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Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider FW2011 Catalog





Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF ver.2

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Lee Min Ho – Scan of S+ by Trugen FW 2011 Catalog





Lee Min Ho – Hot Chilli Paper Sept 2011, Vol.66






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Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider website screencap








Lee Min Ho, YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF



Lee Min Ho – Trugen FW 2011 Catalog Scan




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Kpop In India..!!!!

Kpop has spread all over the world and India is part of it too..:) here is the video made by Indian Kpop lovers we are not few in number and i hope we can have some gr8 kpop shows here in future please watch it share it..spread this video ..please pleas…:)

Sweet Memories..:)

Boys over flowers…u have to blame this drama for making me a die hard hallyu fan..:D. Its almost 2 years now, i still remember those evenings..may be my the best evenings.We just got dish that showed free to air channels.They were only 59 in. no. but we were very excited 😀 (u cannot imagine how it feels when u watch a channel for 14 yrs of your life with same boring shows).We used to watch korean dramas before we got dish(thanx to posco and Indian govt.)so u can say we were bit familiar with korean dramas.I was interested in the science shows they aired in the noon while my sisters watched a drama(i’m sorry i love you).No matter where you are from…no matter which country you live in you cant stop girls from watching love stories(err eventually i can give whole credit to my sisters for making me a kpop fan 😛 ).I wasnt interested in boring korean dramas(well i’m sorry i love you was one of the best k-drama bt seemed boring to a 14 yr kid :|).

It was mid jan feb i was into korean dramas by that time(i remember Yoona’s you are my destiny i used to watch with my mom and sisters).So, i saw the first episode of BOF it was 5-6 pm in the evening….Jandi saving a student from the terrace and F4 coming in and picking on weak students…story seemed new to me and my sisters were mesmerized by the spell of F4 (i have 3 elder sisters they all liked diff. members my eldest sis picked Jihoo my 2nd sis picked Junpyo my 3rd sis liked yi jieong …i liked kim joon).

From here it all started .It was aired for only 2 days a week.We waited for another 5 days and then came the glimpse of our favorite actors and then a long wait for 5 days.It continued till episode 10-11 and then came the disaster.

KBS World was removed from free to air channel 😐 we had a small community named kbs world on orkut and we jst posted there restlessly hoping sum1 might know whats wrong with kbs.Days passed and we were like o.O some ppl from the community including me mailed kbs world asking for the reason and it was because of the global recession.They made clear that they were not gonna continue the service so all our hopes were thrashed.

We had no choice but youtube helped us out 😀 the quality was bad ,subtitles were not available(Sometimes).We watched almost 3-4 ep in one day (jst to cover our left syllabus :))) ).Series ended but left  a deep impression in our heart..:) my sisters overcame the korean obsession (i dont know how) but i was like 20,000 leagues under the korean obsession 😀 and till now m a huge kpop,kdrama,kmovie fan…:D

KBS was reaired in India through a private Dish service provider..n i was like…err what m gonna do now??? almost a year passed and i pursued my mom dad to change the operator 😀 Some 10-15 days ago i saw post on fb by kbs world that BOF is gonna re air and everything flashed in frontof my eyes..:)

Lee Min Ho – Twitter Update 05/04/2011


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