces the story of ‘Go Eun Bi’ (played by Goo Hye Sun), an honest and hardworking medical student who’s completely in love with musicals. She claims that adding medical terminology into musical numbers makes it easier to memorize them; she also respects top musical actress Bae Kang Hee more than the nobel prize winner Albert Schweitzer.

Eun Bi takes a leave of absence from medical school behind her father’s back, and applies for multiple musical auditions but gets rejected by each one. However, Eun Bi is a girl who does not know how to give up.

Meanwhile, famous composer/musical director Hong Jae Yi (played by Daniel Choi) is a talented and handsome guy, but doesn’t always make a great first impression on people. He is very care-free, has a high level of aesthetic sensitivity, and basically does whatever he wants.

During the episode, Eun Bi and Jae Yi bump into each other several times by coincidence. When Jae Yi happens to hear Eun Bi singing by the Han River one day, he criticizes her singing with the comment, “Hey little lady, you really can’t sing. You’re not supposed to sorrowfully wail that song like that“, and reveals to her that he was the original composer of the song she was singing.

At this, Eun Bi just gives a short laugh and replies, “If you’re Hong Jae Yi, then I’m Bae Kang Hee!”, but Jae Yi leaves her with the warning, “Don’t even dream of becoming a musical actress if you have no talent“.

Fast forward a year later, and we can see that Eun Bi still hasn’t given up on her dream to become a musical actress. When the two characters happen to meet once again, Jae Yi ends up playing the piano for Eun Bi while she sings to his accompaniment, but this time he forms a smile on his face instead of criticizing her, hinting that the two may form an interesting relationship in the future.

Viewers praised Goo Hye Sun’s hidden singing talents and Daniel Choi’s portrayal of a cheerful yet tough character with comments such as, “They really good together“, “I’m looking forward to the acting“, and “‘The Musical’ is really entertaining!”

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

Goo Hye Sun’s ‘The Musical’ gets picked up by Japan for $1.2 million


Although Goo Hye Sun’s upcoming SBS drama, ‘The Musical‘, has yet to hit the airwaves, it’s already been bought by a Japanese broadcast network!

On September 1st, the drama’s production company revealed that it was purchased for $1.2 million USD.  The drama contains a total of 16 episodes with a line-up featuring Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, Ock Joo Hyun, and Park Ki Woong.

The story line centers around medical student ‘Go Eun Bi’ (played by Goo Hye Sun), who’s a medical student but actually dreams of becoming a musical star. Thanks to the popularity of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ in Japan, Goo Hye Sun’s influence certainly be making its way into her other projects.

The drama will begin airing in Korea on September 2nd at 10 PM KST.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

SBS’s new drama, “The Musical”, holds its introductory press conference



SBS’s upcoming drama “The Musical” held a press conference at the Heritz Convention Center in Seoul on the afternoon of August 30th. It was attended by main actors Daniel Choi, Goo Hye Sun, Gi Eun Se, and Park Gi Ong, as well as staff from the production executive board.

Producer Nam Sang Moon expressed, “The reason why ‘The Musical’ was chosen to be produced was because of its originality. Not only is it the first drama to have a plot centered around musicals, but it also involves a love line between five people, rather than the conventional three or four.”

SBS has been dominating the prime time TV drama slots for all days of the week except Friday. These dramas include Monday-Tuesdays‘ “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, Wednesday-Thursdays’ “Protect The Boss“, and the weekend’s “Scent of a Woman”.

With the addition of “The Musical” (to be broadcast every Friday), SBS could potentially dominate all seven days of drama prime time TV slots. “Since SBS already dominates all TV drama slots except for Friday, SBS will take over Friday’s prime time slot with this drama,” said Nam Sang Moon.

“The Musical” tells the story about the passion and determination of musical actors as they prepare for their stage, and the love lines that bloom in between. Characters in the drama include a medical student named Go Eun Bi (Goo Hye Sun) who dreams of becoming a musical actor; a former Broadway actor and now the best musical composer, Jay Hong (Daniel Choi); Eugene (Park Gi Ong), a cold-blooded investor who knows nothing but money; and Park Kang Hee (Ok Ju Hyun), the ‘Queen’ of the musical industry.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

Ku Hye Sun – Official Pics of “The Musical” Casts


Ku Hye Sun – The Musical BTS Pics

another official pics of Go Eun Bi


Ku Hye Sun – The Musical BTS 4

from : 긴머리휘날리@DC

나는 더뮤지컬 스틸기사 긴머리휘날리횽이야…I am THE MUSICAL’s ‘still’ technician and am a member called ghinmuhriwheenhalee(=long-hair-blowing-in-the-wind).
어제 재밌게 촬영하고…I had much fun filming yesterday…
떡 정전일것 같아서 쿠갤에 한번 들어와 봤는데….I thought there will be barely any life in here and decided to come and visit….
이건 뭐…정전이 아니라.. 오일파동 수준인데..ㅎ But, what is this..instead of no life,,seems like ?5-days of upheaval level..hoho

뭐 그건 그렇고…Ok, so that is that…
쿠 근황 궁금해 할 것 같고해서..I thought you might be wondering about Koo’s recent state of affairs…
세시간전에 촬영한 신상짤 한장 들고 왔어….so, I brought over her pix while filming three hours ago.
지금은 새벽이라 맛뵈기고…It is dawn now so I just wanted to give you a taste…
잠좀자고 정신 말짱해질때.. 풀세트 들고 온다….I need to sleep a bit so that my head clears,,,then I will bring over the full set…
기둘리….just wait…
대짤이야 클릭하면 커져….It is a big pix,,if you click on it, it will enlarge…

횽 지금까지 잦다…
거의 폭풍기절해 있었어….
기다리 던 갤러들에겐 미안~

새벽에 약속한 풀세트야….
쿠갤엔 횽 아는 사람들 없겠지만…
횽… 약속한건  반드시 지켜…ㅋㅋ

사진은 쉬는 시간에 촬영한 사진이야….
쿠 현장에서 청포도 사탕 먹으면서 즐겁게  촬영하고있고…
배우들과도 재밌게.. 잘 지내고 있어….
헬스하며 내공키워 장풍도 쏘고..ㅎ

자주는  못오겠지만….
재밌는 사진 촬영하면 또 올께….
다음에 왔을때도 정전이면 나 그냥 간다…..
즐갤들하 고…..

-대짤이야.. 가로사진은 클릭하면 커진다…-

(퍼가도 되고 프레스컷으로 써도  되지만.. 출처는 밝혀… 프레스컷 출처는 필름북, 프레스컷 이외에 출처는 구혜선갤이고..)
cre DC

Ghinmuhriwheenhalee returns to DC with full set of GHs pix!
I was nearly in a state of ?pok poong ghi jul~storm season?
Sorry for making you all wait.

This is the full set that I promised you at dawn.
I may not know anyone at Koo Gal, but
I always deliver what I promised.. keke

These pix are taken during the break from filming..
Koo is enjoying her work at the film location eating her grape candies..
She is also getting along fine and enjoying the time with all the other actors
She is also exercising, develping endurance in order to shoot ?jang peung? hoho

I probably cannot come often..
If we do other interestng film work, I will return..
If I come back and see that there is no life here, I am just going…
So, enjoy yourselves…

It is a big pix..If you click, it enlarges..
(You can take the pix to whereever but you must reveal the source For the press, the source is from FILMBOOK and for others, just give credit to GHS gallery.)

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi.


Ku Hye Sun @ SESIFF Press Conference

Cre as Labelled

According some tweets,SESIFF must started late.Hyesun also came late.

Bonus~ so sexy Hye Sun with short skirt

for The Musical Filming ^^

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