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Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider FW2011 Catalog





Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF ver.2

Cre Eider

Cre DC Minho

Ku Hye Sun –The Musical Stills





For the ones who wants to watch it live, you can try the following links:

Link 1 (please use IE to open this link and you need to install an ActiveX (TVAnt) for first time viewing)

Link 2 (this is Gorealra offiicially launched by SBS, it’s a silverlight player so you might receive request to install/upgrade silverlight in your browser before watching)

* I am not sure if the above links work in every country but you might wanna try them if interested. Enjoy watching!

Lee Min Ho – Scan of S+ by Trugen FW 2011 Catalog





Lee Min Ho – Hot Chilli Paper Sept 2011, Vol.66






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Goo Hye Sun shares a bizarre selca


Actress Goo Hye Sun showed off her bizarre side through a new selca.

On September 2nd, she tweeted “This night at 9:55 is the first broadcast of ‘The Musical‘. I’ve been working for this drama for a long time. I hope it goes well… Like this,” and attached the above photo.

In the picture, Goo Hye Sun is smiling brightly in front of the camera. However, her smile appears distorted in the picture.

Netizens responded with, “Goo Hye Sun can become broken like that“, “The best of bizarre photos“, and “Goo Hye Sun’s new image“.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

‘The Musical’ airs its first episode!


On September 2nd, SBS’s new drama ‘The Musical‘ aired its first episode!

The episode introduces the story of ‘Go Eun Bi’ (played by Goo Hye Sun), an honest and hardworking medical student who’s completely in love with musicals. She claims that adding medical terminology into musical numbers makes it easier to memorize them; she also respects top musical actress Bae Kang Hee more than the nobel prize winner Albert Schweitzer.

Eun Bi takes a leave of absence from medical school behind her father’s back, and applies for multiple musical auditions but gets rejected by each one. However, Eun Bi is a girl who does not know how to give up.

Meanwhile, famous composer/musical director Hong Jae Yi (played by Daniel Choi) is a talented and handsome guy, but doesn’t always make a great first impression on people. He is very care-free, has a high level of aesthetic sensitivity, and basically does whatever he wants.

During the episode, Eun Bi and Jae Yi bump into each other several times by coincidence. When Jae Yi happens to hear Eun Bi singing by the Han River one day, he criticizes her singing with the comment, “Hey little lady, you really can’t sing. You’re not supposed to sorrowfully wail that song like that“, and reveals to her that he was the original composer of the song she was singing.

At this, Eun Bi just gives a short laugh and replies, “If you’re Hong Jae Yi, then I’m Bae Kang Hee!”, but Jae Yi leaves her with the warning, “Don’t even dream of becoming a musical actress if you have no talent“.

Fast forward a year later, and we can see that Eun Bi still hasn’t given up on her dream to become a musical actress. When the two characters happen to meet once again, Jae Yi ends up playing the piano for Eun Bi while she sings to his accompaniment, but this time he forms a smile on his face instead of criticizing her, hinting that the two may form an interesting relationship in the future.

Viewers praised Goo Hye Sun’s hidden singing talents and Daniel Choi’s portrayal of a cheerful yet tough character with comments such as, “They really good together“, “I’m looking forward to the acting“, and “‘The Musical’ is really entertaining!”

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

Goo Hye Sun’s ‘The Musical’ gets picked up by Japan for $1.2 million


Although Goo Hye Sun’s upcoming SBS drama, ‘The Musical‘, has yet to hit the airwaves, it’s already been bought by a Japanese broadcast network!

On September 1st, the drama’s production company revealed that it was purchased for $1.2 million USD.  The drama contains a total of 16 episodes with a line-up featuring Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, Ock Joo Hyun, and Park Ki Woong.

The story line centers around medical student ‘Go Eun Bi’ (played by Goo Hye Sun), who’s a medical student but actually dreams of becoming a musical star. Thanks to the popularity of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ in Japan, Goo Hye Sun’s influence certainly be making its way into her other projects.

The drama will begin airing in Korea on September 2nd at 10 PM KST.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

My Top 6 live performances of ss501

hey everyone!!! Its SS501’s sixth anniversary 😀 my fav kpop band (all time fav 😀 ).So here are my top 6 live performances of ss501(includes sub unit also) …these are my fav..very difficult one but if there any other perf. u like please feel free to share in the comment section..:)

I’ll start with the sub unit…:)

6.SS501-Because I’m Stupid

5.SS501-Never Again


3.SS501-Love Like This

2.SS501-4 Chance

1.SS501-LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SS501 reflects on their sixth anniversary with thoughtful tweets


Idol group SS501 will be celebrating their sixth anniversary on June 8th! To commemorate the milestone, the members left thoughtful messages for their fans via Twitter.

Young Saeng wrote, “Today is SS501’s sixth anniversary! Time flies so fast. I remember crying six years ago because I had finally achieved my dream of becoming a singer. I kept saying, ‘This is great’, even while crying. Since we’ve achieved our dreams, let’s strengthen up! SS501! Let no one forget the meaning of our name!”

Meanwhile, Kyu Jong mused, “Time really does fly fast. It feels like just yesterday that we were all so excited and nervous over our debut on June 8th, 2005.  It feels like we were crying only yesterday, and now we’re already here. 5-idols, thank you so much! Really, thank you. And to all of the pretties, thank you! SS501 hooray!”

Hyung Jun also tweeted, “June 8th, 2005, and today. I hope that we’re met with good things and continue to love and support each other.  SS501, fighting. I love and thank everyone.”

Beaming, fans replied back, “We will always support you”, “Congratulations on your sixth anniversary”, and “We love you!”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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