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[cover]2PM again n again (eng. ver)

hello friends ..i recorded again n again few weeks ago n uploaded at my youtube channel bt was not feeling confident enough to post the video here.;\ i wrote those pathetic lyrics myself n my voice just adds sugar to the coffee (m being sarcastic here..:P ) err back to topic again THERE IS NO RAP in this song (i was out of words to write a rap) so here is the video m not a singer or song writer bt i gave my best try..hope u’ll like it..thanx..:)


again and again and again and again
again and again and again and again


why m actin so foolish knowing youll never be mine
jst hoping that this dream may come true sometime
but suffering again making me go insane
but why i am still here waiting for u

i think m going crazy,have i lost everything
ow you my baby what are you thinking
its time we should get back ,back
i cannot face this all over again no

again and again and again and again
i keep going back to you. i don’t know why, i don’t know why
again and again and again and again
i keep falling for ur smile i don’t know why, i don’t know why

why do i seem like such a stupid to you
what made me look like this oh no
i thought that its over forever
gonna cya no never
but why i am still here waiting for u

i think m going crazy,have i lost everything
ow you my baby what are you thinking
its time we should get back ,back
i cannot face this all over again no


Jay Park Take A Deeper Look

Park Jae Beom, Ji Hyun Woo, Jang Seo Won, & Kim Randy Form Idol Group


Former 2PM leader Park Jae Beom is teaming up with guitarist-turned-actor Ji Hyun Woo, Kang Seo Won, and Kim Randy to form an idol group called Mr. Children for the movie Mr. Idol. The film will show the behind-the-scenes happenings that occur while creating an idol group. Kim Suro plays Sa Hee Moon, a man with the Midas touch in the entertainment industry; and Park Ye Jin acts as Oh Gu Ju, the woman behind the stars – their manager.

Music artist Park Jae Beom is expanding his activities to include acting. He plays Jio who’s an original member of the disbanded group Mr. Children; currently, Jio works as a club DJ. He’s an edgy character who talks rough and has an assault criminal record. Fans can expect heat and tension as Jio fights over the new lead vocal Yoo Jin (Ji Hyun Woo).

Mr. Children also consist of Yoo Jin, an indie band rocker. Guitarist-turned-actor Ji Hyun Woo is from an actual band called the Nuts, making him the perfect match for his character. Jang Seo Won, who has gained recognition for his role as Gil Ra Im’s senior stuntman in SBS’s Secret Garden, plays immature rookie member Hyun Yi. Kim Randy of hip hop duo Electroboyz plays GiKi, a rapper with a peculiar dialect.

Mr. Idol plans to release later this year. It’ll be interesting to see Park Jae Beom as part of a group after he started focusing on his solo career since leaving 2PM.

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi


Jay Park’s New Mini Album Teaser Unveiled

Jay Park’s teaser poster for his upcoming mini album, “Take a Deeper Look,” was finally released today. Jay Park shows off his masculinity in this photo, with only his back and the side of his face shown. The clear muscle definition on his back accompanied by the “J Walkerz” tattoo creates a sexy image only Jay Park can pull off, and fans are already calling it the “Sexy Back.”

The former 2PM leader is scheduled to unveil his new mini album on Apr. 27th. “Take a Deeper Look” comes with seven total tracks, including “Abandoned,” “Tonight,” and “It has to be You.” Jay Park said he wanted to express his personal growth and maturity through this new album, and from the looks of this poster, it sure looks like he’s become a grown up man!

Jay Park responds to criticisms over his tattoos

Due to escalating criticisms over his new tattoos, Jay Park took to his Twitter to explain his decision to get inked.

On December 6th, Jay tweeted, “I didn’t cut my hair too short for everyone to like, I put in a lot of effort to make songs that everyone would like, and I’m even resisting doing concerts before my album comes out because I thought people were spending too much money on me. Please don’t be too harsh that I have tattoos. I like it, it’s a stress reliever.”

He continued, “Telling me not to get tattoos is the same as saying “Don’t rap” or “Don’t dance”. I express my mind through these kinds of things.”

Jay, who’s been known to have a “tattoo mania”, recently revealed another new tattoo on his body, which consequently led to criticisms over his ‘tainted’ image.

Yet regardless of the minor scandal, the artist did not forget to share more news about his upcoming album. “The newest song has beats created by ChaCha, lyrics by me, and Dok2 as a rap feature. It will not disappoint.”

Source: Newsen via Daum Media


[News] Top 10 Korean entertainment stories in 2010

The Korean entertainment in 2010 was marked by the surge of the popularity of K-pop and Korean films advancing in the international arena.

However, the K-pop music scene was rocked by controversies, including the issues surrounding popular boy bands TVXQ, 2PM and SS501.

Here are the top 10 stories that have made significant impact in the Korean entertainment last year.

1. TVXQ/JYJ – The controversy involving top K-pop boy band TVXQ started in 2009 and continued in 2010. After Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong sued SM Entertainment to void their exclusive contracts with the agency in 2009, the three focused on their career in Japan and established their own group, JYJ. But after a successful run in Japan, Avex, JYJ’s Japanese agency, announced in September that it would stop JYJ’s activities in Japan. JYJ then released their first English album, “The Beginning,” in October and embarked on a world tour including performing in the United States. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, announced that the remaining members of TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin, would be coming back and the two would use the name TVXQ, a move that did not sit well with some fans. While the idea of uniting all the members of TVXQ is now elusive, fans are hoping that one day, TVXQ will be back with the original five members performing as one.

2. Jay Park and 2PM – Another controversy that rocked the K-pop industry was the ouster of rapper and bboy Jay Park (aka Park Jaebum) as leader of boy band 2PM. On February 25, JYP Entertainment announced that it was terminating Jay from 2PM. This angered fans who wanted the agency to explain the real reason it decided to oust Jay. A conference between JYP representatives, 2PM members and fans was held on Feb. 27, where 2PM members admitted that they all agreed to terminate Jay from the group. In March, Jay posted a viral video on YouTube that started his trek back to the K-pop industry. In April, Jay announced that he would be starring in “Hype Nation,” his first movie. With the help of many people, including Ned Sherman, who became Jay’s lawyer for his activities, Jay successfully came back to South Korea in June and launched his solo career. Despite parting ways with 2PM, Jay repeatedly said that he still loves 2PM members.

3. SS501 – Another boy band that was involved in controversy was SS501, headed by popular actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong. When the boy band’s contract with DSP Entertainment expired in June, members signed up with different agencies. Kim Hyun Joong signed up with KeyEast Entertainment. This worried fans who feared that SS501 would be headed for disbandment. However, the members assured that SS501 will continue as a boy band.

4. K-pop invades Japan – More K-pop groups debuted in the lucrative Japanese music market. Several years ago, TVXQ and BoA paved the way for the entry of K-pop music in Japan. Big Bang has also become popular there. In 2010, Girls Generation, KARA and 2PM also debuted in Japan while FT Island debuted as a mainstream group.

5. Scandals – From drugs and gambling to alleged evasion of enlisting in the Korean military, Korean stars were involved last year in different scandals and controversies. Entertainer Shin Jung Hwan is now living outside Korea after becoming news fodder for allegedly failing to pay his gambling debt in Cebu. Rapper MC Mong is now on trial for allegedly having his teeth pulled out in order to dodge military service. Actor Kim Sung-Min was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Rapper Crown J was also charged with allegedly using marijuana while he was in the US. Super Junior member Kangin was fined for drunk driving, an incident that prompted him to enlist in the army. Singer Lee Hyori was also involved in a controversy when it was found that some tracks from her 2010 album, “H-Logic,” were plagiarized. The album composer was eventually charged and convicted by a court and was sentenced to imprisonment.

6. K-pop’s popularity surges in the Philippines – 2010 marked the debut of different K-pop acts in the Philippines. SHINee started the trend in 2009 when the group performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Super Junior included the Philippines in its Super Show 2 Asia Tour. Pop star Rain, BEAST, FT Island, 4Minute, Kim Hyun Joong and U-Kiss also visited the country. The popularity of K-pop also resulted in brisk K-pop album sales in the Philippines.

7. Rain’s lawsuit and acquittal – Asian pop star Rain was again swept in a controversy when a Korean-American businessman sued the singer for fraud and breach of contract in the US. Concert promoter Andrew Kim filed a case against Rain to claim $2 million, including $150,000 in alleged gambling debt. The singer and his agency, J. Tune Entertainment, vehemently denied the charges. On the other hand, Rain won a lawsuit last December against an investor regarding his concert in Hawaii in 2007. A Seoul court ordered the businessman to pay Rain close to $900,000.

8. Girls Generation dominates K-pop industry – Nine-member Girls Generation dominated the K-pop industry in 2010 based on album sales and popularity. The girl group won the grand prize in the 25th Golden Disk Awards in addition to numerous awards it received in 2010. Online music site Monkey3 cited Girl Generation’s “Oh” as the No. 1 Best Song in 2010. Hanteo, another online music site, bestowed the 2010 Best Singer Award to Girls Generation. The pop group also became successful in Japan, winning the Best New Artist award in the 52nd Japan Record Awards.

9. Hangeng wins lawsuit vs SM Entertainment – It took one year before this Super Junior member achieved his goal to be free from the clutches of SM Entertainment. Last December, the Seoul Central District Court annulled Hangeng’s contracts with SM Entertainment, paving way for the Chinese member of Super Junior to chart to his solo career.

10. Tablo and the Stanford University issue – Hip-hop singer Tablo was swept in a controversy when netizens accused him of faking his Stanford University degree. The online attacks lasted for months. Despite that, the university had issued certifications to prove that the singer was indeed a Stanford graduate. The controversy prompted Tablo to bring a camera crew to Stanford to interview officials and prove once and for all that the allegations were all lies. A police investigation cleared Tablo, and 14 persons were charged with maligning the singer.

Credits:Manila Bulletin


Jay Park announces new fan meet dates + covers “Can’t Be Friends”

Jay Park has been mindbogglingly busy these days, flying to different fan meet locations and simultaneously producing songs. Yet he took the time to stop by his Youtube channel in order to deliver a quick message to his fans.

The singer has just announced some new fan meet dates for ThailandMalaysia, and Indonesia. Jay will be in by Bangkok on November 28th, and Kuala Lumpur for December 4th. For his Indonesia stop, however, he will be doing a special mini-showcase for the disaster-struck nation – 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the disaster victims, in addition to his own personal donation.

Fans also got an extra treat in the form of another cover – this time, it’s of ‘Can’t Be Friends‘ by Trey Songz.

Check it out below!

Tip: Jai, halla mamma


Jay Park contemplates a ‘hairy’ question with his Halloween costume

Halloween is finally here and you know what that means! Ghouls, ghosts, and… furballs?

On October 31st, Jay Park tweeted, “I’m thinking about growing a beard kk happy halloween,” and uploaded a photo of himself donning a fake beard and mustache.

After seeing his hilarious picture, fans left comments such as, “I’m against you growing a beard!”, “Is this a Halloween surprise? Cute”, “Not that much hair…”, and “Furball ahjusshi? Instead, change into furball oppa.”

Should Jay consider growing an actual beard?


Jay Park shows off his new “JWalkerz” tattoo

Recently on TwitterJay Park has sparked curiosity amongst fans with his tweet, “I’m going to upload a photo in five minutes.

To the delight of screaming fangirls everywhere, he uploaded a photo of his new tattoo with the name of his official fanclub name, “JWALKERZ“. Interestingly enough, the design of the tattoo mimics a flatline-indicator found on medical heart monitor machines.

Netizens who viewed Jay’s tattoo replied, “His fans are lucky ” and “He carved his fans onto his body, heartwarming.

Meanwhile, Jay released his digital single album on October 26th, which contains R&B track “Speechless” as well as a medium tempo track, “Bestie.”

Source + Photo: Jay Park’s Twitter


Compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts

Recently, K-pop tweeters were frustrated and saddened over the various SM Entertainment Twitter fraud incidents and the suspension of Jessica’s (SNSD) account (due to anti-fans). Even SHINee’sKey warned tweeters of fake accounts floating around.

And while these misfortunes may upset you readers, we hope our latest updated celebrity Twitter list–which Cassies are sure to be ecstatic over–makes up for all the confusion at hand in the meantime. Check out our list below!

Jo Kwon

Official 2PM Twitter

*NEW*Joo Hee

Kim Bum
Kim Ki Bang
*NEW*Lee Da Hae
Lee Junki
Lee Min Ho
Park Ji Bin
*NEW*Park Joong Hoon
Park Shin Hye
Phillip Choi
Ryu Deok Hwan
*NEW*Yoo Ah In

After School

As One
Official As One Twitter


Big Bang

Black Pearl
Oh Na Mi

Brown Eyed Girls
Official BEG

Brown Eyed Soul
Ahn Jung Yup

Official CNBLUE Twitter

Seo Jae Won
Uhm Tae Min

Han Min Kwan
Heo Kyung Hwan
Kim Ki Wook
Noh Hong Chul
Park Hwi Soon
Shin Bong Sun
Yoon Hyung Bin (Wang Biho)

CSJH the Grace

*NEW*Daniel Chae/Drama
*NEW*David Kim/Day Day
*NEW*Jang In Tae/Inati
*NEW*Lee Dari
*NEW*Lee Dong Lim/Yeong Won
*NEW*Park Jisu

Kang Min Kyung
Lee Hae Ri

Lee Ha Neul

Epik High

Ye Jun
Official Twitter

FT Island
Lee Hong Ki
Lee Jae Jin

Girl’s Day
Official Girl’s Day Twitter
*NEW*Hye Ri
Ji Hae
Ji In [former member]
Ji Sun [former member]
Min Ah
So Jin

Dong Woo
Ho Won
*NEW* Sung Gyu
*NEW* Sung Jong
Sung Yeol
Woo Hyun

*NEW*Ha Joo Yeon/Baby J
Park Sae Mi


Goo Hara
*NEW* Han Seung Yeon
Ji Young


*NEW* Thunder

Kim Jedong
Nam Hee Seok

Mighty Mouth
*NEW* Shorry J


Monday Kiz
*NEW*Han Seung Hui
*NEW* Lee Jin Sung
*NEW* Lim Han Byul

M To M
Jung Hwan

Nine Muses
*NEW* Bini/Lee Hye Bin
*NEW* Lee Sam/Lee Hyun Joo
*NEW* Ryu Sera
*NEW* Violet/Lee Eun Ji

Jo Bin

One Two
Song Ho Bum

One Way
Official One Way Twitter
Young Sky

Other Entertainers
Choi Hyun Woo (Magician [made appearances on Star King])
Daniel Henney (actor/model)
Danny Ahn (former g.o.d. member/singer/TV personality)
Goo Hye Sun (actress/director/writer/artist)
Goo Jun Yup (former Clon member/singer/DJ)
Haha (singer/TV personality)
Hwang Jung Eum (former Sugar member/actress)
Hyun Young (singer/model/actress/tv personality)
Isak (singer/VJ/DJ)
Jay Park (former 2PM leader/singer/currently dances with Art of Movement/actor)
Jeon Hye Bin (singer/actress)
Jung Ryeo Won (former Chakra member/actress/model)
Kim Dong Ryul (singer/songwriter)
Kim Jung Eun (actress/TV show host)
Kim Bum Soo (singer/radio DJ)
Kim C (TV personality/Hot Potato/singer)
Kim Yuna (Olympic gold-medalist ice skater)
Lee Kyun (former UP member/actor/Kangta’s cousin)
Marco (actor/model)
MC Mong (singer/TV personality)
No Min Woo (former TRAX member/actor)
Ok Ju Hyun (former Fin.K.L. member/singer/actress)
Park Jin Young (singer/producer/songwriter/JYP Entertainment founder)
Park Ji Yoon (singer/actress/model)
Park Jung Ah (former Jewelry member/singer/actress)
Park Kyung Lim (MC/comedian/radio DJ)
Rain (singer/dancer/actor)
Son Ho Young (former g.o.d. member/singer/actor)
*NEW* Song Baek Kyoung (former 1TYM member/actor)
Uhm Jung Hwa (singer/actress)
Yiruma (composer/pianist/radio DJ)
Yoon Eun Hye (former Baby V.O.X. member/singer/actress/model)

Hyun Young
Ji Sook
No Eul
Woo Ri
Yoon Hye

Rania (Yet to debut)
*NEW* Official Rania Twitter


SG Wannabe
Kim Jin Ho
Kim Yong Jun
Lee Seok Hoon

*NEW*Official Sistar Twitter

Solo Artists
*NEW* 1SaGain
Baek Ji Young
Brian Joo (former Fly to the Sky member)
BoA [American account]
BoA [Korean account]
Chae Yeon
Crown J
Drunken Tiger
*NEW* G.Soul
Gil Me
Hwang Bo (former Chakra member)
Kan Mi Yeon (former Baby V.O.X. member)
Kim Gun Mo
Lee Soo Young
*NEW* Navi
*NEW* San E
Seo In Kook
*NEW* Son Dambi
Yoon Do Hyun
Yoon Mi Rae

Glenn Rhee

*NEW* Heo Young Saeng
Kim Hyung Joon
*NEW* Kim Kyu Jong
Park Jung Min [old account]
*NEW*Park Jung Min [new account]

Super Junior/Super Junior M
Henry Lau

Official Japanese Twitter
Jung Yunhak
Kim Kwangsu
Kim Sung Je
Park Geonil
Song Jihyuk
Yoon Sungmo

Supreme Team
Simon D


Teen Top
Official Teen Top Twitter

Joo Chan Yang
Kim Joon

The Boss
Official The Boss Twitter
In Jun

The Jadu

Lady Jane

TV Shows
HahaMong Show
Hot Brothers
KBS Music Bank
Mnet 20’s Choice
Mnet M! Countdown
Mnet Superstar K
Mnet Wide
The M-Wave

*NEW* Hero Jaejoong
*NEW* Micky Yoochun
*NEW* Xiah Junsu



Park Ji Heon

Chi Yeul
Han Gook

Official Winterplay Twitter

Wonder Girls
Official Wonder Girls Twitter
Hye Lim
Sunmi (former member)
Sunmi [unoffical WG account]
Ye Eun

Official Japan Twitter

Is your favorite celebrity missing from the list below or is there a broken link? You know the drill! Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to make the changes in the following list!