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SBS Inkigayo 04.10.11

With today’s win on Inkigayo, CN Blue has swept all the music show wins this weekend. Congratulations to them!

Also on the show today, Big Bang had their first performances for “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song”. 4Minute also had their Inkigayo comeback, performing “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart To Heart”.

Today’s Performances: DBSK, Big Bang, CN Blue, 4Minute, Tony Ahn, Girl’s Day, Yangpa, Brian Joo, Orange Caramel, Clover, ZE:A , Kim Hyun Jung, Rainbow, U-Kiss


Big Bang

CN Blue


Tony Ahn

Girl’s Day


Brian Joo

Orange Caramel



Kim Hyun Jung




CN Blue

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2010 Soompi Gayo Awards Results

Happy New Year! The results of the 6th annual Soompi Gayo Awards are finally here. Our apologies that this year’s results are lacking the usual notes and commentary, but our resident king-of-the charts Edward had a family emergency, and we had to make do without his unique insights into what happened this year in Korean pop music. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

To see the list of nominees, click here:

Top 20 Songs of 2010:

External from soompi image

1. CN Blue – Love (6683 points) *** 2010 SONG OF THE YEAR ***
2. DJ Doc – 나 이런 사람이야 (I’m This Kind Of Person) (6506 points)
3. Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl (6230 points)
4. Homme – 밥만 잘 먹더라 (You Seem To Be Eating Fine) (5793 points)
5. SNSD – 훗 (Hoot) (5757 points)
6. Kara – 루팡 (Lupin) (5739 points)
7. Hot Potato – 고백 (Confession) (5706 points)
8. 2NE1 – 박수쳐 (Clap Your Hands) (5624 points)
9. Psy – Right Now (5611 points)
10. FT Island – Love Love Love (5480 points)
11. Wheesung – 결혼까지 생각했어 (I Even Thought Of Marriage) (5375 points)
12. 2AM – 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (To You Who’s Ignoring My Calls) (5165 points)
13. Secret – Madonna (4889 points)
14. T-ara – 너 때문에 미쳐 (You Make Me Crazy) (4798 points)
15. 2PM – I’ll Be Back (4733 points)
16. MC Mong – 죽을 만큼 아파서 (Hurt to the Point of Death) (4581 points)
17. Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (4517 points)
18. Rain – 널 붙잡을 노래 (A Song to Keep You) (4513 points)
19. MBLAQ – Y (4442 points)
20. Davichi – 시간아 멈춰라 (Time, Please Stop) (4421 points)

Top Digital Single of 2010:

External from soompi image

Homme – 밥만 잘 먹더라 (You Seem To Be Eating Fine) (5793 points)

Top Male-Female Duet or Collaboration:

External from soompi image

IU & Seulong (2AM) – 잔소리 (Nagging) (4349 points)

Top Drama/Movie OST Song of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gummy – 죽어도 사랑해 (Love You Even If I Die: SBS Drama “Dae Mool” OST) (1410 points)

Top Newcomer of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold: CN Blue (12167 points)
Silver: Miss A (11265 points)
Bronze: Sistar (6219 points)

Top Mixed Group of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold : 8Eight (1728 points)
Silver : Koyote (1314 points)
Bronze: Co-Ed School (600 points)

Top Female Singer of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold : IU (4786 points)
Silver : Narsha (4749 points)
Bronze: Gummy (4717 points)

Top Male Singer of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold : MC Mong (6561 points)
Silver : Tae Yang (5728 points)
Bronze: Psy (5611 points)

Top Female Group of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold: SNSD (14131 points)
Silver: Kara (9740 points)
Bronze: 2NE1 (9167 points)

Top Male Group of 2010:

External from soompi image

Gold: 2AM (14633 points)
Silver: Beast (12400 points)
Bronze: 2PM (10707 points)

Mini-Album of the Year:

External from soompi image

2AM – 잘못했어 (I Did Wrong) (Repackage) (9138 points)

Album of the Year:

External from soompi image

2NE1 – Vol. 1 To Anyone (2117 points)

Chart Champion:

External from soompi image

2AM (14633 points)

The Top 10 Singers of 2010:
(60% from chart scores, 40% from fan vote):

External from soompi image

1. SNSD (915 points out of 1000 max)
2. Beast (707 points)
3. 2AM (699 points)
4. Super Junior (593 points)
5. 2NE1 (548 points)
6. 2PM (548 points)
7. SHINee (516 points)
8. Kara (493 points)
9. T-Ara (424 points)
10. Secret (389 points)

Though 2AM had the highest score according to their chart standings, the fan vote took SNSD and Beast to the top!

The complete results, out of a possible total of 1000 points:

Chart Vote Total
1. SNSD 579 336 915
2. Beast 508 199 707
3. 2AM 600 99 699
4. Super Junior 193 400 593
5. 2NE1 376 172 548
6. 2PM 439 109 548
7. SHINee 228 288 516
8. Kara 399 94 493
9. T-Ara 367 57 424
10. Secret 370 19 389
11. Tae Yang 235 99 334
12. After School 292 36 328
13. FT Island 226 67 293
14. MC Mong 269 12 281
15. DJ DOC 267 11 278
16. Davichi 257 20 277
17. IU 196 67 263
18. 4minute 216 45 261
19. BoA 173 86 259
20. Psy 230 21 251
21. Hot Potato 234 11 245
22. MBLAQ 202 38 240
23. Seo In Kook 229 11 240
24. Wheesung 221 11 232
25. Bi (Rain) 187 27 214
26. Gummy 193 20 213
27. Gavy NJ 201 11 212
28. Ga In 169 41 210
29. Lee Hyori 185 25 210
30. Narsha 195 15 210

NO se7en…:(( i missed him in the list n no ss501..:(((

Best Girl Group Poll results from iPoll

Korea’s largest online polling site conducted a poll for “Best Girl Group” from August 23rd to October 3rd. Various girl groups were paired up in brackets with the winner advancing to the next round. The poll was very popular with more than 100,000,000 votes tallied for the entirety of the poll.

The first round match up was as follows:

Brown Eyed Girls (397,970) vs T-ara (332,464)
SNSD (8,322,980) vs 4minute (5,184,301)
After School (5,657,572) vs f(x) (3,483,645)
Sistar (92,580) vs 2NE1 (220,857)
Miss A (666,657) vs KARA (340,025)
Wonder Girls (5,560,302) vs Secret (150,246)

Second Round:
Brown Eyed Girls (232,740) vs SNSD (6,573,904)
After School (3,582,021) vs 2NE1 (889,429)
Miss A (250,933) vs Wonder Girls (7,544,260)

A Double Elimination poll was held and 4minute won that poll

Semi Finals:
SNSD (8,363,274) vs After School (1,460,794)
4minute – Double Elimination winner (437,867) vs Wonder Girls (5,545,042)

SNSD (28,558,344) vs Wonder Girls (40,637,960)

Despite being gone for quite some time it was surprising to see the Wonder Girls win the poll, Congratulations to them. Which girl group would’ve gotten your vote?

Source + Photo: Newsen


Who are the girl group members with the nicest legs?

SNSD has been extremely successful in both Japan and Korea, and their popularity can be attributed somewhat to their long, slender legs. However, there are other Korean artists who are also known for such desirable legs. In a survey done by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, the top five were chosen as follows:

1. UEE (After School)

She is known to be the master of “honey thighs”. As a former competitive swimmer, she has trained her leg muscles extensively. Unfortunately, she has recently been plagued with negative comments over her weight. Nevertheless, comments by the judges included: “Legs I want to touch”, “The balance between her torso length and leg length is perfect”, and “Her long calves are refreshing”.

2. Huh Gayoon (4minute)

By her fans, she is said to have ’subtle glamor’. Despite having a baby face, she has athletic legs.  The doctors agreed that she had “perfect leg lines” and “smooth calf muscles”.

3. Sooyoung (SNSD)

She has legs that don’t seem Asian. Sooyoung has received interest over her legs since she debuted. Having said that, many SNSD members are known for their legs, such as Seohyun, Jessica, and Tiffany. They said about Sooyoung though, “These are legs that do not need photoshop. Are these legs of an Asian?” and “Her smooth thighs don’t even have any trace of fat.”

4. Hyuna (4minute)

She gained a lot of male fans through her solo song, ‘Change‘, and her pelvic dance showcased her ideal legs. Comments included: “Her thigh lines are charming when she dances” and “Her thighs and calves have no trace of fat”.

5. Bora (Sistar)

Despite being around average height (165 cm), she has long slender legs. During the MBC Chusok special, ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’, she won the 100m race and the nickname, ‘Boshain Bolt’. They commented, “She has golden ratio legs” and “The way her thighs, calves and ankles connect is flawless.”

What do you guys think?

Source: Nate

20 idol singers unite to sing the G20 Seoul Summit theme song

Ahead of the prestigious 2010 G20 Seoul Summit this November, it was revealed that 20 idol singers from popular K-Pop groups of today have been recruited to sing the theme song for the event.

The theme song titled, ‘Let’s Go‘ had been made specially for the event which will take place from November 11 – 12th at Samsung-dong’s Coex, for the discussion about the world’s economy.

The idol group members who will lend their voices include Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (SHINee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (SECRET), Junhyung (B2ST), Gayoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU and Anna.

Korea is hosting this event for the first time and hopes to transfer a message through this song to youths that they should take on the world with confidence. With the growing influence that K-pop idols now wield on the young generation, there were no better candidates than them to do so.

The solo recordings were done from the 24 – 25th and all 20 of them came under one roof on the 26th to record the chorus portions.

‘Let’s Go’ is scheduled to be released in early October and footage of the idol singers recording the song will be edited into a music video.

Source: IsPlus

The heights and weights of girl groups

Girl groups have undergone many changes since they first appeared in the music industry. Formerly known for their fantasy-like and unapproachable image, girl groups these days seem unafraid to bare all, as many are the driving forces behind variety programs. Their witty commentary and honest confessions have earned them countless headlines.

In those cases where they confess, what is the thing that is most often confessed by girl groups?  Well, girl groups almost always confess their height and weight on variety shows, adding and subtracting from reality to fit the situation. Newsen and Sports Seoul recently surveyed the heights and weights of ten girl groups to get a closer look behind the screen.

SNSD, KARA, and f(x) were excluded from the survey, as their information was not listed in portals.

#1. What are the stats of the first generation idols?

S.E.S hold an average height of 161.3 cm, but Fin.K.L is taller by 7 cm, standing at an average of 168.5 cm. S.E.S also weighs an average of 49.5 kg, while Fin.K.L weighs 3 kg more at 49.5 kg.

The members weighing the least are S.E.S’s Shoo at 44 kg, and Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri at 45 kg.

#2. Who is the tallest amongst the second generation idols?

First goes to none other than After School, standing at an average of 168.375 cm with their long, slender bodies. Rainbow comes in at second with an average of 165 cm, and 4minute in third with 164.6 cm.

UEE and Nana are the two tallest members of After School, standing at 171 cm. The rest of the members have similar heights, while Raina is the shortest at 166 cm.

The shortest group are the Brown Eyed Girls, standing at an average of 160.75 cm and weighing in at 45.5 kg. Secret came in second at 161.5 cm and weighing in at 45.2 kg.

Those in the 163 cm average category include T-ara (163.6 cm), the Wonder Girls (163.8 cm), andmiss A (163.7 cm).

#3. Which girl group is the lightest?

The members of 2NE1 are the lightest with a group average of 43.5 kg. They stand at 162.5 cm tall.Dara is the lightest member among all the girl groups, weighing in at 40 kg.

After School averaged 48 kg, with Secret following at 45.2 kg, the Wonder Girls at 45.2 kg, Davichi at 45.5 kg, and miss A at 45.7 kg.

#4. All of the girl groups are underweight!

Celebrities are often seen making statements such as, “I look heavier on screen than I do in real life.”

When put through the BMI calculations though, results revealed that all of the girl groups were underweight. Using 18.5~23 as the healthy range, the Brown Eyed Girls came closest to being “healthy” with a BMI of 17.61.

Secret followed with 17.35, 4minute with 17.13, miss A with 17.06, After School with 17.06, the Wonder Girls with 16.85, Davichi with 16.71, 2NE1 with 16.47, and T-ara with 16.36.

The most underweight of all was Rainbow with a BMI of 16.11.

Source + Photos: Newsen, Sports Seoul

Which Korean girl group member is the most popular in Japan?

Which girl group is the most popular in Japan?

Japan’s SNS site Mixi researched on the Korean girl groups with the greatest number of fanclub members. Although it’s hard to get an accurate representation through only one site, Mixi is one of the most popular social network services amongst Japan’s youth, boasting over 21 million members.

On the 24th, Mixi reported that KARA’s Goo Hara had 6,500 fans for her similarity in appearance to Japan’s Amuro Namie.

The member with the second most members is SNSD’s Yoona with 5,500. Yoona was also previously chosen as the #1 most popular SNSD member in a survey that ranked their popularity in Japan.

KARA’s Nicole (4,500), SNSD’s Taeyeon (3,300), KARA’s Kang Jiyoung (3,200) followed Goo Hara and Yoona. Other members each had about 2,300 to 3,000 fanclub members.

4minute’s Hyuna has about 1,000 fans in Mixi as well.

Group wise, SNSD held 24,700 members while KARA held 23,800. Both teams have managed to rank top 5 in the overall category for Japanese girl group idols.

Source + Photos: Newsen

MBC ‘2010 Idol Star Dance Battle’ performances

It’s an idol group explosion this week, as many idol groups came together for special episodes of various TV shows for the ongoing Chuseok festivities.

The ‘2010 Idol Star Dance Battle’ was recently broadcast, where many popular groups such as missA, SECRET, 4minute, After School, BEAST, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, INFINITE, 2AM, and IU, took to serious challenges.  On the other hand, the funniest of gag women, Jung Juri, Kim Shin Young, and Kim Jisun, battled it out with a vast range of parody performances.

Check out some of the performances below.

Round 1: missA

Round 1: SECRET + Result

Round 3: 4minute

Round 3: After School

Round 3 Result

Round 4: IU

Round 4: Milk Caramel (ZE:A, U-Kiss, INFINITE) + Result

Round 5: BEAST vs. MBLAQ

Round 5 Result

Round 6: Kim Jisun vs. Jung Juri

Round 6 Result

Round 9: Miss AM (2AM)

Round 9: Kim Shin Young + Result

Source: Crazycarrot260

Photo: Crazycarrot260

Sleepy HyunA charms netizens!

Has 4minute member HyunA been worn out?

HyunA recently updated her mini-hompy saying “Whoosh… ┬┬ even though I’m tired.”

This comes soon after fans have been asking HyunA if she was tired due to her hectic broadcast schedule. Though HyunA recently dyed her hair from blonde to a darker shade, increasing her innocent charms, it also has made some fans say that she looks tired often.

Netizens have said, “Tired HyunA~,” “This makes me tired,” etc. After her transformation into a brunette, HyunA’s rough girl charms have made everyone fall in love with her, tired or not.

Source: TVDaily
Translation/Editing: its_matteo @

Top 5 Female Beasts’ Abs

This ab trend/fever is not only for male stars. There are a lot of female stars who are proud of their abs. They, too, exercise steadily to make chocolate abs that split into six.

Son Dambi
Son Dambi, who had a recent jeans advertisement that showed off her abs, gathers alot attention.

Park Gahee
Park Gahee was BoA’s back-up dancer before debuting and even then she gained attention with her strong abs and eye-catching appearance.

Yoon JooYoung
Talent Yoon JooYoung showed off her sexy abs through the magazine ‘Maxim’. Through that picture, she gained the nickname ‘Korea’s Jessica Alba’ and was born a star.

Kim Junhee
Through online shopping malls and magazines, she showed off her perfect abs. It is unbelievable that she has such a good body at an age of 30.

From all the female idol groups, she has the best abs. Her solo track ‘Change’ shows off her abs, too.

Source: Sports Seoul
Translated by [info]parkjinyoung at [info]omona_prection

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