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Emergence of K-dramas In India

Life was same for me every sunday morning.Wake up a little late,have some breakfast,watch DD(DoorDarshan Public Broadcaster of India).But,one day I noticed something unusual.A fighting sequence so well choreographed that I could hardly take my eyes off of it.Well i was a kid,almost 12-13 years old and was used to watch only DD at that point of my life so the fighting sequence struck me instantly.I thought it must be a movie but as i watched it further it turned out to be a Korean Drama dubbed in Hindi.The title was “समुद्र के बादशाह” (The Emperor of the Sea).The famous Historical Drama totally grew on me,exciting plot,some amazing fight sequences,great OST,high production value.Further it was dubbed in hindi which made life easy for a young 12 year old me.I would now wait for sundays,it was broadcasted at around 10 am so had to wake up early.

Emperor Of The Sea

My joy doubled during that period when DD started to broadcast another Historical Korean Drama “घर का चिराग”(Jewel In The Palace).This time my family joined me in too as it was aired in the 8-9pm slot on weekends.It became a routine and everyone in my house would complete/leave their chores to catch a glimpse of one of the finest show of the recent times.Everyone i talked to in school(people who still had DD as their primary source of entertainment) got addicted to the drama.My friend and i would discuss the story and sing the opening track.

Jewel In The Palace


We thought that the dramas would go on and on for years just like our Desi daily soaps(i like’em too) but they ended and so did my short affair with k-dramas.After few years we got DD DTH Dish installed at our house.It only had 59 channels and one of them was KBS World.I thought it was just another random foreign channel airing only news and stuff and ignored it completely.But my sisters somehow figuered it out how it worked and got hooked to it.After that our life was completely changed.It was like winning a lottery of k-dramas for me.KBS also was kind to us and broadcasted some of the old hits like Emperor of The Sea and  I’m sorry,I love you.We watched a bunch of shows, I can’t even remeber the names right now.The one i would like to especially mention is the Boys Over Flowers.That show totally blew our minds.On Orkut we had a small community of people who liked KBS world, would talk about it day and night.The OSTs of the show were so refreshing to us that it instantly made us fall in love with them.As we explored further we got to know about k-pop,idols,bands,actors.Sadly our short lived happiness was over when KBS stopped broadcasting in India.I still remeber the days,we sat in front of our TV and waited for something to air on it.We waited few days , we thought it was some technical issue but things never changed.We signed some petitions,wrote some mails to get the channel back but nothing happened.Like always we were left with no choice but to accept or fate.We could not even get to complete the BOF series.You can not understand the amount frustation we went through.

Somehow,after few months we got to know that KBS has re-started its broadcast in India but this time it was on a private DTH.I somehow was able to convince my parents to get me the new DTH and they agreed.My obsession with K-drama continued without any interruption.The emergence of K-pop on global level also helped me meet many K-drama followers in India.We switched from Orkut to Facebook.Have a larger fan base now.I also continued with my passion for k-dramas by putting up a blog.

K-dramas have a very large audience now in India.You can find DVD/CDs of your favourite dramas easily.I don’t know the number for how many people watch KBS but its still being aired so i assume it has a fair amount of viewership.The North-East states have a very huge base for korean dramas.BBC once did a little story on it and now i’m here writing this for Korean Cultural Center In India.I never imagined that my small little encounter on that sunday morning will lead me to set up this blog or meet new people,cover songs in Korean language ,watch korean movies.I would like to thank KCCI for holding this event.

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