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K-Pop:Year 2011, Month:January

Hello everyone.I hope everyone is doing fine.The year 2012 is already a month old and this is my first post of the year.Here is a short review of the year 2011…:)

The year started with a bang.DBSK made a comeback with keep your head down(although it was only Yunho and Changmin but it was great for a kpop lover like me to see them return to the stage).The song is one of my favorite songs(I didn’t like the rap…it sounded little creepy but otherwise it was fine).This was the return of the KINGS.

I was not a huge fan of MBLAQ before the song CRY was released.It was one of the best pop ballads of the year 2011.Take a look at the MV!!

People always complaint that only good looking sexy girls make it into entertainment industry(and yeah thats the truth) but one Girl Group is an exception here and they are PIGGY DOLLS.I enjoyed watching them perform on music shows and the girls are really talented.

Another song which made into my favorites list is BTD.Infinite, which was highly underrated at that time couldn’t leave a big impact on music shows but their sincerity and hard work was clearly visible and that’s what paid off later in the year.

Err i also tried to do a cover this song but unfortunately it turned out something like this

Secret Garden is one of the few dramas i watched this year(i watched only two 😛 err two and a half to be precise one was City Hunter and other was Athena)Will always remember this drama for the OSTs.It featured some of  the best ballads of the year and was one of the most viewed drama of the year.If you haven’t watched this drama..go and watch now…below is the one of the OST of the Drama.

Teen one of the bands i dont like..but their song Super Love made into my playlist and that too because of JD Relic.For those who dont know JD, he is a producer and a singer.He teamed up with ukiss later in the year(will come to this later)So I’m linking the cover version here not the original one..well all credit goes to Teen Top…

I personally find solo singers better than a the queen of Kpop(some of you might not agree with me on that)released the song Black and White.Its better than Top girl..

Mighty Mouth Tok Tok was released on jan 18(Music Video).I was just googling some new k songs and heard this one.This song is the most played in my playlist.Dont know why but i found the MV interesting too.The original ver. featured Kim Bum Soo and this one featured Soya.The original ver is good to hear too but Soya’s vocals suited the song and i will go with this version.

The saddest moment of 2010 was the expiration of SS501’s contract.Every member of the group chose to pursue solo careers and Park Jung Min released the debut single Not Alone.He didnt win any music show but his comeback was the most appreciated one.

Seungri’s What Can I Do is the next song i’m going to list here.Typical K-pop no. which makes you dance to the beats.The song was also featured in Engadget not because of Kpop but because of the use of LG Slate which was highly anticipated at that time.

Other than all this,KARA DSP controversy was also a main highlight of the month.

Thank you for reading!!!!




INFINITE’s Dongwoo gets pulled off stage by an audience member

Even though there’ve been several reports of stars being injured by overzealous fans, it seems that security is still lax at festivals, as it was recently reported that INFINITE’s Dongwoo was pulled off stage.

On June 4th, INFINITE was performing “Nothing’s Over” at a public music festival when an audience member latched onto Dongwoo’s leg, dragging him off the stage.

Fortunately, security managed to intervene and safely brought him back up. The members seemed unable to shake off their shock, however, as their facial expressions remained hard.

Netizens commented, “Dongwoo must’ve been so scared, how could they just pull him like that”, “Just seeing it is shocking, I can hear the screams from the crowd”, and “Even with security present, stars are still at risk. This is a problem.”

Source + Photos: BNT News via Naver (

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2011 – April Week 2


On just its second week on the chart, CN Blue’s “Intuition” rises six spots to get No. 1, winning easily by a wide margin. The band is now three for three, with all their charted songs getting to No. 1. Last year, CN Blue had their debut song “Loner” went to No. 1, then followed up with “Love” which topped the chart for six weeks and became our “Song Of The Year” in 2010.  Now “Intuition” adds to their young but already impressive resume.

Two groups have their first top 5 hit this week. Girl’s Day is enjoying surprising success with their latest single “Twinkle Twinkle” at No. 4 while boy band Infinite also has their biggest hit so far with “Nothing’s Over”. Both are sophomore groups who in large part were overlooked last year, but they are increasing in popularity now.

As we begin the second quarter this year, our chart is heating up with comeback songs by big name singers. Kim Tae Woo, whose “Love Rain” was one of the most popular songs two years ago, came back with his second album “T-School”. The title song “Echo” immediately debuted into the top 10 this week.  Just below him is Yangpa’s “It Hurts”. Yangpa is coming back after a four-year absence. Despite releasing only three albums in the last ten years, she has always received solid support on all her releases.

Finally, a surprisingly high debut this week at No. 13 by the male duo UV. Their latest hit “Itaewon Freedom” is also their first top 20 hit. UV has a unique music style, mixing R&B, hip-hop, and funk in their songs. The song features the famous JYP and perhaps it is one of the reasons this has become their breakthrough hit.


SOOMPI CHART for 2011, Month 4, Week 2

1. (+6) CNBlue – 직감 (Intuition) ***1st Week @ No. 1***
Score: 973
Genre: Pop/Rock

Music: SEI, KOZI / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho
Album: CNBlue Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album


2. (–) Wheesung – 가슴 시린 이야기 (Story of a Cold Heart)
Score: 890
Genre: R&B

Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho / Lyrics: Wheesung
Album: Wheesung single album “Story Of A Cold Heart” | Purchase this Album


3. (-2) K.Will – 가슴이 뛴다 (Heart Is Beating)
Score: 881
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Kim Ina
Album: K.Will 2nd mini-album | Purchase this Album


4. (+6) Girl’s Day – 반짝반짝 (Twinkle Twinkle)
Score: 800
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Nam Ki Sung / Lyrics: Nam Ki Sung, Park Gun Ho, Jang Joon Myung
Album: Girl’s Day single – Girl’s Day Party #3


5. (+4) Infinite – Nothing’s Over
Score: 686
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Infinite Single Album “Inspirit” | Purchase this Album


6. (-1) Song Ji Eun (Secret) – 미친거니 (Are You Crazy?)
Score: 635
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum / Lyrics: Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum
Album: Song Ji Eun digital single “Are You Crazy?”


7. (-1) DBSG – 이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go)
Score: 621
Genre: Pop

Music: Yoo Joung Jin, Yoo Han Jin / Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin
Album: DBSG: Keep Your Head Down (repackaged) | Purchase this Album


8. (-4) Big Bang – Tonight
Score: 603
Genre: R&B/Hip-hop

Music: e.knock, G-Dragon / Lyrics: G-Dragon
Album: Big Bang mini-album Vol. 4 | Purchase this Album


9. (-6) Lee Hyun – 내꺼 중에 최고 (You Are The Best Of My Life)
Score: 507
Genre: R&B Ballad

Music: Hitman Bang / Lyrics: Hitman Bang
Album: Lee Hyun mini-album Vol. 2 | Purchase this Album


10. (new) Kim Tae Woo – 메아리 (Echo)
Score: 485
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: Lee Hyun Seung / Lyrics: Kim Tae Woo
Album: Kim Tae Woo Vol. 2 | Purchase this Album


Rank Artist Song Score
11 Yangpa (new) 아파 아이야 (It Hurts) 456
12 Kan Mi Yeon (-4) 파파라치 (Paparazzi) 422
13 UV (new) 이태원 프리덤 (Itaewon Freedom) 397
14 Orange Caramel(new) Bangkok City 368
15 Jung Yup (+7) 아무일도 없었다 (Nothing Wrong) 312
16 ZE:A (-3) Here I Am 308
17 Seo In Kook (new) Broken 293
18 Boo Hwal (new) 그때가 지금이라면 (If Then Was Now) 277
19 IU (-8) 나만 모르는 이야기 (Story Only I Didn’t Know) 268
20 Hyun Bin (-8) 가질 수 없는 너 (You I Can’t Have) 259
21 Chi Chi (+4) 장난치지마 (Don’t Play Around) 236
22 (-6) Black & White 228
23 U-Kiss (new) 0330 218
24 M4 (-1) 내 사랑 (My Love) 205
25 Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) (-5) oH! aH! 175
26 Mighty Mouth (-7) 톡톡 (Tok Tok) 160
27 2AM (-12) 최고의 사랑 (最愛 / Saiai) (The Greatest Love) 158
28 J-Cera (+3) 언제나 사랑해 (Love You Whenever) 147
29 Lim Jung Hee(new) 시간을 되돌린다면 (If I Can Turn Back Time) 146
30 Super Junior M(+3) 태완미 (Perfection) 144
31 Dalmatian (-1) 그 남자는 반대 (That Man Is The Opposite) 140
32 Monday Kiz & Gavy NJ (-15) 사랑은 똑같다 (Love is the Same) 137
33 Hwa Yobi (new) 이러다가 (At This Rate (feat. Panda) (Rap Ver.)) 133
34 SG Wannabe (-20) 고작 (Only) 125
35 Han Groo (+5) My Boy 121
36 Clover (new) La Vida Loca 120
37 M to M (-19) 이런 쓰레기 같은 (Trash Like This) 114
38 Heo Kong & Hoony Hoon (+4) 너만을 사랑해 (Love Only Me) 112
39 Davichi (-10) 한사람 (One Person) 109
40 Tony An (new) Thank U (feat. Simon D) 109
41 Navi (-20) 잘 된 일이야 (Well Done) 105
42 Monni (new) 망설이지 마요 (Don’t Hesitate) 104
43 Maya (new) 아프다 슬프다 (Hurt, Sad) 82
44 Zee Young Sun(new) Sad Goodbye 76
45 Younha (-21) It’s Beautiful 73
46 Lee Sun Jung Band (-3) Break The Wall 73
47 Kim Soo Hyun (-15) Dreaming 72
48 Suh Young Eun (-13) 잊을만도 한데 (Don’t Blame You For Forgetting) 71
49 Han Kyung Il (new) 너는 간단하고 나는 복잡한 얘기 (Talk That’s Simple For You But Complicated For Me) 67
50 Gummy (-14) 기다리고 싶어 (I Want To Wait) 63




KBS Music Bank 01.07.11

IU takes the win on today’s Music Bank, with her song “Good Day” closely beating out G-Dragon & TOP’s “Oh Yeah”.

DBSK makes their long awaited comeback performing as a duo. Infinite, Secret and Joo also make their comeback performances. Having their debut Music Bank stages were Dal Shabet and Piggy Dolls. Check out the show!

Comeback Stage
Dong Bang Shin Ki  – How Can I + Why
Secret – Shy Boy
Joo – Bad Guy
Infinite – Hysterie + B.T.D

Dal Shabet – Supa Dupa Diva
Piggy Dolls – Trend

Today’s Music Bank
OP.ONE (Feat. Addsp2ch) – Up Down
F1RST – You Like Me I Like You
Gil Hak Mi (Feat. 원택) – Winter Story
Gimmm – That’s Very Hot
Sunny Side (Feat. Gavy NJ 희영) – Crazy Love
Tim – Unnecessary Words
F.Cuz – Wanna Be Your Love
Orange Caramel – A-ing
Sistar – How Dare You
Yurisangja – Break Up
T-ara – Ya Ya Ya
JunHyung & Yoseob (BEAST) – Thanks To
IU – Good Day

–ngshineeworld7, monmonsnow

INFINITE’s “Before the Dawn” music video gets a mature rating

INFINITE’s new music video for “Before the Dawn” (or “BTD“) received a mature rating and has been cited as inappropriate for minors because of its violent content.

Their management company, Woolim Entertainment, stated that their intention was to visualize the inner conflict of the characters in the video, and that their goal was not gratuitous violence.

They added, “We’re searching for a solution. We expect that it’ll all be resolved as we don’t believe that the content is damaging to minors.”

In further news, INFINITE will be making their comeback on this week’s Music Bank.

Source + Photo: Newsen


INFINITE reveals plans for Japanese debut at “EVOLUTION” showcase

INFINITE held a showcase for their second mini-album, “EVOLUTION,” at Seoul’s CGV on the afternoon of January 6th, and they revealed some interesting news and tidbits for their fans.

They first discussed their plans for a Japanese debut, as they said, “We’re planning to enter Japan within this year. Japanese is a language we’ve been learning since our trainee days.”

The group plans to release the singles “Come Back to Me” and “She’s Back” in Japan later on this month, which will be followed by a fan meeting this April.

INFINITE also revealed that they had each lost 3-4kg for their ‘cold city man’ concept: “All of the members lost weight to exude a sharper image.  We’ve gone through a mature image transformation compared to our first album.  The rebellious feel is a lot stronger now.”

Regarding their mini-album, they stated, “Fans will be able to hear how much our voices have improved.  It’s a meaningful album in that all of us participated in the rap making and whatnot.  We tried our best to not let anything slip by us.”  When asked about any future plans on making acting debuts, the group responded, “We’d rather focus on our music careers right now.”

They concluded, “Since this is our second promotion cycle, we’ll be working hard to show off more music and meet more fans.”

During the showcase, the boys performed a total of three tracks off their latest album, including their comeback track, “Before the Dawn,” ballad track “To My Heart,” and “Hysterie.

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Daum, Joy News 24 via Daum


2011 welcomes a battle of the boy groups

An early forecast reveals that the beginning of 2011 will be marked with an influx of girl group debuts, but with the return of various male groups looming near, fans will get their full doses of testosterone in the near future as well.

Rookies including MBLAQTeen Top and Infinite have been generating lots of chatter and interest with their ongoing comebacks this month.

MBLAQ’s title track “Cry” was released just two days ago and has already secured high rankings on various charts including those of Mnet and Bugs. Their full album “BLAQ Style” will be released on the 10th with a live comeback on the 13th.

Teen Top, whose members got kpop fans doing double takes with their silver hair concept, released aMV teaser today for their comeback track ”Transform.” Due to member Niel’s injury, the group has pushed back their live comeback to the 13th.

Finally, Infinite will be returning with their second six-track mini-album “Evolution,” with concept photosand preview videos attracting much attention. Their comeback showcase is schedule to take place in just a few hours today at Seouls’ CGV.

On the other end, news of the impending returns of TVXQ and Big Bang, arguably the two largest male groups of the Korean music scene in recent years, has already been dominating headlines in regards to their comeback albums. TVXQ and Big Bang’s last albums, “Mirotic” and “Remember”, were released in September and November 2008 respectively, so these returns mark the end of two year hiatuses for both groups.

The special edition of TVXQ’s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” album has been released today with the HoMin duo gearing up for a comeback on Music Bank on January 7, followed by appearances on Music Core, Inkigayo and possibly M! Countdown due to reconciliations between SME and Mnet. Choreographed by Rino Nakasone of the Beat Freaks, “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” also caught the attention of American gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Big Bang’s sub-unit duo GD&TOP made waves with the release of “High High,” “Oh Yeah” and “Knock Out” last month, complete with the most expensive comeback stage in Mnet M. Countdown’s history. After Japanese promotion plans were delayed, it was also announced that GD&TOP will have a second round of promotions for “Don’t Go Home.” Furthermore, Big Bang’s maknae Seungri will be releasing a mini-album on January 13, and the entire group will be making a full comeback soon thereafter.

Unsurprisingly, TVXQ & Big Bang’s returns are being met with overwhelming receptions — “Keep Your Head Down” recorded massive sales immediately after release, and GD&TOP enjoyed 200,000 pre-orders for their album.

Like the 2009 domination of countless new girl groups including 2NE14minutef(x) and After School, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of female debuts this year, but will 2011 mark the return of a boy group craze as well?

Source: Naver


INFINITE reveals concept photo for “EVOLUTION”

In anticipation of their comeback, INFINITE has revealed yet another concept photo for their second mini-album, “EVOLUTION.

The group picture reveals a 180 degree transformation for each of the members, as they all donned that chic ‘cold city man’ look that has been trending amongst celebrities lately.

Their agency, Woollim Entertainment, revealed, “We focused the photo around expressing each of the different charms between the seven members.

INFINITE will be releasing their digital album on January 6th, followed by an album release showcase event.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum


Compilation of celebrity Twitter accounts

Recently, K-pop tweeters were frustrated and saddened over the various SM Entertainment Twitter fraud incidents and the suspension of Jessica’s (SNSD) account (due to anti-fans). Even SHINee’sKey warned tweeters of fake accounts floating around.

And while these misfortunes may upset you readers, we hope our latest updated celebrity Twitter list–which Cassies are sure to be ecstatic over–makes up for all the confusion at hand in the meantime. Check out our list below!

Jo Kwon

Official 2PM Twitter

*NEW*Joo Hee

Kim Bum
Kim Ki Bang
*NEW*Lee Da Hae
Lee Junki
Lee Min Ho
Park Ji Bin
*NEW*Park Joong Hoon
Park Shin Hye
Phillip Choi
Ryu Deok Hwan
*NEW*Yoo Ah In

After School

As One
Official As One Twitter


Big Bang

Black Pearl
Oh Na Mi

Brown Eyed Girls
Official BEG

Brown Eyed Soul
Ahn Jung Yup

Official CNBLUE Twitter

Seo Jae Won
Uhm Tae Min

Han Min Kwan
Heo Kyung Hwan
Kim Ki Wook
Noh Hong Chul
Park Hwi Soon
Shin Bong Sun
Yoon Hyung Bin (Wang Biho)

CSJH the Grace

*NEW*Daniel Chae/Drama
*NEW*David Kim/Day Day
*NEW*Jang In Tae/Inati
*NEW*Lee Dari
*NEW*Lee Dong Lim/Yeong Won
*NEW*Park Jisu

Kang Min Kyung
Lee Hae Ri

Lee Ha Neul

Epik High

Ye Jun
Official Twitter

FT Island
Lee Hong Ki
Lee Jae Jin

Girl’s Day
Official Girl’s Day Twitter
*NEW*Hye Ri
Ji Hae
Ji In [former member]
Ji Sun [former member]
Min Ah
So Jin

Dong Woo
Ho Won
*NEW* Sung Gyu
*NEW* Sung Jong
Sung Yeol
Woo Hyun

*NEW*Ha Joo Yeon/Baby J
Park Sae Mi


Goo Hara
*NEW* Han Seung Yeon
Ji Young


*NEW* Thunder

Kim Jedong
Nam Hee Seok

Mighty Mouth
*NEW* Shorry J


Monday Kiz
*NEW*Han Seung Hui
*NEW* Lee Jin Sung
*NEW* Lim Han Byul

M To M
Jung Hwan

Nine Muses
*NEW* Bini/Lee Hye Bin
*NEW* Lee Sam/Lee Hyun Joo
*NEW* Ryu Sera
*NEW* Violet/Lee Eun Ji

Jo Bin

One Two
Song Ho Bum

One Way
Official One Way Twitter
Young Sky

Other Entertainers
Choi Hyun Woo (Magician [made appearances on Star King])
Daniel Henney (actor/model)
Danny Ahn (former g.o.d. member/singer/TV personality)
Goo Hye Sun (actress/director/writer/artist)
Goo Jun Yup (former Clon member/singer/DJ)
Haha (singer/TV personality)
Hwang Jung Eum (former Sugar member/actress)
Hyun Young (singer/model/actress/tv personality)
Isak (singer/VJ/DJ)
Jay Park (former 2PM leader/singer/currently dances with Art of Movement/actor)
Jeon Hye Bin (singer/actress)
Jung Ryeo Won (former Chakra member/actress/model)
Kim Dong Ryul (singer/songwriter)
Kim Jung Eun (actress/TV show host)
Kim Bum Soo (singer/radio DJ)
Kim C (TV personality/Hot Potato/singer)
Kim Yuna (Olympic gold-medalist ice skater)
Lee Kyun (former UP member/actor/Kangta’s cousin)
Marco (actor/model)
MC Mong (singer/TV personality)
No Min Woo (former TRAX member/actor)
Ok Ju Hyun (former Fin.K.L. member/singer/actress)
Park Jin Young (singer/producer/songwriter/JYP Entertainment founder)
Park Ji Yoon (singer/actress/model)
Park Jung Ah (former Jewelry member/singer/actress)
Park Kyung Lim (MC/comedian/radio DJ)
Rain (singer/dancer/actor)
Son Ho Young (former g.o.d. member/singer/actor)
*NEW* Song Baek Kyoung (former 1TYM member/actor)
Uhm Jung Hwa (singer/actress)
Yiruma (composer/pianist/radio DJ)
Yoon Eun Hye (former Baby V.O.X. member/singer/actress/model)

Hyun Young
Ji Sook
No Eul
Woo Ri
Yoon Hye

Rania (Yet to debut)
*NEW* Official Rania Twitter


SG Wannabe
Kim Jin Ho
Kim Yong Jun
Lee Seok Hoon

*NEW*Official Sistar Twitter

Solo Artists
*NEW* 1SaGain
Baek Ji Young
Brian Joo (former Fly to the Sky member)
BoA [American account]
BoA [Korean account]
Chae Yeon
Crown J
Drunken Tiger
*NEW* G.Soul
Gil Me
Hwang Bo (former Chakra member)
Kan Mi Yeon (former Baby V.O.X. member)
Kim Gun Mo
Lee Soo Young
*NEW* Navi
*NEW* San E
Seo In Kook
*NEW* Son Dambi
Yoon Do Hyun
Yoon Mi Rae

Glenn Rhee

*NEW* Heo Young Saeng
Kim Hyung Joon
*NEW* Kim Kyu Jong
Park Jung Min [old account]
*NEW*Park Jung Min [new account]

Super Junior/Super Junior M
Henry Lau

Official Japanese Twitter
Jung Yunhak
Kim Kwangsu
Kim Sung Je
Park Geonil
Song Jihyuk
Yoon Sungmo

Supreme Team
Simon D


Teen Top
Official Teen Top Twitter

Joo Chan Yang
Kim Joon

The Boss
Official The Boss Twitter
In Jun

The Jadu

Lady Jane

TV Shows
HahaMong Show
Hot Brothers
KBS Music Bank
Mnet 20’s Choice
Mnet M! Countdown
Mnet Superstar K
Mnet Wide
The M-Wave

*NEW* Hero Jaejoong
*NEW* Micky Yoochun
*NEW* Xiah Junsu



Park Ji Heon

Chi Yeul
Han Gook

Official Winterplay Twitter

Wonder Girls
Official Wonder Girls Twitter
Hye Lim
Sunmi (former member)
Sunmi [unoffical WG account]
Ye Eun

Official Japan Twitter

Is your favorite celebrity missing from the list below or is there a broken link? You know the drill! Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to make the changes in the following list!


Infinite Comes Back Again on Music Core

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