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my 3rd cover…se7en’s come back to me

hey guyz wassap?? srry m nt posting anything ..bit busy with my studies.Sorry for using it to promote my videos bt i think i can use it for such purposes..:) plz listen to it n give me feedbacks.This is for fun..:)


Movement Lifestyle goes behind-the-scenes with Se7en

Se7en says goodbye on Music Bank

After making a comeback after a 3 years hiatus, Se7en wrapped up his promotions with a goodbye stage on the October 29th episode of Music Bank today.

Se7en expressed before his performance that he was disappointed with his album’s reception but he promises to come back with a better one in future to repay fans for their support.

Check out his “Better Together” and “Digital Bounce” goodbye stage.


Compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts

Recently, K-pop tweeters were frustrated and saddened over the various SM Entertainment Twitter fraud incidents and the suspension of Jessica’s (SNSD) account (due to anti-fans). Even SHINee’sKey warned tweeters of fake accounts floating around.

And while these misfortunes may upset you readers, we hope our latest updated celebrity Twitter list–which Cassies are sure to be ecstatic over–makes up for all the confusion at hand in the meantime. Check out our list below!

Jo Kwon

Official 2PM Twitter

*NEW*Joo Hee

Kim Bum
Kim Ki Bang
*NEW*Lee Da Hae
Lee Junki
Lee Min Ho
Park Ji Bin
*NEW*Park Joong Hoon
Park Shin Hye
Phillip Choi
Ryu Deok Hwan
*NEW*Yoo Ah In

After School

As One
Official As One Twitter


Big Bang

Black Pearl
Oh Na Mi

Brown Eyed Girls
Official BEG

Brown Eyed Soul
Ahn Jung Yup

Official CNBLUE Twitter

Seo Jae Won
Uhm Tae Min

Han Min Kwan
Heo Kyung Hwan
Kim Ki Wook
Noh Hong Chul
Park Hwi Soon
Shin Bong Sun
Yoon Hyung Bin (Wang Biho)

CSJH the Grace

*NEW*Daniel Chae/Drama
*NEW*David Kim/Day Day
*NEW*Jang In Tae/Inati
*NEW*Lee Dari
*NEW*Lee Dong Lim/Yeong Won
*NEW*Park Jisu

Kang Min Kyung
Lee Hae Ri

Lee Ha Neul

Epik High

Ye Jun
Official Twitter

FT Island
Lee Hong Ki
Lee Jae Jin

Girl’s Day
Official Girl’s Day Twitter
*NEW*Hye Ri
Ji Hae
Ji In [former member]
Ji Sun [former member]
Min Ah
So Jin

Dong Woo
Ho Won
*NEW* Sung Gyu
*NEW* Sung Jong
Sung Yeol
Woo Hyun

*NEW*Ha Joo Yeon/Baby J
Park Sae Mi


Goo Hara
*NEW* Han Seung Yeon
Ji Young


*NEW* Thunder

Kim Jedong
Nam Hee Seok

Mighty Mouth
*NEW* Shorry J


Monday Kiz
*NEW*Han Seung Hui
*NEW* Lee Jin Sung
*NEW* Lim Han Byul

M To M
Jung Hwan

Nine Muses
*NEW* Bini/Lee Hye Bin
*NEW* Lee Sam/Lee Hyun Joo
*NEW* Ryu Sera
*NEW* Violet/Lee Eun Ji

Jo Bin

One Two
Song Ho Bum

One Way
Official One Way Twitter
Young Sky

Other Entertainers
Choi Hyun Woo (Magician [made appearances on Star King])
Daniel Henney (actor/model)
Danny Ahn (former g.o.d. member/singer/TV personality)
Goo Hye Sun (actress/director/writer/artist)
Goo Jun Yup (former Clon member/singer/DJ)
Haha (singer/TV personality)
Hwang Jung Eum (former Sugar member/actress)
Hyun Young (singer/model/actress/tv personality)
Isak (singer/VJ/DJ)
Jay Park (former 2PM leader/singer/currently dances with Art of Movement/actor)
Jeon Hye Bin (singer/actress)
Jung Ryeo Won (former Chakra member/actress/model)
Kim Dong Ryul (singer/songwriter)
Kim Jung Eun (actress/TV show host)
Kim Bum Soo (singer/radio DJ)
Kim C (TV personality/Hot Potato/singer)
Kim Yuna (Olympic gold-medalist ice skater)
Lee Kyun (former UP member/actor/Kangta’s cousin)
Marco (actor/model)
MC Mong (singer/TV personality)
No Min Woo (former TRAX member/actor)
Ok Ju Hyun (former Fin.K.L. member/singer/actress)
Park Jin Young (singer/producer/songwriter/JYP Entertainment founder)
Park Ji Yoon (singer/actress/model)
Park Jung Ah (former Jewelry member/singer/actress)
Park Kyung Lim (MC/comedian/radio DJ)
Rain (singer/dancer/actor)
Son Ho Young (former g.o.d. member/singer/actor)
*NEW* Song Baek Kyoung (former 1TYM member/actor)
Uhm Jung Hwa (singer/actress)
Yiruma (composer/pianist/radio DJ)
Yoon Eun Hye (former Baby V.O.X. member/singer/actress/model)

Hyun Young
Ji Sook
No Eul
Woo Ri
Yoon Hye

Rania (Yet to debut)
*NEW* Official Rania Twitter


SG Wannabe
Kim Jin Ho
Kim Yong Jun
Lee Seok Hoon

*NEW*Official Sistar Twitter

Solo Artists
*NEW* 1SaGain
Baek Ji Young
Brian Joo (former Fly to the Sky member)
BoA [American account]
BoA [Korean account]
Chae Yeon
Crown J
Drunken Tiger
*NEW* G.Soul
Gil Me
Hwang Bo (former Chakra member)
Kan Mi Yeon (former Baby V.O.X. member)
Kim Gun Mo
Lee Soo Young
*NEW* Navi
*NEW* San E
Seo In Kook
*NEW* Son Dambi
Yoon Do Hyun
Yoon Mi Rae

Glenn Rhee

*NEW* Heo Young Saeng
Kim Hyung Joon
*NEW* Kim Kyu Jong
Park Jung Min [old account]
*NEW*Park Jung Min [new account]

Super Junior/Super Junior M
Henry Lau

Official Japanese Twitter
Jung Yunhak
Kim Kwangsu
Kim Sung Je
Park Geonil
Song Jihyuk
Yoon Sungmo

Supreme Team
Simon D


Teen Top
Official Teen Top Twitter

Joo Chan Yang
Kim Joon

The Boss
Official The Boss Twitter
In Jun

The Jadu

Lady Jane

TV Shows
HahaMong Show
Hot Brothers
KBS Music Bank
Mnet 20’s Choice
Mnet M! Countdown
Mnet Superstar K
Mnet Wide
The M-Wave

*NEW* Hero Jaejoong
*NEW* Micky Yoochun
*NEW* Xiah Junsu



Park Ji Heon

Chi Yeul
Han Gook

Official Winterplay Twitter

Wonder Girls
Official Wonder Girls Twitter
Hye Lim
Sunmi (former member)
Sunmi [unoffical WG account]
Ye Eun

Official Japan Twitter

Is your favorite celebrity missing from the list below or is there a broken link? You know the drill! Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to make the changes in the following list!


Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2010 – October Week 4

1. (+3) Beast – 숨 (Breath) *** 1 WEEK NO. 1 ***
Score: 924
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi image Music+Lyrics: Choi Gyu Sung, Rado, Shin Sa Dong Tiger
Album: Beast mini-album “Mastermind” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Beast surprisingly leapfrogs Miss A and scores their first ever No. 1 song with “Breath”.   Beast has already excited fans with “Clenching Fists Tightly” released prior to its upcoming third mini album, “Mastermind.” They need to wait no longer as the boy group returns this month. The title track is “Breath” a new song that is expected to upgrade Beast one notch higher. The song was composed by Sinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu Sung and Beast member, Yong Jun Hyung took part in penning it. The strong synth riffs and drums flow well with the group’s vocals and adlibs.  This song and Miss A’s “Breathe” is very close in every scoring category, Beast won it by having better album sales.  Congratulations to them.

2. (–) Miss A – Breathe
Score: 894
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic+Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: Miss A 2nd single Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Staying at No. 2 this week is top rookie female group Miss A’s second single title song “Breathe”.  The girls who debuted this past July with much confidence and skill returns with a funkier and cuter image fans are expected to enjoy.  Their debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl” already topped the chart and now they are looking to add another No. 1 song.  Miss A will battle top male group CN Blue for this year’s top new artist honor.

3. (-2) 2NE1 – 박수쳐 (Clap Your Hands)
Score: 821
Genre: R&B/Hip-hop
External from soompi image Music+Lyrics: e.knock
Album: 2NE1 Vol. 1 Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of 2NE1’s 1st studio album, ‘To Anyone.’ It is a hip hop song with hip hop rhythm created mainly by percussion instruments. It highlights the appeal of intense and unique rap skills of 2NE1. The members show off unique charismatic appeals with tattoos and smoky make-up and give off spectacular performances on stage. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

4. (+2) Lim Jung Hee – 진짜일 리 없어 (It Can’t Be Real)
Score: 773
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi imageMusic+Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: Lim Jung Hee mini-album “It Can’t Be Real” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Lim Jung Hee’s “It can’t Be Real” moves up two spots to No. 4 this week.  “It Can’t be Real” was composed and penned by Hitman Bang. The producer came up with the title and lyrics of the song after watching the film, “Inception.” The song is about can’t believing breakup actually happened. The song has neo-soul sounds and uses trendy electronic synths.

5. (+3) Lee Juck – 그대랑 (With You)
Score: 730
Genre: Rock Ballad
External from soompi image
Album: Lee Juck Vol. 4 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: Lee Juck’s “With You” from his 4th album “Love” jumps another three to No. 5 this week.  One of the most well respected artists in Korean Music, lee Juck’s new album immediately becomes top seller upon its release.  ‘With You” also ranked very high in both airplay and internet charts.  It is a rock ballad with lively lyrics, a light band sound, and free-wheeling energy to spare. Despite the lack of promotion, the song is in the top 5 now.

6. (+32) Ga In – 돌이킬 수 없는 (Irreversible)   *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***

Score: 598

Genre: Pop / Dance

External from soompi imageMusic: Yoon Sang, Lee Min Soo /Lyrics: Kim Ina

Album: Ga In mini-album “Step 2/4” Track 2 Purchase this album

Watch: MV Live Performance

Comment: Brown Eyed Girls’ member, Ga In releases her first solo album after gaining much success with the rest of the group last year with “Abracadabra.” Jo Young Chul, who produced Brown Eyed Girls’ third album, “Sound-G” also took part in this EP along with other top staff members. The album revolves around the tango genre, hence the album title, “Step 2/4” which is the basic rhythm for the dance. The title track is “Irreversible,” co-composed by hit makers Yoon Sang and Lee Min Soo. The polished chord work, great melody, and rhythm making mesh well with the synth sounds, producing an electronica fused tango number.  It is our biggest mover this week, up 32 spots to No. 6.

7. (+9) SHINee – Hello
Score: 598
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi image Music: Cates, McEwen, Jensen / Lyrics: Kim Ina
Album: SHINee Vol. 2 repackaged version Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: SHInee has done exceptionally well this year with “Lucifer” and is back with its repackaged second album titled, “Hello.” The title track is of the same title and in contrast with their past song which showed off the boys’ powerful charms, the new song will show a sweeter side. This trendy R&B pop number is expected to be refreshing in vocals and rhythms.  This week “Hello” moves up nine spots to No. 7.

8. (+5) BoA – Copy & Paste
Score: 575
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic: Gad, Kafi, Lewander / Lyrics: Kenzie, Kang Ji Won, Kim Boo Min
Album: BoA Vol. 6 Repackaged Version Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: BoA returns this fall with a repackaged version of her sixth album, “Copy & Paste.” The new album includes eleven songs from “Hurricane Venus” along with two new tracks that show an upgraded BoA in both music style and charms. The title track is dance number, “Copy & Paste”, a dance hit with strong rhythm.  This week it moves up five spots to No. 8.

9. (+11) Supreme Team & Young Joon – 그땐 그땐 그땐 (Then Then Then)
Score: 525
Genre: R&B/Hip-hop
External from soompi image
Album: Supreme Team & Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul) mini-album “Ames Room” Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the official title song “Then Then Then” from Supreme Team & Young Joon’s (Brown Eyed Soul) “Ames Room” project album.  This song is mainstream enough yet doesn’t lose the uniqueness from both artists.  This week it moves up 11 spots to No. 9.

10. (-7) Wheesung – 결혼까지 생각했어 (Even Thought Of Marriage)
Score: 700
Genre: R&B/Dance
External from soompi image Music: Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Wheesung
Album: Wheesung mini-album “Realslow Is Back” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of Whee Sung’s single album, ‘RealSlow is Back.’ This is a song where Whee Sung shows off his appeals to the fullest. It is a powerful R&B dance song with intense sounds, his explosive vocals, addictive melody and his signature straightforward yet sentimental lyrics. It is about a man who’s heartbroken after the woman he intended to marry leaves him. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

11. (+8) Kim Jong Kook – 다시 내게로 돌아와 (Come Back To Me Again)
Score: 416
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi image Music+Lyrics: Ha Kwang Hoon
Album: Kim Jong Kook Remake Album Track 4 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: Kim Jong Kook returns with a remake album filled with ten classics released between the 70’s and 90’s from the likes of Lee Moon Se, Jo Kwan Woo, Kim Jong Chan, and Lee Jung Suk. The artist adds his own distinct color to these songs, giving each and every one of them a new feel from the original. Title song “Come Back to Me” was originally sung by veteran singer, Jo Kwan Woo. The song is re-arranged to give it some trendy sounds from the South. Gary of hip-hop duo Leessang is featured in the rap portion of the song, which seem to flow well with Kim Jong Kook’s unique singing method.  This week it moves up eight spots to No. 11.

12. (New) 2PM – I’ll Be Back   *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***

Score: 407

Genre: Pop / Dance

External from soompi imageMusic + Lyrics: Park Jin Young

Album: 2PM mini-album “Still 02:00pm” Track 2 Purchase this album

Watch: MV Live Performance

Comment: 2PM’s new mini album titled, “Still 2PM” is expected to show an even more mature and refined image of them through seven tracks. The title song is “I’ll Be Back,” an R&B number with hip-hop and house rhythms. The song showcases 2PM’s very own style in music. One of the dance moves involved in the song is the “shuffle dance” popular in the 90’s. The boys will relive this “rabbit dance.”  This week it is our highest debut at No. 12.

13. (-2) Sung Shi Kyung & IU – 그대네요 (It Is You)
Score: 394
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi imageMusic: Kim Hyung Suk / Lyrics: Lee Mina
Album: Sung Shi Kyung digital single “It Is You” Track 2
Listen To: Full Song
Comment: Sung Shi Kyung is back with a brand new digital single, “It Is You” after completing his mandatory two-year military service. The song is about sadness felt through love and breakup and it’s something everyone must have gone through at least once in their lives. Created by Sung Shi Kyung and close friend/producer Kim Hyung Suk, “It Is You” is a song with beautiful melody and lyrics. Singer IU is featured in this song.  This week it drops two spots to No. 13.

14. (-9) FT Island – 사랑 사랑 사랑 (Love Love Love)
Score: 387
Genre: Pop Rock
External from soompi image Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Seung Ho / Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Seung Ho, Mario
Album: FT Island mini-album “Beautiful Journey” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of FT Island’s 2nd mini album, ‘Beautiful Journey.’ The perfect combination of powerful vocals and sentimental piano melody helps to create this heartbreaking rock ballad song that highlights FT Island’s sophisticated and sensual appeal. The group members are back with even more stable and developed vocal and performance skills. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

15. (+13) Se7en – I’m Going Crazy

Score: 347

Genre: R&B/Dance

External from soompi imageMusic + Lyrics: Teddy

Album: Se7en digital single “I’m Going Crazy” Track 1

Watch: MV Live Performance

Comment: SE7EN who made his comeback after three years continues his “Digital Bounce” mini album promotions with “I’m Going Crazy.” This medium tempo R&B number showcases the artist’s vocal skills. Composed by Teddy, the song is about a long-time couple whose relationship begins to turn sour as they start to not understand each other and fight. The music video stars SE7EN and his real-life girlfriend, Park Han Byul, stirring the interests of many.  This week it moves up 13 spots to No. 15.

16. (+2) Kim Bum Soo – 지나간다 (Passing By)
Score: 324
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi image Music+Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: Kim Bum Soo Vol. 7 Part 1 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Veteran artist Kim Bum Soo returns after two years and two months with part one of his seventh album titled, “Solista.” The title track, “Passing By” was produced by Park Jin Young (JYP), and is expected to capture the general audience well. The song starts off with delicate piano and orchestra arrangement followed by standard acoustic sounds.  This week “Passing By” is up two spots to No. 16.

17. (-5) Yoo Chun, Jae Joong, Junsu (JYJ) – 찾았다 (Found It)
Score: 323
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi imageMusic+Lyrics: Choi Yong Chan
Album: KBS Drama “Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal” OST Track 2 Purchase this album
Listen To: Full Song
Comment: TVXQ’s Micky Yoo Chun makes his Korean drama debut in the highly anticipated KBS period drama Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal.  Based on a novel by Jung Eun Gwol, Yoo Chun plays a stubborn, stickler student from a powerful and influential family who goes against his privileged background to seek education and equality, but he still has much to learn about how the world really runs.  With Yoo Chun as the leading man, TVXQ bandmates Jun Su and Jae Joong have also joined the soundtrack. The JYJ trio return to K-pop with the drama song “Found It”, a lovely ballad that is very different from previous TVXQ songs.  This week it drops five spots to No. 17.

18. (-3) Oh Jong Hyuk – 가슴이 뛰잖아 (Heart Is Racing)
Score: 297
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi imageMusic: Kim Bo Min, The Name / Lyrics: The Name
Album: Oh Jong Hyuk digital single OJ Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Ex Click B member Oh Jong Hyuk (OJ) is back after one year with a new digital single album.  The title song “Heart Is Racing” is a powerful ballad and it is at No. 18 this week.  This song is receiving good airplays in Korea, which contributes a large part to its score.

19. (+5) Sunday Brunch – 십원짜리 (Ten Won Item)

Score: 293

Genre: Modern Rock

External from soompi imageMusic + Lyrics: Choi Joon Young

Album: Sunday Brunch EP “Ten Won Item” Track 2

Watch: MV

Comment: There are not many female solo rockers in Korea, and to find them in the top 20 is a rarity.  This week Sunday Brunch (real name: Kim Hee Young) acheives that.  She debuted back in 2008 with the song “100km/h”.  Two years later now, she releases her first EP with the title song “Ten Won Item”.  This mid-tempo rock song have very high airplays in Korea and as a result enters our top 20 this week at No. 19.

20. (+12) Coed School – Too Late

Score: 291

Genre: Pop/Dance

External from soompi imageMusic: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Cho Young Soo, Kim Tae Hyun, Ahn Young Min, Oh Sung Hoon

Album: Coed School 1st mini-album Track 1

Watch: MV Live Performance

Comment: Riding the success of T-Ara and Cho Shin Sung’s “TTL” last year, the first megasize mixed group in Korea has debuted. Coed School consists of 10 members (6 guys and 4 girls) and their debut song “Too Late” made it into the top 20 this week.  “Too Late” is written by famous composer Cho Young Soo.  The 10-membered group has made many live performances in music shows and gains new fans everyday.

2PM wins K-Chart on Music Bank + other performances!

After a break last week due to a live baseball game broadcast, Music Bank is back again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances as usual.

There were several eye-catching comeback stages tonight, featuring Younha, 2PM, PSY, NS Yoon Ji, and Outsider. Rainbow and Nine Muses are also having their follow-up stages today.

Ga-In and 2PM were #1 contenders for today’s K-Chart, and it was 2PM who won the trophy today with the hit track, “I’ll Be Back”. Congratulations to 2PM on their first win for “I’ll Be Back”!

Songs that charted this week.

Other performers tonight include ChunJi, Jiggy Dogg, Sunwoo, Norazo, Chae Yeon, Co-Ed, Supreme Team, Ga-In, Se7en, U-Kiss, B2ST, and SHINee.

Check out their performances below!

SHINee – Hello

B2ST – Soom

Se7en – I’m Going Crazy

U-Kiss – Shut Up

Co-Ed – Too Late

The comeback of 2AM teased for next week!

miss A wins M! Countdown + other performances!

Mnet’s M! Countdown is back again on October 21st with another weekly fun-filled music show, and this episode is packed with awesome performances.

Other performers for today included SG Wannabe, Se7en, 2PM, B2ST, Touch, Nine Muses, U-Kiss, Jiggy Dogg and miss A. Check out the performances below.

New 7-member boy group. More on them in an article later.

Eli made a swift return to stage despite surgery earlier this week.

There was also a MCD Awards segment for the male idol who looks like a doll. In the running was SHINee’s Taemin, 2PM’s Nichkhun, Hero JaeJoong and U-Kiss’s Dongho.

Guess who was the winner?

There were a couple of special stages today, featuring the duet between Jang Jae In and Kang Seung Yoon, follow-up stages for Rainbow and Co-Ed, as well as Outsider’s comeback.

It was a close one between miss A and Ga-In for the #1 spot on M! Countdown today, but in the end, it was miss A who came out on top and earned the trophy for this week.

Congratulations to miss A for winning their first trophy for “Breathe”!


Inkigayo performers list 101003

SE7EN says I’m Going Crazy on Music Core

Park Han Byul responds to a netizen’s hateful remarks

Actress Park Han Byul recently left a message for a particular netizen who has been persistently bad-mouthing her relationship with singer Se7en.

On the 27th, Park Han Byul wrote on her Twitter, “You have been tweeting a lot since a long time along. I was just going to let it pass but it seems like there are lot of misunderstandings which is the reason why I am leaving this message. I am one person who hopes more than anyone else for her boyfriend to succeed. Wouldn’t that be definite?”

She continued, “There is no way for me to boldly block journalists from writing about parts that people who aren’t even close to me are interested in. I’m saying that when articles about just one answer I say in an interview regarding that particular topic are written, I can’t do anything about how exaggerated the articles are. Your hatred toward me is also something I can’t help, but I wanted to resolve this problem as much as how you thought I was deliberately making these situations happen, or how I’m not enjoying my relationship. So let’s stop writing these tweets that only hurt each other.”

This particular netizen has actually been leaving many negative tweets on her Twitter. Example of these include, “All I can see is of you believing that you have a pretty face, and happily living the celebrity life off exaggerated articles”, “I know that even when you opened your online shopping mall, you used Se7en’s money to open it”, “Se7en is pathetic too. He’s wasting away one good life for a girl like her.”

Netizens who read Park Han Byul’s response supported her with replies such as, “Park Han Byul must be so sad”, “Don’t worry too much about the negative comments, just have a good loving relationship with Se7en”, “Have strength! Just ignore those negative comments”.

Meanwhile, a music video for Se7en’s ‘I’m Going Crazy’, of which she featured in, was released earlier on the 28th.

Source + Photo: MyDaily

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