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Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider FW2011 Catalog





Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF ver.2

Cre Eider

Cre DC Minho

Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider website screencap








Lee Min Ho, YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF



Official update by SMTOWN facebook page on Soo Young’s accident

its pretty much same as the soompi article bt it states that it was the fault of opponent


On the way to voluntary service on the 28th, a member of Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung, had a car crash at 9 a.m. due to the opponent driver’s careless driving. Sooyoung will not be able to participate in ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION’ and Girls’ Generation’s concert in Taiwan and she is planning to receive treatment for a while. We wish Sooyoung’s speedy and full recovery. [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN STAFF]

SNSD’s Soo Young Injured in Car Accident

bad news for all snsd fans soo young got injured in car accident i wish her speedy recovery…here is the full story as published in soompi

SNSD’s Soo Young Injured in Car Accident, Suspends All Activities


SNSD’s Sooyoung was involved in a car accident Sunday morning, injuring her backbone area, which will temporarily suspend all of her activities, local media reported today.

According to local media, Sooyoung was on her way to the city of Chun An around 9AM on August 28th when the car on the opposite lane crashed into her vehicle. Sooyoung was heading to a charity event for blind people, and the accident was caused by the opposite driver’s careless driving, it was reported.

Sooyoung’s doctor diagnosed her with a fractured backbone and told her to immediately suspend all activities for an extended break. Therefore, Sooyoung will not be able to attend the “SM TOWN LIVE” event in Tokyo on September 2nd and SNSD’s concert in Taiwan either, as she will focus on her recovery.

We’ll keep you updated as we get more news. Stay tuned!


Kpop In India..!!!!

Kpop has spread all over the world and India is part of it too..:) here is the video made by Indian Kpop lovers we are not few in number and i hope we can have some gr8 kpop shows here in future please watch it share it..spread this video ..please pleas…:)

MelOn releases results for “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart”

On January 7th, music portal site MelOn revealed the results for their “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart“.

The results were ranked according to digital sales, so check them out below!


1. 2AM – “Can’t Send You Away Even If I Die”
2. SNSD – “Oh!”
3. 2NE1 – “To Anyone”
4. DJ DOC – “Taste for the Arts”
5. IU & 2AM’s Seulong – “Nagging”
6. CNBLUE – “Bluelove”
7. “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” OST Part 3
8. Homme by Hitman Bang – “Homme”
9. T-ara – “Braking Heart”
10. CNBLUE – “Bluetory”
11. miss A – “Bad But Good”
12. Blue Brand – “Trauma”
13. Davichi – “Innocence”
14. Hyori – “H Logic”
15. Hot Potato – “Seesaw”
16. “Cinderella’s Sister” OST
17. Jo Young Su – “All Star 2.5″
18. Rain – “Back to the Basic”
19. Wonder Girls – “2 Different Tears”
20. T-ara – “Absolute First Album”
21. KARA – “Lupin”
22. Jo Kwon & Ga-In – “We Fell In Love”
23. SNSD – “Run Devil Run”
24. “Eleventh Story”
25. “Chuno” OST
26. Seeya, Davichi, T-ara – “Wonder Woman”
27. 4minute – “Hit Your Heart”
28. 4men – “The 3rd Generation”
29. BoA – “Hurricane Venus”
30. 2AM – “I Did Wrong”
31. Jo Young Su – “All Star – Davichi”
32. f(x) – “Nu ABO”
33. December – “Tears In Heaven”
34. Lyn – “Candy Train”
35. Lee Seung Gi – “I Must’ve Been Out of It”
36. Vibe – “Vibe in Praha”
37. FT Island – “Beautiful Journey”
38. Lee Seung Gi – “Shadow (Repackage)”
39. Gummy – “Loveless”
40. Min Kyung Hoon – “Reunion”
41. Taeyang – “Solar”
42. Yang Jung Seung – “Generation”
43. December – “Honesty”
44. B2ST – “Shock of the New Era”
45. K. Will – “Present”
46. SECRET – “Secret Time”
47. “Personal Taste” OST Part 1
48. SHINee – “Lucifer”
49. 2PM – “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”
50. Gavy NJ – “Sunflower”
51. Se7en – “Digital Bounce”
52. G.NA – “Draw G’s First Breath”
53. Son Dambi – “The Queen”
54. After School – “Bang!”
55. Jo Kwon – “The Day I Confessed”
56. Baek Ji Young – “Timeless: The Best”
57. Seo In Guk – “Just Beginning”
58. Eun Ji Won – “Platonic”
59. Monday Kiz – “New Sentimental”
60. Zia – “Difference”
61. Hyuna – “Change”
62. Mighty Mouth – “Will Love Come”
63. SECRET – “Madonna”
64. Seo In Young – “Lov-Elly”
65. Zia – “Let’s Have A Drink”
66. MBLAQ – “Y”
67. SISTAR – “Shady Girl”
68. Wheesung – “Realslow Is Back”
69. Untouchable – “Untouchable Mini Album”
70. 2PM – “1:59 PM”
71. Outsider – “Acquiantance”
72. Narsha – “Narsha”
73. Supreme Team – “Spin Off”
74. SISTAR – “Push Push”
75. “Personal Taste” OST Part 2
76. After School – “Because of You”
77. Brown Eyed Soul – “Blowin My Mind”
78. “Coffee House” OST Part 2
79. Jang Yoon Jung – “Olleh”
80. 4men – “You”
81. “Personal Taste” OST
82. M4 – “The Story of M4″
83. Park Hwayobi – “Hwayobi”
84. “Will It Snow This Christmas?” OST
85. Super Junior – “Bonamana”
86. Lee Seok Hoon – “Greeting”
87. “God of Study” OST
88. 2NE1 – “Try to Copy Me”
89. Seo Young Eun – “With”
90. Brown Eyed Soul – “Love Ballad – Never Forget”
91. Orange Caramel – “The First Mini-Album”
92. Lee Seung Gi – “Like the First Time, Like That Time”
93. Younha – “Growing Season”
94. J-Cera – “Lonely Night”
95. Zia – “Bad Habit”
96. Monday Kiz – “ru;t;”
97. Rainbow – “A”
98. “Prosecutor Princess” OST
99. Supreme Team – “Supremier”
100. “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” OST Part 1

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum


Oricon predicts KARA to be the number one breakout artist of 2011

Via tokyohive:

A survey in weekly publication Ori☆Sta asked 500 members of the Oricon Monitor Researchcommittee who they felt would get their lucky break in 2011, and K-pop fans will be pleased to hear the news.

Coming in at number one was none other than star rookies KARA, a Korean girl group whose famous “butt dance” even had Miura Haruma shaking his behind. Second place went to Shoujo Jidai, better known by Korean fans as SNSD. Both KARA and Shoujo Jidai dominated the end of 2010 with their catchy tunes, knocking off a six-year record and stealing the titles of highest-selling newcomers on the Oricon year-end charts.

Third place went to AKB48’s sister group SKE48SMAP came in at fourth, and flumpool came in fifth.

Do you think 2011 will really be KARA and Shoujo Jidai’s year?

Source: Oricon


TVXQ thanks BoA, SNSD, and SHINee in their “Thanks To”

TVXQ finally unveiled their first album in two years and three months on January 5th, and they left meaningful messages of gratitude towards their fellow SM artists for their constant support during their public absence.

Yunho wrote, “Kangta hyung and Min Jong hyung, who always kindly teaches me even the minor things, the know-it-all but humane BoA, the Super Junior members who own every kind of charm, the vocally talented CSJH The Grace members, the most moral men, TRAX, cute mascots SNSD, prettyAra and Yeon Hee, awesome actor Jong Yoon Hyung, SHINee, who are no different to my younger brothers, maknae f(x), thank you all for giving me strength and supporting me.”

Changmin wrote, “To our company who sent us applauses of encouragement, and to all of our awesome, pretty, talented and kind seniors and juniors, thank you all! The most handsome man in the universe, Lee Jinki ^^ Fishing King Kim Jong Hyun ^^ Key Kibum or KeyBum, Choi Minho, who overflows with richness like a son from a rich middle-east oil company family ^^, Prince Taemin, who owns everything a man needs, and all the other hoobaes, thank you.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ are set to make their official comeback on KBS Music Bank on January 7th.

Source: Seoul Newspaper via Daum Media

[Update Below]

U-Know Yunho

Super Junior, charming men who have diverse colors.

Max Changmin

Teuki Teuki Leeteuk hyung who thankfully came to the music video filming set alone and cheered for us.  Heechul hyung who other people see as unusual, but if you get to know him, he’s someone who’s really a warm abnormal human.  Top star Cho Kyuhyun, my friend who has to have a dance battle with me someday ^^ Kim Ryeowook, a luxury cold city man and a heavy drinker from Incheon ^^ My friend Kim Kibum.



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