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Lee Min Ho & YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF ver.2

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Lee Min Ho, YoonA – Eider Pre-launching CF



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Lee Min Ho – Twitter Update 05/04/2011


Lee Minho’s City Hunter will be airing on May at SBS

“Stop production or not airing the drama is a rumor, not the truth.”

Lee Minho will be back to the TV screen to meet the audience with his new drama City Hunter on May 2011 which will be broadcast via SBS TV Station.

On the 28th of December, staff from SBS received interview from the media and revealed that, “City Hunter is going to do its first broadcast on the 25th of May next year. Stop shooting for the drama is just a rumor.”

City Hunter manga series illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo was a hit during the 20th century. When the news about Lee Minho is going to participate in this drama, it became a hot topic. The staff continued, “City Hunter originally planned to be aired during March 2011, because of some unforeseen circumstances such as problems on the original script, main actress and some casting issues, we decided to delay it. We took legal action against people who said that we stopped the production or not going to air the drama and constantly spreading rumors.”

“The scenarios and plot are currently under modification, selecting a good main actress is very important to the drama. The drama has a very good plot/story, the actors are very attractive, hence there is no reason for us to stop the production.”, said by the staff and firmly denied the rumors.

In order to understand and master the role and further analyze the characteristics of the character, the main actor of City Hunter, Lee Minho is currently receiving action training.

Source of news: Nate/Sports Hankooki

Translation first_snow@soompi


Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter will air on SBS on March 2011!

They say City Hunter will air on SBS next March. MH is undergoing 1 to 1 private martial arts training. His management said MH has slimmed down due to the training. Filming for the drama will commence next month. 




Lee Min Ho, ‘City Hunter’ will start filming at the end of the month

[OSEN=이정아 기자]이민호의 SBS ‘시티헌터’가 이번 달 말부터 촬영을 시작한다.
LMH’s SBS City Hunter will start filming at the end of this month.
드라마 관계자는 2일 OSEN과의 전화통화에서 “대본은 다음 주께 나올 예정이다. 이번주 여자 주인공을 비롯해 주요 캐스팅이 완료될 전망이다”고 밝혔다. 이어 “해외 촬영도 계획하고 있다”고 덧붙였다.
The drama associate was in contact with OSEN through a phone call on the 2nd saying “The script will be out next week. This week we hope to finish casting the female lead and the other main characters.” They also added that they are also planning about overseas filming.
방송은 3월말에서 4월초로 예정하고 있다.
The drama will be broadcasted around the end of March/early April.

Translation Webby@Soompi.



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