hmm…dis blog is only for u people……help me in promoting Indo-korean relationship via dis blog…….well not only indian,,,all other global members plz help me in dis

More than 5 years ago when I started this blog I was your average hormone driven teenage guy, who wanted to be something different.I posted (rather copied) material from famous K-pop news sites and blogs.Now that my k-pop fever is over(I still follow it though) I wont be posting anything on this blog unless or until I find something worth sharing.I’m Thankful to all the followers and visitors who still follow this blog(I don’t think there is anyone left)
and to anyone who is reading this.

Thank You,
Apoorv Verma

  1. Nice blog ~!!!
    Fighting ^_^

  2. Hello, someone emailed me and pointed out that you have a posting about me up here from August of 2010 which is inaccurate. The title is: Daniel Gauss Lashes Out at the Wonder Girls Again. As your source you city “Poparazzi” a web site from Singapore. I would like to point out that the website was forced to retract the false story that they posted about me. Your story is, therefore, also false. Would you please do me a favor and remove it? Since the story is false, it really shouldn’t be online and, basically, I am a private person who does not deserve to have false information about himself online. I would be grateful for your assistance in this matter. Please click on your ‘source” and you will see that the story was retracted.

    • Thanx for letting me know.I’m sorry for putting up false information.The post is removed.Thank you again for telling me.

  3. hi…nice blog …pls snd new postr to my email

    • You can subscribe to my blog and you’ll get notifications every time i’ll post anything.Thank you for commenting.

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