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Who are the girl group members with the nicest legs?

SNSD has been extremely successful in both Japan and Korea, and their popularity can be attributed somewhat to their long, slender legs. However, there are other Korean artists who are also known for such desirable legs. In a survey done by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, the top five were chosen as follows:

1. UEE (After School)

She is known to be the master of “honey thighs”. As a former competitive swimmer, she has trained her leg muscles extensively. Unfortunately, she has recently been plagued with negative comments over her weight. Nevertheless, comments by the judges included: “Legs I want to touch”, “The balance between her torso length and leg length is perfect”, and “Her long calves are refreshing”.

2. Huh Gayoon (4minute)

By her fans, she is said to have ’subtle glamor’. Despite having a baby face, she has athletic legs.  The doctors agreed that she had “perfect leg lines” and “smooth calf muscles”.

3. Sooyoung (SNSD)

She has legs that don’t seem Asian. Sooyoung has received interest over her legs since she debuted. Having said that, many SNSD members are known for their legs, such as Seohyun, Jessica, and Tiffany. They said about Sooyoung though, “These are legs that do not need photoshop. Are these legs of an Asian?” and “Her smooth thighs don’t even have any trace of fat.”

4. Hyuna (4minute)

She gained a lot of male fans through her solo song, ‘Change‘, and her pelvic dance showcased her ideal legs. Comments included: “Her thigh lines are charming when she dances” and “Her thighs and calves have no trace of fat”.

5. Bora (Sistar)

Despite being around average height (165 cm), she has long slender legs. During the MBC Chusok special, ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’, she won the 100m race and the nickname, ‘Boshain Bolt’. They commented, “She has golden ratio legs” and “The way her thighs, calves and ankles connect is flawless.”

What do you guys think?

Source: Nate


SISTAR’s Bora fractures her thumb after falling during a performance

Though it has not been long since they have debuted, member of girl group SISTAR, Bora, had to go through the embarrassment of falling on stage.

The group performed their comeback song (which is doing fabulous on the charts), “Shady Girl,” at the Let’s Start Sharing Concert on the 28th.  However, the group had to withstand the pouring rain during the performance, eventually leading Bora to fall flat on her face.  From the fall, Bora injured her finger, causing the performance to stop; however, the group bravely performed again after checking her injury.

A representative from SISTAR’s company, Starship Entertainment stated today, “After the performance, Bora suffered serious pain and had to go to the hospital for treatment. The X-ray results showed that she had fractured her thumb. She will need to be treated for three weeks.”

Let’s all wish Bora a speedy recovery.

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