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4MEN releases full MV for ‘Once While Living’


On June 6th, 4MEN finally released the full music video for their new track, “Once While Living“.

The music video was filmed in black and white to better convey the lyrics’ sad story. Through the passionate acting of pianist Jin Bora and actors Kim Sung Oh and Jin Yi Han, “Once While Living” became a stirring video to watch.

Check out the music video below!



Kim Hyun Joong-Break Down MV + my reaction

i just came back from my maths tuition.Its 7:23 am here in India.I was feeling a lil sleepy but guess what this guy blew mah mind.WHAT A SONG!!!!!!! KIM HYUN JOONG just released his 2nd song BREAK DOWN…its totally different from PLEASE.It has a lot of electronic tunes..a totally rocking souund but the original voice does not get lost in the background.Dance is superb(yeah considering that KHJ is not the best dancers of kpop era) look suits KHJ as he overcomes the cute (kinda girlish) to a gangsta typo look (dat was my first opinion after watching the MV).

You gotta watch this if you are a triple S.Those who are new to kpop will also find this song a bit new.So, watch the MV and have fun.Will update the lyrics as soon as i get them…:)

U-Kiss To Debut In Japan Under Avex

[News] SNSD is 2010’s Best Girl Group and Most Number of Fans

Let’s see- who is the best girl group and has the most fans of 2010? Of course, it’s Girl’s Generation and the beloved SONE. The surprising part is, the performance between SNSD and SONE can be described as something worthy of praise in 2010 because during the survey, both brought out their best strengths to do well.
The “Final Battle” seen here is from Korea’s Daum website from the “2010’s Idols Last Fan Battle of the Year”. From the 114, 428 point one week survey, SNSD shows once again that they not only succeed in the music industry, but are also famous in Korea, Japan and other countries, and has also received an unlimited amount of popularity in the hearts of fans. They succeeded in beating their rival KARA who received 70,000 votes and also received an explosive popularity in Japan in 2010, can be said to have a very good start.
T-ARA received 3rd place (21, 817 votes) followed by 2NE1 and MISS A

Credits:SuperGirlsBaidu, daum
Take out with full credit.


[News] Top 10 Korean entertainment stories in 2010

The Korean entertainment in 2010 was marked by the surge of the popularity of K-pop and Korean films advancing in the international arena.

However, the K-pop music scene was rocked by controversies, including the issues surrounding popular boy bands TVXQ, 2PM and SS501.

Here are the top 10 stories that have made significant impact in the Korean entertainment last year.

1. TVXQ/JYJ – The controversy involving top K-pop boy band TVXQ started in 2009 and continued in 2010. After Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong sued SM Entertainment to void their exclusive contracts with the agency in 2009, the three focused on their career in Japan and established their own group, JYJ. But after a successful run in Japan, Avex, JYJ’s Japanese agency, announced in September that it would stop JYJ’s activities in Japan. JYJ then released their first English album, “The Beginning,” in October and embarked on a world tour including performing in the United States. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, announced that the remaining members of TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin, would be coming back and the two would use the name TVXQ, a move that did not sit well with some fans. While the idea of uniting all the members of TVXQ is now elusive, fans are hoping that one day, TVXQ will be back with the original five members performing as one.

2. Jay Park and 2PM – Another controversy that rocked the K-pop industry was the ouster of rapper and bboy Jay Park (aka Park Jaebum) as leader of boy band 2PM. On February 25, JYP Entertainment announced that it was terminating Jay from 2PM. This angered fans who wanted the agency to explain the real reason it decided to oust Jay. A conference between JYP representatives, 2PM members and fans was held on Feb. 27, where 2PM members admitted that they all agreed to terminate Jay from the group. In March, Jay posted a viral video on YouTube that started his trek back to the K-pop industry. In April, Jay announced that he would be starring in “Hype Nation,” his first movie. With the help of many people, including Ned Sherman, who became Jay’s lawyer for his activities, Jay successfully came back to South Korea in June and launched his solo career. Despite parting ways with 2PM, Jay repeatedly said that he still loves 2PM members.

3. SS501 – Another boy band that was involved in controversy was SS501, headed by popular actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong. When the boy band’s contract with DSP Entertainment expired in June, members signed up with different agencies. Kim Hyun Joong signed up with KeyEast Entertainment. This worried fans who feared that SS501 would be headed for disbandment. However, the members assured that SS501 will continue as a boy band.

4. K-pop invades Japan – More K-pop groups debuted in the lucrative Japanese music market. Several years ago, TVXQ and BoA paved the way for the entry of K-pop music in Japan. Big Bang has also become popular there. In 2010, Girls Generation, KARA and 2PM also debuted in Japan while FT Island debuted as a mainstream group.

5. Scandals – From drugs and gambling to alleged evasion of enlisting in the Korean military, Korean stars were involved last year in different scandals and controversies. Entertainer Shin Jung Hwan is now living outside Korea after becoming news fodder for allegedly failing to pay his gambling debt in Cebu. Rapper MC Mong is now on trial for allegedly having his teeth pulled out in order to dodge military service. Actor Kim Sung-Min was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Rapper Crown J was also charged with allegedly using marijuana while he was in the US. Super Junior member Kangin was fined for drunk driving, an incident that prompted him to enlist in the army. Singer Lee Hyori was also involved in a controversy when it was found that some tracks from her 2010 album, “H-Logic,” were plagiarized. The album composer was eventually charged and convicted by a court and was sentenced to imprisonment.

6. K-pop’s popularity surges in the Philippines – 2010 marked the debut of different K-pop acts in the Philippines. SHINee started the trend in 2009 when the group performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Super Junior included the Philippines in its Super Show 2 Asia Tour. Pop star Rain, BEAST, FT Island, 4Minute, Kim Hyun Joong and U-Kiss also visited the country. The popularity of K-pop also resulted in brisk K-pop album sales in the Philippines.

7. Rain’s lawsuit and acquittal – Asian pop star Rain was again swept in a controversy when a Korean-American businessman sued the singer for fraud and breach of contract in the US. Concert promoter Andrew Kim filed a case against Rain to claim $2 million, including $150,000 in alleged gambling debt. The singer and his agency, J. Tune Entertainment, vehemently denied the charges. On the other hand, Rain won a lawsuit last December against an investor regarding his concert in Hawaii in 2007. A Seoul court ordered the businessman to pay Rain close to $900,000.

8. Girls Generation dominates K-pop industry – Nine-member Girls Generation dominated the K-pop industry in 2010 based on album sales and popularity. The girl group won the grand prize in the 25th Golden Disk Awards in addition to numerous awards it received in 2010. Online music site Monkey3 cited Girl Generation’s “Oh” as the No. 1 Best Song in 2010. Hanteo, another online music site, bestowed the 2010 Best Singer Award to Girls Generation. The pop group also became successful in Japan, winning the Best New Artist award in the 52nd Japan Record Awards.

9. Hangeng wins lawsuit vs SM Entertainment – It took one year before this Super Junior member achieved his goal to be free from the clutches of SM Entertainment. Last December, the Seoul Central District Court annulled Hangeng’s contracts with SM Entertainment, paving way for the Chinese member of Super Junior to chart to his solo career.

10. Tablo and the Stanford University issue – Hip-hop singer Tablo was swept in a controversy when netizens accused him of faking his Stanford University degree. The online attacks lasted for months. Despite that, the university had issued certifications to prove that the singer was indeed a Stanford graduate. The controversy prompted Tablo to bring a camera crew to Stanford to interview officials and prove once and for all that the allegations were all lies. A police investigation cleared Tablo, and 14 persons were charged with maligning the singer.

Credits:Manila Bulletin


5dolls releases debut concept photos

Concept pictures of Co-Ed’s new sub-unit group, 5dolls, have been released by Core Contents Mediaon January 5th.

Pictured are the four original female members of Co-Ed – One Star HyewonOne Light Hyoyoung,Star Light Chanmi, Smile Soomi – and the group’s latest addition, Seo Eun Gyo.  All five members are pictured with a ‘blue tone theme’ for their photos.

The group will be debuting by the end of this month with a track composed by hit composer, Brave Brothers.

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum


[Video] GD & TOP ‘Knock out’ MV !

Video Credits:BIGBANG

GD and TOP sure are knocking fans out with their new Music Video.


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2AM outranks SNSD on music charts

‘Ballad idols’ 2AM have been dominating a handful of charts with their newly released album, “Saint O’Clock“, catching many K-pop fans by surprise as SNSD’s 3rd mini-album “Hoot” was expected to reign supreme.

As of November 1st, 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t Answer my Calls” ranked 1st on many major music sites including Melon, Cyworld, and Mnet. Their other A-side, ”Like Crazy“, also ranked highly, attesting to the strength of 2AM’s appeal and vocal prowess.

Fans have been closely observing the neck-to-neck race between SNSD and 2AM. SNSD made a comeback last weekend with an engaging dance, and bested 2AM in the daily charts. However, 2AM took back their throne by Sunday afternoon.

At the showcase for their first album, leader Jo Kwon stated, “2AM’s positives are not visuals nor performances, but our individual personality and unique voices.”

An interesting competition, to say the least – although the two groups don’t necessarily fall into the same branches of pop music.

Source + Photo: Nate

New boy group “TOUCH” makes their debut + music video

A new boy group from the same high school Rain and Se7en graduated from, has made their debut with YYJ Entertainment under the name of TOUCH.

The group first began their promotions overseas by standing on stage alongside popular Chinese stars this past August and kicked off their Korean promotions through “M! Countdown” on October 21st.

TOUCH’s main vocal Junyong is already a famous figure in his high school, attracting hundreds of fans in front of their dorm and rehearsal room. Leader Hanjun was previously a part of JYP Entertainment’s “Superstar Survival” and is said to be exceptional in not only dancing and singing, but composing, writing, and playing instruments as well.

The rest of TOUCH is composed of ulzzang Young HoonMin Seok, a contestant of “Battle Shinhwa,” Seon Woong, nicknamed the “F4” of his hometown, and maknae Dabin.

Producer extraordinaire Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Cheol) is the producer behind TOUCH with their debut song being “I / 난,” a highly addictive song much like his other hits for Son Dambi and U-KISS.

Representatives of TOUCH revealed, “Their choreographers are the DQ dance team, best known for their work with MBLAQ and B2STHwang Jong Ha, the stylist for 2PM and miss A, will be styling TOUCH. Writer Park Sang Moo, the photographer for PSY, Rain, SS501, KARA, and others has joined to work with TOUCH in order to finalize the ‘dream team.’”

They continued, “Music representatives from Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Macao visited Korea on the 21st in order to watch TOUCH make their debut. Over 15,000 people gathered to watch TOUCH’s Macao performance, amplifying the interest amongst international representatives.”

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