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K-Pop:Year 2011, Month:January

Hello everyone.I hope everyone is doing fine.The year 2012 is already a month old and this is my first post of the year.Here is a short review of the year 2011…:)

The year started with a bang.DBSK made a comeback with keep your head down(although it was only Yunho and Changmin but it was great for a kpop lover like me to see them return to the stage).The song is one of my favorite songs(I didn’t like the rap…it sounded little creepy but otherwise it was fine).This was the return of the KINGS.

I was not a huge fan of MBLAQ before the song CRY was released.It was one of the best pop ballads of the year 2011.Take a look at the MV!!

People always complaint that only good looking sexy girls make it into entertainment industry(and yeah thats the truth) but one Girl Group is an exception here and they are PIGGY DOLLS.I enjoyed watching them perform on music shows and the girls are really talented.

Another song which made into my favorites list is BTD.Infinite, which was highly underrated at that time couldn’t leave a big impact on music shows but their sincerity and hard work was clearly visible and that’s what paid off later in the year.

Err i also tried to do a cover this song but unfortunately it turned out something like this

Secret Garden is one of the few dramas i watched this year(i watched only two 😛 err two and a half to be precise one was City Hunter and other was Athena)Will always remember this drama for the OSTs.It featured some of  the best ballads of the year and was one of the most viewed drama of the year.If you haven’t watched this drama..go and watch now…below is the one of the OST of the Drama.

Teen one of the bands i dont like..but their song Super Love made into my playlist and that too because of JD Relic.For those who dont know JD, he is a producer and a singer.He teamed up with ukiss later in the year(will come to this later)So I’m linking the cover version here not the original one..well all credit goes to Teen Top…

I personally find solo singers better than a the queen of Kpop(some of you might not agree with me on that)released the song Black and White.Its better than Top girl..

Mighty Mouth Tok Tok was released on jan 18(Music Video).I was just googling some new k songs and heard this one.This song is the most played in my playlist.Dont know why but i found the MV interesting too.The original ver. featured Kim Bum Soo and this one featured Soya.The original ver is good to hear too but Soya’s vocals suited the song and i will go with this version.

The saddest moment of 2010 was the expiration of SS501’s contract.Every member of the group chose to pursue solo careers and Park Jung Min released the debut single Not Alone.He didnt win any music show but his comeback was the most appreciated one.

Seungri’s What Can I Do is the next song i’m going to list here.Typical K-pop no. which makes you dance to the beats.The song was also featured in Engadget not because of Kpop but because of the use of LG Slate which was highly anticipated at that time.

Other than all this,KARA DSP controversy was also a main highlight of the month.

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My Top 6 live performances of ss501

hey everyone!!! Its SS501’s sixth anniversary 😀 my fav kpop band (all time fav 😀 ).So here are my top 6 live performances of ss501(includes sub unit also) …these are my fav..very difficult one but if there any other perf. u like please feel free to share in the comment section..:)

I’ll start with the sub unit…:)

6.SS501-Because I’m Stupid

5.SS501-Never Again


3.SS501-Love Like This

2.SS501-4 Chance

1.SS501-LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SS501 reflects on their sixth anniversary with thoughtful tweets


Idol group SS501 will be celebrating their sixth anniversary on June 8th! To commemorate the milestone, the members left thoughtful messages for their fans via Twitter.

Young Saeng wrote, “Today is SS501’s sixth anniversary! Time flies so fast. I remember crying six years ago because I had finally achieved my dream of becoming a singer. I kept saying, ‘This is great’, even while crying. Since we’ve achieved our dreams, let’s strengthen up! SS501! Let no one forget the meaning of our name!”

Meanwhile, Kyu Jong mused, “Time really does fly fast. It feels like just yesterday that we were all so excited and nervous over our debut on June 8th, 2005.  It feels like we were crying only yesterday, and now we’re already here. 5-idols, thank you so much! Really, thank you. And to all of the pretties, thank you! SS501 hooray!”

Hyung Jun also tweeted, “June 8th, 2005, and today. I hope that we’re met with good things and continue to love and support each other.  SS501, fighting. I love and thank everyone.”

Beaming, fans replied back, “We will always support you”, “Congratulations on your sixth anniversary”, and “We love you!”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

Park Jung-Min Has Recovered…..


and he is getting stylish!
Park Jung-min was seen tonight attending Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2011 Collection. He has gotten over his recent sickness, and the singer is now ready to pick out his Spring/Summer wardrobe for next year.

There is nothing like shopping to make a gentlemen feel better! Ladies are not the only ones who love to shop! Jung-min was seen in the photos in front of  designer Lee Jung-jae’s BON show.


SS501’s Park Jung Min reveals his official solo activities

SS501’s Park Jung Min talked about his upcoming solo activities and confessed his feelings on his group performing as solo artists, at his official press conference on September 30th.

Park Jung Min contracted with Sony Music and revealed his future activities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore. In addition, he has already contracted withYamaha Music Entertainment on the 17th in order to expand his Japanese activities, making Sony Music his official distributor for the rest of Asia.

Park Jung Min is the first member of SS501 to officially announce his solo activities in Japan and the rest of Asia. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are currently planning to release their own future activities as well. Fans have been wondering how the SS501 members will stay together with all of the members spread out.

In a meeting with reporters, he stated, “A long time ago, I used to think that one of the members could take my place. However, I now believe that right now is the time that our members stand on their own. A group was nice but we all chose solo activities especially for that reason. We did think about going on as five members, but I honestly don’t think that our decision not to is bad.”

– How do you feel about entering the Chinese market?
“I want to be who I am, fresh and fun. It’s hard matching myself to new people but I will do my best.”

– What do you think are some of the aspects Chinese people like you for?
“I’m good at getting comfortable with people and laugh easily. They probably like my friendless and my willingness to learn their language.”

– Do you have any worries?
“Nothing in particular. I’m good at adjusting. However, the Chinese are very religious. As long as I adjust my lifestyle, I think I will be fine.”

– CEO Choi Jin Dong said he will be making you into an even bigger star.
“I’m still lacking a lot of things but I will try my best. I feel like I’ve returned to being a student lately. The minute I wake up, I get managed from head to toe. I have to exercise, rehearse, learn languages, etc. It’s like I’m a trainee again, preparing for debut 5-6 years after I’ve already debuted.”

– Where do you want to be in a year? In five years?
“Since I’m just now taking my first step, I’d like for me to advance a bit faster in a year. I want more people to take notice of me, and five years later, finally find my place. I’d also love to work with the SS501 members once a year. The members want that as well but we’re all in separate agencies. I’d like to personally set a date and actually do it but there’s two that are still trying to finalize their agency contracts.”

– You’ve gone from being a group member to a solo artist. What do you need to do for yourself?
“Being without my members and staff that have been with me up to this point, it’s lonely. I’ve just now started learning Japanese and Chinese. There are things that I’m able to see alone that I wasn’t able to see as one of the other members. I gained weight during our last album and didn’t notice it but now I see those things clearly.”

– Your Korean comeback is set for November. How is that coming along?
“It’s still in the production process. I’ll work hard to make sure it doesn’t get delayed past this year.”

– You’re the first of the SS501 members to officially announce your Chinese activities. What was your main concern?
“I thought that being given the opportunity to work with these people was a rare chance. The Hallyu wave is becoming stronger than ever in the Asian market. I was worried up until the last moment, actually. Sony Music put a lot of faith in me which is why I decided to go through with it.”

– Will it be more difficult to see you in Korea after this year?
“I’m going to be staying in Korea this year for as long as possible. However, I must go overseas next year for my drama. I am hoping to participate in OSTs and whatnot, though. “

– Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“I’ll remain as the Jung Min they always knew, so please wait for me. I’ll be meeting them all soon with a brand new image.”

Source: Everyday Economy, Asia Economy, Donga
Photos: Everyday Economy, Asia Economy

Park Jung Min greets fans in Hanbok

On the 20th, Park Jung Min of SS501 commented on his facebook “as we near ChuSeok, I’m uploading some photos” and uploaded 4 photos. They were photos of himself wearing Hanbok (Traditional Korea clothes) and is smiling.

Netiznes commented “I love his smile”, “I wish they make a comeback” “Hope you have a good ChuSeok”
Park Jung Min is planning to release his first solo album in November.

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Park Jung Min signs with Yamaha Music Entertainment

SS501’s Park Jung Min has signed with Yamaha Music Entertainment and will soon promote his Japan activities.

Before his Japan press conference, CNR Media revealed on September 17th, “Park Jung Min has signed with Yamaha Music Entertainment.

Park Jung Min’s main website will be launched subsequently and followed with photos and DVD. His Japan fan meeting will take place this December while his first solo concert will happen in 2011.

For domestic promotions in Korea, the agency plans to release his solo album this November.

CNR Media is a foreign media corporation and will support a wide array of international activities for Park Jung Min.

SS501’s Park Jung Min lost 18 lbs for comeback

Park Jung Min has been garnering a lot of attention lately after he posted photos of himself on his official Facebook page, which opened yesterday.

After ending official promotions 6 months ago, Park has apparently been busy exercising for his November comeback. The singer, who is leaving for Japan on the 16th to participate in a musical, posted, “I’m exercising really hard. I hope you guys can support me. I think I’ll be able to meet all of you in November.”

His management company CNR Media commented, “He’s trying to live a disciplined lifestyle, so he’s made a schedule for himself that he tries to keep. He wakes up in the morning to exercise and after talking to his trainer, has changed to a diet of proteins and salads. He is currently 8 kg [18 lbs] lighter, and his body is healthier and a lot more toned.”

Source: MSN Korea



well well well here is the best English cover of ss501’s love ya on the net..plz listen it..its worth watching it n u ll surely become a fan….u ll beacome a true fan of jd relic like me….<3…lyrics are awesome so do the voice…

Download HERE:…

The Chorus Lyrics are from the Michaelangelo Version of the song…. the rest is a translation of SS501 Version!

Yeah, Here we go once again
Guess who’s back Let’s go
This song is all about you
I really hate you but I love you
So what can I do? now listen…

girl you got me hurtin’
Cause I know for certain
We can be so perfect
And I know you know that Ill always be your lover
Why don’t you get it?
girl you got me hurtin’
Cause I know for certain
We can be so perfect
And I know you know that Ill always be your lover
Put no one above ya

You know that I’ve waited for you all of this time
With every breath and with every rhyme
you say you can’t hear me, your letting me go,
but now I’m back I’m letting you know
Forget your boyfriend, I can be your best friend
He never loved you the way I can love you girl
so baby won’t you come to me
I’ll make you make you happy

You know that I tried being happy for you,
Even if my dreams would never come true what can I do,
if you would just look back at me, your smile is all that I need
But girl I see the way your tears are flowing I know your pain is showing
I try to hold it back but its no use. my love is growing
You belong with me YEAH

Why don’t you listen to me? Just think of all we could be…
cause every time i look in your beautiful eyes, your pain is all I can see
Forget about the bad bad love that bruised your heart and pushed you away
You know Ill always be here for you at the end of the day
every time your tears are flowing down , ill save you girl you’ll never drown
even if my heart is ripped apart yea…
I can cross over the sea
Please believe , before your ship goes down
I’m gonna sink into your heart, so we can burn this town.

Park Jung-min opens official Facebook and Twitter site

SS501 member Park Jung-min has opened an official Facebook and Twitter website, according to his new agency CNR Media on Wednesday.

CNR stated in a press release that they opened official accounts on the popular online networks after discovering that several people had impersonated the singer, similar to the incidents to actors Jung Il-woo, Lee Min-ho and Kim So-eun.

“We believe that these people have caused harm upon Park’s fans by impersonating the singer. We are currently preparing the official website for him and we have taken measures to open his official Facebook and Twitter site,” explained an official from CNR Media.

The agency will update Park’s fans on his upcoming activities and upload pictures of his daily lives on these webpages until they open the official website.

Park Jung-min made his debut as one of the members of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. While releasing hit songs such as “Snow Prince,” “U R Man” and “Love Ya” with the group, he has appeared in various television shows as well as starring the musical “Grease.”

Park’s official websites include Facebook page ( and Twitter (

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