4MEN releases fourth album, “The Artist”

Yeah finally 4men are back with a full length album..:D these guys are best 🙂 please listen to them.Their music is different from conventional kpop so i dont know you would like them or not but if u hear good music this is a must listen album.You can try their others song too..:)

here is the original story from ALLKPOP.COM


4MEN have finally delivered their highly-anticipated fourth album, “The Artist“!

It’s been five years since their last full-length release, and anticipation was at an all-time high for 4MEN’s latest work. It definitely doesn’t disappoint, as 4MEN brings stirring emotions and raw musical calibre to their new songs.

Check out their album below, and don’t forget to support the artists by purchasing their album here.


01. I Feel So Nice

02. Puzzle (“수수께끼”)

03. I Love You (“사랑해”)

04. Unrequited Love (“짝사랑”) feat. 美

05. Once While Living (“살다가 한번쯤”)

06. Oasis (“오아시스”)

07. It Can’t Be (“안되는데”)

08. Just Leave (“떠나가버려”)

09. Love Sick (“상사병”)

10. My Girl (“내 여친”)

11. I Do (살아는 볼게)

12. Never Leave You

13. Can’t Forget (“잊지 못해”)



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