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SS501 Heo Young Saeng’s Words on my lips

Words on my lips by Heo Young Saeng is from the drama Fermentation Family.Hope you’ll like it.


My Top 6 live performances of ss501

hey everyone!!! Its SS501’s sixth anniversary 😀 my fav kpop band (all time fav 😀 ).So here are my top 6 live performances of ss501(includes sub unit also) …these are my fav..very difficult one but if there any other perf. u like please feel free to share in the comment section..:)

I’ll start with the sub unit…:)

6.SS501-Because I’m Stupid

5.SS501-Never Again


3.SS501-Love Like This

2.SS501-4 Chance

1.SS501-LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SS501 reflects on their sixth anniversary with thoughtful tweets


Idol group SS501 will be celebrating their sixth anniversary on June 8th! To commemorate the milestone, the members left thoughtful messages for their fans via Twitter.

Young Saeng wrote, “Today is SS501’s sixth anniversary! Time flies so fast. I remember crying six years ago because I had finally achieved my dream of becoming a singer. I kept saying, ‘This is great’, even while crying. Since we’ve achieved our dreams, let’s strengthen up! SS501! Let no one forget the meaning of our name!”

Meanwhile, Kyu Jong mused, “Time really does fly fast. It feels like just yesterday that we were all so excited and nervous over our debut on June 8th, 2005.  It feels like we were crying only yesterday, and now we’re already here. 5-idols, thank you so much! Really, thank you. And to all of the pretties, thank you! SS501 hooray!”

Hyung Jun also tweeted, “June 8th, 2005, and today. I hope that we’re met with good things and continue to love and support each other.  SS501, fighting. I love and thank everyone.”

Beaming, fans replied back, “We will always support you”, “Congratulations on your sixth anniversary”, and “We love you!”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

SS501′s Heo Young-saeng makes dreams come true!

Well, at least my dream.

Singer Heo Young-saeng‘s new agency, B2m Entertainment, released photos behind-the-scenes of their talent recording his new album. The upcoming Double Ser’s solo project will be heading our way on April 22nd.

The Lee Hyo-ri /Chitty Chitty Bang establishment tweeted photos of the singer in the recording studio perfecting the sounds of his solo project.

B2M: “This is how he looks while he is recording^^ You’ve worked hard~~~~”

Now, how did my dream come true?  I have always wanted to be apart of the whole recording process, and seeing Young-saeng in one of my favorite places (the recording studio) is like a dream.

With all the sentimental tissues aside, What do think about the photos of the next SS501 member prepping to take the stage?

Source: @b2ment




well well well here is the best English cover of ss501’s love ya on the net..plz listen it..its worth watching it n u ll surely become a fan….u ll beacome a true fan of jd relic like me….<3…lyrics are awesome so do the voice…

Download HERE:…

The Chorus Lyrics are from the Michaelangelo Version of the song…. the rest is a translation of SS501 Version!

Yeah, Here we go once again
Guess who’s back Let’s go
This song is all about you
I really hate you but I love you
So what can I do? now listen…

girl you got me hurtin’
Cause I know for certain
We can be so perfect
And I know you know that Ill always be your lover
Why don’t you get it?
girl you got me hurtin’
Cause I know for certain
We can be so perfect
And I know you know that Ill always be your lover
Put no one above ya

You know that I’ve waited for you all of this time
With every breath and with every rhyme
you say you can’t hear me, your letting me go,
but now I’m back I’m letting you know
Forget your boyfriend, I can be your best friend
He never loved you the way I can love you girl
so baby won’t you come to me
I’ll make you make you happy

You know that I tried being happy for you,
Even if my dreams would never come true what can I do,
if you would just look back at me, your smile is all that I need
But girl I see the way your tears are flowing I know your pain is showing
I try to hold it back but its no use. my love is growing
You belong with me YEAH

Why don’t you listen to me? Just think of all we could be…
cause every time i look in your beautiful eyes, your pain is all I can see
Forget about the bad bad love that bruised your heart and pushed you away
You know Ill always be here for you at the end of the day
every time your tears are flowing down , ill save you girl you’ll never drown
even if my heart is ripped apart yea…
I can cross over the sea
Please believe , before your ship goes down
I’m gonna sink into your heart, so we can burn this town.

SS501 Heo Young Saeng officially joins Twitter!

Young Saeng tweet:
108층에서바라본전경~~ 라스베가스에서..^^

The view from 108th floor~ in Las Vegas~

Along with this photo:

@mystyle1103 is Heo Young Saengs true and legit account in Twitter based on his friend Steven Lee’s reply to his tweet. Steven Lee is like a brother to SS501, also he is a composer and producer of some SS501 song.

Steven Lee’s reply:

Translation: LOIS
Credit: + gellie @

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng will move into new agency too

Group SS501’s members Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun has had left their previous agency DSP Media ever since their contract with them expired. Admist which, remaining members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are said to be moving into new agencies as well.

A related personnel from DSP Media mentioned in a phone interview with TV Report, “Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will be moving into new agencies as well. As to when and which agency they will be moving into, there are no concrete decisions made for now”.

In addition, “All the members do not want SS501 to break up, despite each moving into various agencies, they will still maintain activities together. Though there are no official and confirmed decisions yet, in future when SS501 release albums or have concerts/events, DSP Media will be directly and indirectly participating in them”.

-2nd last paragraphs omit, talks about expiry of contract- On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong is shooting for his new MBC drama Playful Kiss, whilst Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun are preparing for their acting career and overseas venturing.

Credit: + Eng Trans by Ode@blogspot

SS501 Kim Hyung-joon joins Kang Ji-hwan agency

K-pop idol group SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon has signed with actor Kang Ji-hwan’s agency S-Plus Entertainment, making him the third member of the five-man band to join a new talenthouse.

S-Plus made the announcement through a press release on Friday, saying the firm “will provide its unstinting support to Kim Hyung-joon so he may pursue his activities in all fields of entertainment including singing and acting beyond Asia.”

Also, addressing constant rumor and speculation that his group will disband after each member goes their own ways, S-Plus stated that “one thing to make most clear is that Kim’s signing with the company does not at all mean a breakup of SS501.”

S-Plus explained that being able to sustain his activities as a member of the band was one of the first issues Kim raised while negotiating on the contract. “The company respects Kim’s opinion 100 percent…… We will emphasize once again that Kim will first and foremost actively take part in his activities as a member of SS501.”

The other members who have signed with new agencies — Kim Hyun-joong with KEYEAST and Park Jung-min with CNR Media — as well as their new reps, have all stated SS501 will not disband.

Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon is a major shareholder of KEYEAST and CNR Media is a firm set up jointly by major Taiwanese drama producer Comic-Ritz and Korea’s ROY MEDIA.

Other members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong too have yet to make a decision.

SS501 has been one of the most popular bands in Korea and in several countries in Asia since forming in 2005. Their contract with DSP Media ended in early June.

cREDITS:Jessica Kim jesskim@10asia

SS501′s Prince and Center in USA with Composer Steven Lee

Heo Young Saeng update his cyworld with his picture with album producer Steven Lee and his co-SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong. His solo picture is so cute, it shows the adorable saengie. At the first picture the peace sign is in PEACE OUT!!!

Credit: TSthailand @ TT + gellie @

SS501 Kim Hyung-joon may sign with Kang Ji-hwan agency

Boy band SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon is looking into signing with actor Kang Ji-wan’s agency S Plus Entertainment.

An official at S Plus told Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Wednesday that they are reviewing whether to sign an exclusive contract with the singer which will support his activities in Korea, although emphasizing “nothing has been decided.”

The official also explained, “S Plus’ headquarters in Japan currently handles various affairs for Kim in Japan but that’s different from signing an exlusive contract.”

S Plus supports several ‘Hallyu,’ or Korean Waves stars in Japan including Song Seung-heon, Kang Ji-hwan and Lee Jun-ki, either managing their career in the country, creating their Japanese websites or promoting their businesses.

If Kim signs with S Plus, he will become the third member of the five-man band to leave DSP Media, the agency his contract ended with in early June.

The group’s leader Kim Hyung-joon was the first to find a new nest, signing with Bae Yong-joong’s agency KEYEAST soon after his previous contract ended and Park Jung-min just last week joined CNR Media, a firm set up jointly by major Taiwanese drama producer Comic-Ritz and Korea’s ROY MEDIA.

The boys have reassured fans SS501 will not disband despite going separate ways but the future of the band has been up in the air ever since.

Other members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong too have yet to make a decision.

SS501 has been one of the most popular bands in Korea and in several countries in Asia since forming in 2005.

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