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K-Pop:Year 2011, Month:January

Hello everyone.I hope everyone is doing fine.The year 2012 is already a month old and this is my first post of the year.Here is a short review of the year 2011…:)

The year started with a bang.DBSK made a comeback with keep your head down(although it was only Yunho and Changmin but it was great for a kpop lover like me to see them return to the stage).The song is one of my favorite songs(I didn’t like the rap…it sounded little creepy but otherwise it was fine).This was the return of the KINGS.

I was not a huge fan of MBLAQ before the song CRY was released.It was one of the best pop ballads of the year 2011.Take a look at the MV!!

People always complaint that only good looking sexy girls make it into entertainment industry(and yeah thats the truth) but one Girl Group is an exception here and they are PIGGY DOLLS.I enjoyed watching them perform on music shows and the girls are really talented.

Another song which made into my favorites list is BTD.Infinite, which was highly underrated at that time couldn’t leave a big impact on music shows but their sincerity and hard work was clearly visible and that’s what paid off later in the year.

Err i also tried to do a cover this song but unfortunately it turned out something like this

Secret Garden is one of the few dramas i watched this year(i watched only two 😛 err two and a half to be precise one was City Hunter and other was Athena)Will always remember this drama for the OSTs.It featured some of  the best ballads of the year and was one of the most viewed drama of the year.If you haven’t watched this drama..go and watch now…below is the one of the OST of the Drama.

Teen one of the bands i dont like..but their song Super Love made into my playlist and that too because of JD Relic.For those who dont know JD, he is a producer and a singer.He teamed up with ukiss later in the year(will come to this later)So I’m linking the cover version here not the original one..well all credit goes to Teen Top…

I personally find solo singers better than a the queen of Kpop(some of you might not agree with me on that)released the song Black and White.Its better than Top girl..

Mighty Mouth Tok Tok was released on jan 18(Music Video).I was just googling some new k songs and heard this one.This song is the most played in my playlist.Dont know why but i found the MV interesting too.The original ver. featured Kim Bum Soo and this one featured Soya.The original ver is good to hear too but Soya’s vocals suited the song and i will go with this version.

The saddest moment of 2010 was the expiration of SS501’s contract.Every member of the group chose to pursue solo careers and Park Jung Min released the debut single Not Alone.He didnt win any music show but his comeback was the most appreciated one.

Seungri’s What Can I Do is the next song i’m going to list here.Typical K-pop no. which makes you dance to the beats.The song was also featured in Engadget not because of Kpop but because of the use of LG Slate which was highly anticipated at that time.

Other than all this,KARA DSP controversy was also a main highlight of the month.

Thank you for reading!!!!




Kpop In India..!!!!

Kpop has spread all over the world and India is part of it too..:) here is the video made by Indian Kpop lovers we are not few in number and i hope we can have some gr8 kpop shows here in future please watch it share it..spread this video ..please pleas…:)

New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 April Week 2

Big Bang – Special ED. (released)

01 Love Song
02 Stupid Liar
03 Tonight
04 High High
05 Oh Yeah (feat. Park Bom)
06 Cafe
07 I Need a Girl (feat. G Dragon)
08 Somebody to Love
09 What Can I Do
10 Baby Don’t Cry (Daesung Solo)

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Big Bang comes before fans once again with a special edition album that includes some of the group’s top songs released within the past year. There are dual title tracks in this album, “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar.” The former song which was co-composed and penned by G-Dragon and Teddy has electronica rhythms and rock elements. The later song on the other hand is an addictive mainstream-friendly number. Also included in the album are songs from GD&TOP’s album, Big Bang’s fourth mini-album, Taeyang’s first album, and Daesung’s solo track, “Baby Don’t Cry.”

Rainbow mini-album Vol. 3 – So女 (released)

01 So Cool
02 To Me
03 Only You
04 Mach
05 A
06 To Me (INST)

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Girl group, Rainbow who debuted in 2009 with “Gossip Girl” returns with their second mini-album “So女.”The title track is “To Me,” created by famous Japanese composer, Daishi Dance who also wrote Big Bang’s “Haru Haru.” This dance number incorporates both emotional piano instrumentals and powerful house beats. Also included in the album is “So Cool,” a retro pop song composed by producer Steven Lee, Drew Ryan Scott, and Sean Alexander. The 80’s retro sounds are shown through electric guitar and synthesizer sounds. “Only You” on the other hand is a beautiful pop ballad composed by Lee Joo Hyung. Rainbow’s past hit singles, “A” and ”Mach” are in this album as well.

Dal Shabet mini-album Vol. 2 – Pink Rocket (April 14)

01 Shakalaka
02 Pink Rocket
03 Stop As It Is
04 Rollin Fallin
05 Pink Rocket INST

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Rookie girl group, Dal Shabet releases their second mini-album, “Pink Rocket” this month. The title track is of the same name and is a trendy pop number about a girl’s extraordinary imagination as she imagines flying into space in a rocket. Dal Shabet’s sweet and cute vocals are expected to fit these lyrics well. Also included in the album are urban hip-hop number, “Shakalaka,” dance number, “Stop As It Is” and loveable number, “Rollin Fallin.”

Narsha (single) – The Thorn Birds OST Part 3 (released)

01 Woman I Know – Narsha
02 My Everything – 4phone
03 Woman I Know (Orchestra Version) – Narsha
04 Woman I Know (INST)
05 My Everything (INST)
06 Woman I Know (Orchestra Version) (INST)

Narsha and 4Phone take part in part three of the soundtrack for KBS drama series, “The Thorn Birds.” Narsha who has shown her easy-going personality through various reality shows her musical side once again by partaking in this soundtrack. The song is “Woman I Know,” a beautiful ballad number that showcases the artist’s strength as a singer. The song is about a person who can’t show her true feelings towards her lover.

Other Releases:
Soonie – Nostalgia (released)
Soul Dive – Bad Habits (released)
Nameless – Vol. 1 Endnand (released)
Wooden Bicycle – Vol. 3 (released)
Eniac – Boy Runs (April 12)
Jang Hye Jin – Remake Album Vol.2 (April 12)
Kim Jung Hun (UN) – Present (April 12)
Yoon Sang – 20th Anniversary Project (April 14)
Naty – Vol. 2 Pride (April 14)
Sogyumo Acacia Band – Vol. 4 Ciaosmos (April 15)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

[NEWS] Big Bang, one of the most expensive CF stars, classified under “Super A Class”

On January 5th, TV Report released the data results they’ve compiled from various advertisement and model contracting companies in order to find the most expensive celebrity figures of 2011.

The data they’ve published were updated as of January 2011, and consists of appearance and contract fees paid to singers for year-long contracts.

So who are the most expensive CF stars?

According to the results, Rain and Big Bang were classified under ‘Special A Class’ in the industry, and are both worth $1 million to $1.5 million USD.

2PM, SNSD, Lee Hyori, and SNSD were placed in the $800,000 to $900,000 USD sector, while BoA followed at $700,000 to $800,000 USD.

Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hyun Joong, Jay Park, Super Junior, JYJ, Son Dambi, and the Wonder Girls placed at $500,000 to $600,000 USD.

2AM, CNBLUE, KARA, 4minute, MBLAQ, and After School (excluding UEE) are worth a minimum of $400,000 USD. After School’s UEE exceeds that amount.

IU, FT Island, Seo In Young, and SECRET were revealed to have been in discussion for $200,000 to $300,000 USD.

Of course, the true worth of a star cannot be determined by numbers, but the numbers give better insight into the commercial aspect of the stars.

Source: TV Report via Daum

Translated by VitalSign @ allkpop

GD&TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” banned on MBC

Big Bang’s GD&TOP were hit with another ban, this time from MBC for their track, “Don’t Go Home“. The broadcasting network blacklisted the song on January 5th under the reason that the song was ‘unfit for public broadcast.’

This is the second ban this week for the duo, as it follows the ban of “Knock Out” from all three public broadcasting networks.

YG Entertainment representatives spoke with Star News and revealed, “We expected ‘Knock Out’ to be banned from the three networks, so we will be re-submitting the songs, but MBC banning ‘Don’t Go Home’ has come as a bit of a surprise to us.

They continued, “We’ve retorted that there is nothing wrong with the song, as it was even accepted byKBS and SBS. As much as it is hard to understand why MBC would find it unfit for broadcast, we believe that MBC has their own reasons, so we will respectfully re-submit it for an evaluation.”

When asked why they believed the song was banned, they answered, “We feel that T.O.P’s rap was a part of the problem, but we’d like for them to interpret the lyrics as is.  When we re-submit the song, we will not be editing any of the lyrics.”

T.O.P’s lyrics state:

I don’t like awkward settings
Why is the sound of the clock ticking so loud?
All I can hear is the sound of swallowing spit
Look baby, all I want is to greet the morning with you
A secret party for just us two before the night comes to an end
But you’re like Cinderella, you try to go home when the clock hits 12
Being alone makes the night so long
Call in to your parents, don’t try to act tough
S.O.S, advancing seems so far
Oh! wait a minute, why am I like this?
Am I drunk, I’m so dizzy, I’m falling asleep

Source + Photos: Star News


[Video] GD & TOP ‘Knock out’ MV !

Video Credits:BIGBANG

GD and TOP sure are knocking fans out with their new Music Video.

Sandara Park says Taeyang and her aren’t meant to be

Sandara Park described her relationship with Big Bang’s Taeyang on this week’s Strong Heart. The charismatic 2NE1 member talked about her friendship with Taeyang and expressed her honest thoughts.

She stated, “I don’t know if I should call it an ill-fated or an incompatible relationship. Taeyang seems really nice and suave on the outside but in reality he’s just a rascal that doesn’t know much about women. He usually pinches me and rolls me around on the floor in the practice room to tease me.”

She added, “One day, I wasn’t feeling well but he didn’t even notice and started to roll me around again. I started crying and ran to the bathroom. I know that he’s just being friendly to his noona but it catches me off guard. Taeyang is becoming really popular amongst the female fans but to me, he’s last on my list in terms of Big Bang members.”


Big Bang to return in a few weeks?

Big Bang fans have patiently waited for the boys to return to the Korean music scene and it now seems they don’t have to wait long.

Big Bang leader G-Dragon recently made an appearance on tvN E News while filming for a G-Market CF and he shared some thoughts about their much anticipated comeback.

When asked about when Big Bang’s upcoming album was going to be released, G-Dragon replied, “We haven’t met with the fans for so long, it’s been around 2 years now. Right now, the album is around 80% done and you might be able to find us around the middle of November. Please patiently wait for us.”

Very exciting news! It seems, Big Bang’s comeback could be just a few weeks from now. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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Idols that looks like a Dinosaur!

An interview was done & we found out that 3 of our boy idol groups look like a dinosaur!
They were BigBang’s T.O.P, SHINee’s Jonghyun & Super Junior’s Donghae!
It was said that they share certain features which were same as a dinosaur & even made a small comparision by putting a dinosaur picture next to them.
Without saying further, check it out!

Credits: shineelucifer200 @ YT

JongHyun or G-Dragon: Who wore it better?

Two idols, one shirt: Who wore it better? Shinee’s JongHyun on one end and Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

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