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Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” MV is 5th on YouTube Global chart

thats what makes suju so special…m not their fan but kpop is incomplete without mentioning them and their fan support take them to another level..;)



Super Junior’s music video for “Mr. Simple” placed 5th on the YouTube global chart.

Super Junior released the music video for “Mr. Simple” on August 4th and tallying views from July 27th to August 26th, the video placed 5th overall with a view tally of 9,409,999 views. With this accomplishment, Super Junior were on the top 10 list with some very famous company including artists such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Jay Z, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and others.

Although this proves their popularity abroad, they also did well at home as the video received top honors for ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Most Commented’, and ‘Most Favorited’ on YouTube Korea as well.

Additionally, Super Junior released the music video for “SUPERMAN on the 26th and the video has also received a lot of love.

Congratulations to Super Junior!

Source(s): YouTube | Nate



Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Launches; Sistar Is No. 1 on New Korea Chart

no more soompi charts..:P (though i love them) no more more any other freaking korean site..(which i cant translate) hmm i’m sure their source of info will be the sites i mentioned above bt yeah what a delight for a kpop fan like me.(who uses google translator to chk the songs..XD)…and whenever u say kpop rocks the world it really does…n billboard approves it..;)


Wonder Girls Cover Bruno Mars

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Wonder Girls



Billboard goes K-Pop today (Aug. 25) with the launch of a new chart, the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100. The tally, which ranks Korea’s top-selling songs, kicks off with girl group Sistar‘s “So Cool” grabbing the No. 1 slot and  beating out second-place Leesang and 2NE1, who land not only at No. 3 (with “Ugly”) but also No. 14 (“Hate You”) and No. 21 (“I Am The Best”) on the chart dated Sept. 3.

The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart, launched in conjunction with Billboard Korea, is based on digital sales via leading websites as well as downloads from mobile service sites using an industry-standard formula and the most credible music data sources within Korea. The K-Pop Hot 100 debuts simultaneously here on, in the international chart section of, in Billboard magazine, and also on Billboard Korea’s website,

“The launch of the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 chart is a milestone event, as it will provide the Korean music market with what we believe is Korea’s most accurate and relevant song ranking,” says Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard’s Director of Charts. “We’re excited to be expanding Billboard’s globally recognized Hot 100 chart franchise into this country, and look forward to enhancing the K-Pop Hot 100 chart in the near future with additional data as well as creating new charts that showcase the breadth of Korean music.”

Meanwhile the artists dominating the top of the inaugural Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 reflect the fact that hit-making girl groups are a top attraction in Korean music. Sistar and 2NE1 are just two examples. T-ara, made up of seven young ladies, has secured the No. 4 position as well as grabbing No. 73 (visit soon for positions No. 51-100). Miss A, whose influential management company also manages the ever popular Wonder Girls, rounds out the top five with their single “Good-bye Baby.” Here’s a closer look at five of the female groups ruling the K-Pop 100 this week.

Mashup Mondays: Watch Wonder Girls Cover Bruno Mars

Sistar, “So Cool”


Sistar has won over men and women (and more men) alike with their K-Pop dance track, “So Cool,” which is characterized by its intense beat.  The ladies sing about rising out of a bad breakup and ending up stronger than ever before and feeling “so cool” about themselves.  As you can see in the music video, Sistar’s appeal is not only in its music but also in its choreography. Though Sistar has just recently released its debut album, the girls’ sexy moves hint at dancing skills that will continue to win fans as they progress further into their career.


Wonder Girls Cover Bruno Mars

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Wonder Girls



2NE1, “Ugly”


2NE1’s “Ugly” is an electronic dance track, a genre that the group has come to represent in Korea. Infused with electronic-infused rock guitar,  The song’s upbeat rhythm is contrasted by its morose, self-criticizing lyrics.  In it, 2NE1 sings and raps from the perspective of young teenage girls who are unsatisfied with their appearance and hate the fact that their “ugly” face prevents them from being loved. All five tracks of 2NE1’s second EP have been top digital sellers in Korea signaling the lasting appeal of these four vibrant young women.

T-ara “Roly-Poly”


T-ara dials back to Korea of the 1980s with “Roly-Poly.”  The track’s repetitive melody even recalls a touch of the Bee Gees’ classic hit “Night Fever.”  As the seven girls dance on a retro nightclub stage, they sing about suddenly meeting with Mr. Right on the dance floor and chasing him down all night.  The “Roly-Poly” music video also has a short film as the intro … so you can fast forward to 4:20 to hear the song.

Miss-A, “Good-bye Baby”


Miss A’s hit song, “Good-bye Baby,” is a dance track that smoothly combines hip-hop and soul elements.  Park Jin Young, who produced Wonder Girl’s hit song “Nobody” (which landed in the U.S. Hot 100 in late 2009), wrote the lyrics and composed the music for “Good-bye Baby.” Miss-A sings a powerful chorus telling their cheating boyfriends to leave for good.  In the video, the four ladies saunter around their jet black leather dresses, giving a visual representation of this lyrical appeal for independence.  Miss-A, who has two members — Fei and Jia — of Chinese descent, also has a sizable fanbase in China.

Dalshabet, “Supa Dupa Diva”


The six members of Dalshabet (which means ‘sweet sherbet’) have found great success with their third single, the disco-esque “Bling Bling”.  In the music video, the ladies move away from the innocent and sweet image that they portrayed for their first two single albums and emphasize their more playful, sexy side.  Dalshabet sings about meeting their ideal boy at a disco club and dancing the night away.


Heechul’s final words on Inkigayo

i am not a super junior fan but for many fans ..this is not the best moment..anyway he will be back and the fans will always be there for is the story as published in ALLKPOP.COM

On this week’s broadcast of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘, Super Junior received their second consecutiveMutizen award for their latest hit, “Mr. Simple”.

This week’s win was a lot more meaningful for both the group and their fans, since it was the last music show for member Kim Heechul before he withdraws for army service on September 1st.

It seems that out of all the Super Junior members, leader Leeteuk was hit hardest by his emotions. Overwhelmed, Leeteuk’s tears flowed down uncontrollably as he gave his thank you speech and hugged Heechul tightly in his arms.

Leeteuk expressed, “Thank you to everyone who has given us love. Heechul is also leaving for the army soon, so thank you for giving us such a special gift.”

Heechul added, “This was my last stage before the army. It feels great to have been given such a special award before my leave. I’m always thankful to Jungsoo (Leeteuk) as well as the other members. For the fans who have loved us, I love you too. Thank you to all the staff of ‘Inkigayo’ who gave us so much of their time, and I’m especially thankful to all the managers who put up with my bad temper. I’m not very good at expressing myself, so I’ll just leave it here. I’ll come back safely, stay healthy!”

Source: OSEN via Nate

Kpop In India..!!!!

Kpop has spread all over the world and India is part of it too..:) here is the video made by Indian Kpop lovers we are not few in number and i hope we can have some gr8 kpop shows here in future please watch it share it..spread this video ..please pleas…:)

Super Junior’s Siwon, Donghae, and Eunhyuk show off their bromance

On April 11th, Super Junior’s SiwonEunhyuk, and Donghae uploaded pictures of themselves through their respective Twitter accounts.

Siwon tweeted, “With SK-W, EunSiHae has become real..”, while Eunhyuk wrote, “A gift from one who has… Forever EunSiHae SK-W!!!! Siwon, Thanks~” Last but not least, Donghae tweeted, “SK-W gift from Siwon!! He gave a gift of friendship to EunSiHae!! In the future, too, our Siwon.”

In the photos, Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae (a.k.a. ‘EunSiHae‘) are all striking the same pose for three different photos. All three members are seen holding the same phone to their ears, which one can only assume are the ‘SK-W’ phone. It seems that Siwon gave the phones to Eunhyuk and Donghae as a gift, thereby acknowledging the three’s ‘bromance’ with ‘couple’ phones!

Netizens commented, “Really, EunSiHae is exactly the same kekeke”, “Yeah EunSiHae is real ^^ No doubt!!”, and “Can’t get over how dorky this is. COUPLE PHONES! EunShiHae is real. =))”

Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae are currently promoting in Taiwan as Super Junior-M with their latest album, “Perfection“.

Source: Twitter 123

Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong defend TVXQ on Xiah Junsu’s tweet

Ever since Xiah Junsu tweeted an emotional series of messages to U-know Yunho, it seems like more and more SM Entertainment artists are coming out to defend the two TVXQ members. The latest of these public dissidents are Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong, who each took to their Twitter or mini-hompy to express their thoughts on the controversy.

On January 7th, Sungmin wrote,

“After keeping it in after sometime, I’m leaving this message because I feel this has gone too far. Does (he) not remember the old days when we said we’d work hard together? We were happy even when we were practicing. Did (he) really forget the times when we thought going on broadcast even just once felt like a dream? I’d like it if (he) could look in the mirror once again and think whether (he) has forgotten his rookie mindset~ I understood and forgave them for leaving us without a single word so they could find their own paths, but I don’t know why they are making fools out of people who are quietly doing well by saying all kinds of these absurd lies and hurtful sayings.”

Meanwhile, Shindong, who followed BoA and retweeted Black Beat’s Sim Jaewon’s tweet, also added,

“Enemy (敵): An opponent who wants to fight or hurt another.

Ingratitude (背恩忘德): An attitude of one throwing away their indebtedness to someone and betraying them.

In other words, saying that my family wants to fight or hurt another is an attitude of one throwing away their indebtedness to them and betraying them!”

Source: Newsen via Daum Media, Shindong’s Twitter


MelOn releases results for “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart”

On January 7th, music portal site MelOn revealed the results for their “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart“.

The results were ranked according to digital sales, so check them out below!


1. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die”
2. SNSD – “Oh!”
3. 2NE1 – “To Anyone”
4. DJ DOC – “Taste for the Arts”
5. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging”
6. CNBLUE – “Bluelove”
7. “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” OST Part 3
8. Homme by Hitman Bang – “Homme”
9. T-ara – “Braking Heart”
10. CNBLUE – “Bluetory”
11. miss A – “Bad But Good”
12. Blue Brand – “Trauma”
13. Davichi – “Innocence”
14. Hyori – “H Logic”
15. Hot Potato – “Seesaw”
16. “Cinderella’s Sister” OST
17. Jo Young Su – “All Star 2.5″
18. Rain – “Back to the Basic”
19. Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears”
20. T-ara – “Absolute First Album”
21. KARA – “Lupin”
22. Jo Kwon & Ga-In – “We Fell In Love”
23. SNSD – “Run Devil Run”
24. “Eleventh Story”
25. “Chuno” OST
26. Seeya, Davichi, T-ara – “Wonder Woman”
27. 4minute – “Hit Your Heart”
28. 4men – “The 3rd Generation”
29. BoA – “Hurricane Venus”
30. 2AM – “I Did Wrong”
31. Jo Young Su – “All Star – Davichi”
32. f(x) – “Nu ABO”
33. December – “Tears In Heaven”
34. Lyn – “Candy Train”
35. Lee Seung Gi – “I Must’ve Been Out of It”
36. Vibe – “Vibe in Praha”
37. FT Island – “Beautiful Journey”
38. Lee Seung Gi – “Shadow (Repackage)”
39. Gummy – “Loveless”
40. Min Kyung Hoon – “Reunion”
41. Taeyang – “Solar”
42. Yang Jung Seung – “Generation”
43. December – “Honesty”
44. B2ST – “Shock of the New Era”
45. K. Will – “Present”
46. SECRET – “Secret Time”
47. “Personal Taste” OST Part 1
48. SHINee – “Lucifer”
49. 2PM – “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”
50. Gavy NJ – “Sunflower”
51. Se7en – “Digital Bounce”
52. G.NA – “Draw G’s First Breath”
53. Son Dambi – “The Queen”
54. After School – “Bang!”
55. Jo Kwon – “The Day I Confessed”
56. Baek Ji Young – “Timeless: The Best”
57. Seo In Guk – “Just Beginning”
58. Eun Ji Won – “Platonic”
59. Monday Kiz – “New Sentimental”
60. Zia – “Difference”
61. Hyuna – “Change”
62. Mighty Mouth – “Will Love Come”
63. SECRET – “Madonna”
64. Seo In Young – “Lov-Elly”
65. Zia – “Let’s Have A Drink”
66. MBLAQ – “Y”
67. SISTAR – “Shady Girl”
68. Wheesung – “Realslow Is Back”
69. Untouchable – “Untouchable Mini Album”
70. 2PM – “1:59 PM”
71. Outsider – “Acquiantance”
72. Narsha – “Narsha”
73. Supreme Team – “Spin Off”
74. SISTAR – “Push Push”
75. “Personal Taste” OST Part 2
76. After School – “Because of You”
77. Brown Eyed Soul – “Blowin My Mind”
78. “Coffee House” OST Part 2
79. Jang Yoon Jung – “Olleh”
80. 4men – “You”
81. “Personal Taste” OST
82. M4 – “The Story of M4″
83. Park Hwayobi – “Hwayobi”
84. “Will It Snow This Christmas?” OST
85. Super Junior – “Bonamana”
86. Lee Seok Hoon – “Greeting”
87. “God of Study” OST
88. 2NE1 – “Try to Copy Me”
89. Seo Young Eun – “With”
90. Brown Eyed Soul – “Love Ballad – Never Forget”
91. Orange Caramel – “The First Mini-Album”
92. Lee Seung Gi – “Like the First Time, Like That Time”
93. Younha – “Growing Season”
94. J-Cera – “Lonely Night”
95. Zia – “Bad Habit”
96. Monday Kiz – “ru;t;”
97. Rainbow – “A”
98. “Prosecutor Princess” OST
99. Supreme Team – “Supremier”
100. “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” OST Part 1

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum


TVXQ thanks BoA, SNSD, and SHINee in their “Thanks To”

TVXQ finally unveiled their first album in two years and three months on January 5th, and they left meaningful messages of gratitude towards their fellow SM artists for their constant support during their public absence.

Yunho wrote, “Kangta hyung and Min Jong hyung, who always kindly teaches me even the minor things, the know-it-all but humane BoA, the Super Junior members who own every kind of charm, the vocally talented CSJH The Grace members, the most moral men, TRAX, cute mascots SNSD, prettyAra and Yeon Hee, awesome actor Jong Yoon Hyung, SHINee, who are no different to my younger brothers, maknae f(x), thank you all for giving me strength and supporting me.”

Changmin wrote, “To our company who sent us applauses of encouragement, and to all of our awesome, pretty, talented and kind seniors and juniors, thank you all! The most handsome man in the universe, Lee Jinki ^^ Fishing King Kim Jong Hyun ^^ Key Kibum or KeyBum, Choi Minho, who overflows with richness like a son from a rich middle-east oil company family ^^, Prince Taemin, who owns everything a man needs, and all the other hoobaes, thank you.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ are set to make their official comeback on KBS Music Bank on January 7th.

Source: Seoul Newspaper via Daum Media

[Update Below]

U-Know Yunho

Super Junior, charming men who have diverse colors.

Max Changmin

Teuki Teuki Leeteuk hyung who thankfully came to the music video filming set alone and cheered for us.  Heechul hyung who other people see as unusual, but if you get to know him, he’s someone who’s really a warm abnormal human.  Top star Cho Kyuhyun, my friend who has to have a dance battle with me someday ^^ Kim Ryeowook, a luxury cold city man and a heavy drinker from Incheon ^^ My friend Kim Kibum.



[Info] Which artists topped 2010 album sales chart?

1. SNSD 312,000
2. Super Junior 263,000
3. SHINee 155,000
4. JYJ 128,000
5. B2ST 112,000
6. 2PM 107,000
7. 2AM 96,000
8. 2NE1 64,000
9. BOA 63,000
10. KARA 54,000

1. Super Junior 263,000
2. SHINee 155,000
3. JYJ 128,000
4. B2ST 112,000
5. 2PM 107,000
6. 2AM 96,000
7. SS501 49,000
8. CNBLUE 44,000
9. Brown Eyed Soul 43,000
10. TVXQ 40,000

1. SNSD 312,000
2. 2NE1 64,000
3. KARA 54,000
4. T-ARA 26,000
5. After School 17,000

Translated: fizzjizz
Source: Daum
Taken from Omonatheydidnt

2010 Soompi Gayo Awards Results

Happy New Year! The results of the 6th annual Soompi Gayo Awards are finally here. Our apologies that this year’s results are lacking the usual notes and commentary, but our resident king-of-the charts Edward had a family emergency, and we had to make do without his unique insights into what happened this year in Korean pop music. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

To see the list of nominees, click here:

Top 20 Songs of 2010:

External from soompi image

1. CN Blue – Love (6683 points) *** 2010 SONG OF THE YEAR ***
2. DJ Doc – 나 이런 사람이야 (I’m This Kind Of Person) (6506 points)
3. Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl (6230 points)
4. Homme – 밥만 잘 먹더라 (You Seem To Be Eating Fine) (5793 points)
5. SNSD – 훗 (Hoot) (5757 points)
6. Kara – 루팡 (Lupin) (5739 points)
7. Hot Potato – 고백 (Confession) (5706 points)
8. 2NE1 – 박수쳐 (Clap Your Hands) (5624 points)
9. Psy – Right Now (5611 points)
10. FT Island – Love Love Love (5480 points)
11. Wheesung – 결혼까지 생각했어 (I Even Thought Of Marriage) (5375 points)
12. 2AM – 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (To You Who’s Ignoring My Calls) (5165 points)
13. Secret – Madonna (4889 points)
14. T-ara – 너 때문에 미쳐 (You Make Me Crazy) (4798 points)
15. 2PM – I’ll Be Back (4733 points)
16. MC Mong – 죽을 만큼 아파서 (Hurt to the Point of Death) (4581 points)
17. Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (4517 points)
18. Rain – 널 붙잡을 노래 (A Song to Keep You) (4513 points)
19. MBLAQ – Y (4442 points)
20. Davichi – 시간아 멈춰라 (Time, Please Stop) (4421 points)

Top Digital Single of 2010:

External from soompi image

Homme – 밥만 잘 먹더라 (You Seem To Be Eating Fine) (5793 points)

Top Male-Female Duet or Collaboration:

External from soompi image

IU & Seulong (2AM) – 잔소리 (Nagging) (4349 points)

Top Drama/Movie OST Song of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gummy – 죽어도 사랑해 (Love You Even If I Die: SBS Drama “Dae Mool” OST) (1410 points)

Top Newcomer of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold: CN Blue (12167 points)
Silver: Miss A (11265 points)
Bronze: Sistar (6219 points)

Top Mixed Group of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold : 8Eight (1728 points)
Silver : Koyote (1314 points)
Bronze: Co-Ed School (600 points)

Top Female Singer of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold : IU (4786 points)
Silver : Narsha (4749 points)
Bronze: Gummy (4717 points)

Top Male Singer of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold : MC Mong (6561 points)
Silver : Tae Yang (5728 points)
Bronze: Psy (5611 points)

Top Female Group of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold: SNSD (14131 points)
Silver: Kara (9740 points)
Bronze: 2NE1 (9167 points)

Top Male Group of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold: 2AM (14633 points)
Silver: Beast (12400 points)
Bronze: 2PM (10707 points)

Mini-Album of the Year:

External from soompi image

2AM – 잘못했어 (I Did Wrong) (Repackage) (9138 points)

Album of the Year:

External from soompi image

2NE1 – Vol. 1 To Anyone (2117 points)

Chart Champion:

External from soompi image

2AM (14633 points)

The Top 10 Singers of 2010:
(60% from chart scores, 40% from fan vote):

External from soompi image

1. SNSD (915 points out of 1000 max)
2. Beast (707 points)
3. 2AM (699 points)
4. Super Junior (593 points)
5. 2NE1 (548 points)
6. 2PM (548 points)
7. SHINee (516 points)
8. Kara (493 points)
9. T-Ara (424 points)
10. Secret (389 points)

Though 2AM had the highest score according to their chart standings, the fan vote took SNSD and Beast to the top!

The complete results, out of a possible total of 1000 points:

Chart Vote Total
1. SNSD 579 336 915
2. Beast 508 199 707
3. 2AM 600 99 699
4. Super Junior 193 400 593
5. 2NE1 376 172 548
6. 2PM 439 109 548
7. SHINee 228 288 516
8. Kara 399 94 493
9. T-Ara 367 57 424
10. Secret 370 19 389
11. Tae Yang 235 99 334
12. After School 292 36 328
13. FT Island 226 67 293
14. MC Mong 269 12 281
15. DJ DOC 267 11 278
16. Davichi 257 20 277
17. IU 196 67 263
18. 4minute 216 45 261
19. BoA 173 86 259
20. Psy 230 21 251
21. Hot Potato 234 11 245
22. MBLAQ 202 38 240
23. Seo In Kook 229 11 240
24. Wheesung 221 11 232
25. Bi (Rain) 187 27 214
26. Gummy 193 20 213
27. Gavy NJ 201 11 212
28. Ga In 169 41 210
29. Lee Hyori 185 25 210
30. Narsha 195 15 210

NO se7en…:(( i missed him in the list n no ss501..:(((

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