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K-Pop:Year 2011, Month:January

Hello everyone.I hope everyone is doing fine.The year 2012 is already a month old and this is my first post of the year.Here is a short review of the year 2011…:)

The year started with a bang.DBSK made a comeback with keep your head down(although it was only Yunho and Changmin but it was great for a kpop lover like me to see them return to the stage).The song is one of my favorite songs(I didn’t like the rap…it sounded little creepy but otherwise it was fine).This was the return of the KINGS.

I was not a huge fan of MBLAQ before the song CRY was released.It was one of the best pop ballads of the year 2011.Take a look at the MV!!

People always complaint that only good looking sexy girls make it into entertainment industry(and yeah thats the truth) but one Girl Group is an exception here and they are PIGGY DOLLS.I enjoyed watching them perform on music shows and the girls are really talented.

Another song which made into my favorites list is BTD.Infinite, which was highly underrated at that time couldn’t leave a big impact on music shows but their sincerity and hard work was clearly visible and that’s what paid off later in the year.

Err i also tried to do a cover this song but unfortunately it turned out something like this

Secret Garden is one of the few dramas i watched this year(i watched only two 😛 err two and a half to be precise one was City Hunter and other was Athena)Will always remember this drama for the OSTs.It featured some of  the best ballads of the year and was one of the most viewed drama of the year.If you haven’t watched this drama..go and watch now…below is the one of the OST of the Drama.

Teen one of the bands i dont like..but their song Super Love made into my playlist and that too because of JD Relic.For those who dont know JD, he is a producer and a singer.He teamed up with ukiss later in the year(will come to this later)So I’m linking the cover version here not the original one..well all credit goes to Teen Top…

I personally find solo singers better than a the queen of Kpop(some of you might not agree with me on that)released the song Black and White.Its better than Top girl..

Mighty Mouth Tok Tok was released on jan 18(Music Video).I was just googling some new k songs and heard this one.This song is the most played in my playlist.Dont know why but i found the MV interesting too.The original ver. featured Kim Bum Soo and this one featured Soya.The original ver is good to hear too but Soya’s vocals suited the song and i will go with this version.

The saddest moment of 2010 was the expiration of SS501’s contract.Every member of the group chose to pursue solo careers and Park Jung Min released the debut single Not Alone.He didnt win any music show but his comeback was the most appreciated one.

Seungri’s What Can I Do is the next song i’m going to list here.Typical K-pop no. which makes you dance to the beats.The song was also featured in Engadget not because of Kpop but because of the use of LG Slate which was highly anticipated at that time.

Other than all this,KARA DSP controversy was also a main highlight of the month.

Thank you for reading!!!!




Piggy Dolls reveal that they’re being pressured to lose weight

On April 9th, Piggy Dolls guested on SBS’s “Star King” and shed tears over the pressure to lose weight.

Kim Min Sun (21), who weighs 90kg, began, “My mother runs a small restaurant, and my father runs a Chinese take-out. I was born with the love of eating, which is how I got my current ‘U-line.’“ She went on to reveal that the group’s combined weight totaled to 232kg, with Lee Ji Yeon (21) weighing at 72kg, and maknae Park Ji Eun (18) at 70kg.

Park Ji Eun continued, “When we first auditioned, there were three conditions. First, we had to be talented vocally. We also could not have had any plastic surgery done, and we had to weigh over 70kg.”

Unfortunately, due to the flop of their debut album, the conditions have changed drastically, as she went on to reveal, “Before, we’d say that we just ate and our CEO would still order us something to eat, but after our first album flopped, he said that the fat concept won’t work anymore. He’s trying to change our image now by making us lose weight, but we don’t want to.”

When asked by MC Kang Ho Dong whether they had any intentions of reaching a compromise with their agency, Kim Min Sun replied, “We, of course, thought about it. But let’s say that we lose weight and get plastic surgery. That doesn’t mean we can become SNSD. Kang Ho Dong is overweight, but also became the best MC. Why can’t overweight people achieve their dreams?”

She continued, “The pain of being told to leave the room at auditions even before I opened my mouth to sing is still left in my heart. I want people that are overweight to not be so self-conscious and to be able to leave their house without shame. We want to become hope to them.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver


KBS Music Bank 01.07.11

IU takes the win on today’s Music Bank, with her song “Good Day” closely beating out G-Dragon & TOP’s “Oh Yeah”.

DBSK makes their long awaited comeback performing as a duo. Infinite, Secret and Joo also make their comeback performances. Having their debut Music Bank stages were Dal Shabet and Piggy Dolls. Check out the show!

Comeback Stage
Dong Bang Shin Ki  – How Can I + Why
Secret – Shy Boy
Joo – Bad Guy
Infinite – Hysterie + B.T.D

Dal Shabet – Supa Dupa Diva
Piggy Dolls – Trend

Today’s Music Bank
OP.ONE (Feat. Addsp2ch) – Up Down
F1RST – You Like Me I Like You
Gil Hak Mi (Feat. 원택) – Winter Story
Gimmm – That’s Very Hot
Sunny Side (Feat. Gavy NJ 희영) – Crazy Love
Tim – Unnecessary Words
F.Cuz – Wanna Be Your Love
Orange Caramel – A-ing
Sistar – How Dare You
Yurisangja – Break Up
T-ara – Ya Ya Ya
JunHyung & Yoseob (BEAST) – Thanks To
IU – Good Day

–ngshineeworld7, monmonsnow

New girl group ‘Piggy Dolls’ debuts with “Trend”

Another girl group has debuted in the industry, but this time with a twist: all three members of “Piggy Dolls” are of rubenesque proportions, with the combined weight exceeding 200kg. Comprised of Park Ji EunKim Min Sun, and Lee Jiyeon, the group debuted on January 6th with their mini-album, “Piggy Style,” on various music sites.

Their title track “TREND” is especially fascinating in that it features lyrics expressing their personal feelings on their image.  “I’m always confident, I don’t care about anything else, what’s wrong with my body?  My face is unique.”

The group expressed, “We think our team name fits well with our members.  As you can see, we really are ‘piggy dolls.’ (laughter)”

Min Sun continued, “All three of us naturally gain a lot of weight. We like eating so we eat.  We can eat about 20kg of rice in three weeks.”

When asked about their reasons for debuting in an industry dominated by thin idols, Jiyeon answered, “People these days tend to favor thin and pretty people. We just wanted to show everyone that people who have weight like us can be just as confident. We want to break the stereotypes of girl groups as only being skinny. Hopefully our debut can console women who have been hurt because to their weight.”

However, the group acknowledged the painful reality they’re facing against in the competition against other girl groups. Fortunately, they’ve got weapons to battle their way to the top: talent.

Min Sun elaborated, “Since we’re big, we sound different… Thin people have thinner voices, and in comparison, our voices sound a lot more rich and powerful.”

At the mention of pure talent not being enough to last in today’s industry, Ji Eun added, “You can consider our concept somewhere between Big Mama and 2NE1.  We have the vocal talent of Big Mama, and the performance style of 2NE1. With both styles, we’ll be trying our best to perfect both.”

Throughout the interview, the girls were noted for their confident and open thoughts, leading the reporter to ask where their confidence stemmed from.  Jiyeon answered, “It’s our vocal talent.  I hope people stop thinking that just because we’re big, we’re going to be less talented than other idol groups.  We’ll show everyone that we’re good at dancing and singing.

To conclude the interview, Piggy Dolls showed their determination as rookies by stating, “Our goal is to captivate the audience with our own charms, especially on stage. Our long-term goal is to rank first on the U.S Billboard chart.  You may be thinking that our goal is too far-fetched, but we fully believe that you need to aim high in order to succeed faster.  Please give us your love, as we’ll be Piggy Dolls that tries our best.

Source + Photos: Asia Economy via Naver


An interesting point to note about their music video for “Trend” is that it highlights interviews of overweight people, who explain their hardships in fitting in with society.  Determined to make a change, the Piggy Dolls trio get up and out of their comfort zone to show the public and prove to those girls that overweight people can be confident and beautiful as they are.

Check it out below!


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