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2AM makes a “Saint O’Clock” comeback on Music Bank

After 27 months since making their debut, 2AM finally released their 1st studio album, “Saint O’Clock“, and they continued with promotions on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.

The boys do not deviate much from their ballad roots of the past in their comeback, with their two title tracks, “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” and “Like Crazy“.  Still though, each performance has been designed to give fans a different audio-visual experience.

Check out the performances below, and get serenaded by them again!





Big Bang to return in a few weeks?

Big Bang fans have patiently waited for the boys to return to the Korean music scene and it now seems they don’t have to wait long.

Big Bang leader G-Dragon recently made an appearance on tvN E News while filming for a G-Market CF and he shared some thoughts about their much anticipated comeback.

When asked about when Big Bang’s upcoming album was going to be released, G-Dragon replied, “We haven’t met with the fans for so long, it’s been around 2 years now. Right now, the album is around 80% done and you might be able to find us around the middle of November. Please patiently wait for us.”

Very exciting news! It seems, Big Bang’s comeback could be just a few weeks from now. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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SHINee does not consider B2ST as their rivals

SHINee recently shared their thoughts about promoting alongside B2ST.

Before their KBS Music Bank‘ stage performance on October 1st, they had an interview with AsiaE, where they said “SHINee and B2ST, we are not competing against each other.”

They continued, “Our goal is to show our fans a different side of us through our title track ‘Hello’, from our re-packaged album. That’s why we don’t think of B2ST as our rivals.”

SHINee also laughed and added, “The feel of our song and our outfits are very different from B2ST’s.”

SHINee and B2ST both made their comebacks this week on Music Bank; SHINee with ‘Hello’ and B2ST with their title track ‘Soom‘ from their 3rd mini-album ‘Mastermind‘.

Source + Photo: AsiaE

B2ST reveals “SOOM” MV

Teasing fans left, right, and center this past week, Cube Entertainment has finally released the long-awaited gem of B2ST’s comeback, their “SOOM” MV.

With their brand new image and song, B2ST certainly hopes to grab your attention and leave you breathless. Stay tuned for their comeback on Music Bank tomorrow!

U-Kiss reveals 4th mini album cover and tracklist

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from boy group U-Kiss! They’ve held a successful concert in the Philippines and performed at this year’s 2010 Hallyu Dream Concert and are now finally ready to return to the kpop stage full force!

To kick things off, the boys have released the cover for their latest mini album “Break Time.” As you can see, the boys sure clean up nice on the cover and have undergone quite a mature transformation for their comeback! Also, to further intensify the hype, the tracklist for their mini album has also been released!

1. Before Yesterday
2. 시끄럿!!
3. Light It Up
4. Rock ‘Ya Body
5. Avatar
6. 시끄럿!! (Inst.)

The album will drop on October 4th and comes with a 50-pg booklet!

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2NE1 returns to Music Core with ‘Clap Your Hands’ and ‘Can’t Nobody’

After two consecutive wins on M! Countdown and Music Bank, 2NE1 pushed forward with another round of comeback stages on today’s Music Core.

With 2NE1’s latest album, “To Anyone“, now ranking prominently on the U.S. iTunes R&B/Rap Chart, these ladies are undoubtedly on a roll!

Check out 2NE1’s hot comeback performances of ‘Clap Your Hands‘ and ‘Can’t Nobody‘!

2NE1 returns to Music Bank with ‘Can’t Nobody’ and ‘Go Away’

The four fine ladies of 2NE1 came and conqured on yesterday’s M! Countdown with a triple dosage of awesome singles for the fans.

For today’s Music Bank stage, the girls are keeping it fierce, but performing only their two singles, ‘Can’t Nobody‘ and ‘Go Away.’ Leave it to YG’s finest ladies to keep things hot and poppin’ on stage!

Check out their smokin’ comeback below!

Son Dambi rides back to Music Bank with ‘dB Rider’

Transitioning into a sexy cat woman has done nothing but turn netizen heads left and right for Son Dambi. The popular soloist is ready to follow up her initial promotions with her hot single, “dB Rider.”

The follow-up track received a lot of love from fans when it was first released on her mini album, “The Queen“, and now fans are finally able to verbally express their love for it while the queen herself performs it on the stage!

Check out her hot follow-up performance below!

Before her comeback stage, she also tweeted a backstage picture with her dancers and wrote, “Our pre-recording for our first broadcast has finished hehe Group shot ^^“.

Her Twitter account, @dambi925 was created just a day earlier, so do follow her if you haven’t!

miss A reveals comeback teaser photo for ‘Step Up’!

Though it hasn’t been long since they’ve finished “Bad Girl Good Girl” promotions, miss A is already preparing to make a comeback with a brand new track!

On the 17th, AQ Entertainment has revealed their first teaser photo through their official website and in true teaser fashion, we can’t really see anything.

But from what we can make out, their outfits definitely look more quirky this time around. The single cover also says “Step Up,” so we’re guessing it’s safe to assume that it’s probably their title track.

AQ Entertainment said, ”This is miss A’s comeback teaser photo. Please cheer on miss A since they will be back with a shocking new look.”

I wonder what their new concept will be.

With Yang Yoseob recovered, BEAST is getting ready for comeback

[Sports Today Park Gunwook Reporter] The group BEAST that had been pushing back the comeback this year due to the surgery that the lead vocal, Yang Yoseob, had gone through, has concluded that they will be coming to the fans with early October being their latest date.

A BEAST acquaintance who met up with Sports Today stated, “BEAST is planning to make their comeback later this month being the earliest and early October being the latest.”

In addition he stated, “We are on our last stage in making the album and we are currently choosing the title song. In this mini album there are ballad songs, dance songs, and other songs in different genres so that everyone would be able to feel the charms of the BEAST members,” causing anticipation.

Yang Yoseob, who had recently gone through the surgery for his conditions, has been recovered and he had stated that Yang Yoseob is preparing for the comeback with his fullest extent.

Meanwhile, BEAST, who had debuted last year, rose up to the Korean male idol group position through the songs ‘Mystery’ and ‘Shock’.

Attentions are turned towards them as others wonder what kind of new air they will bring in this current state with girl groups dominating.

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