hey !!!

hey everyone….whats going on?? i offer my apology to all my blog viewers and subscribers for not posting regularly 😩 I passed my high school with 9.8 CGPA yay..:D M a busy lad these days :(( science is bit tough but interesting 😀 i have 2 most difficult years in front of me wish me luck..:P (m being a bit selfish err :\) But never mind i’ll be posting here not regularly but will keep u updated..:) also i want to clear somethings….

1.i’m not a good writer (my eng sux)

2.this is an infotainment blog

3.don’t expect that i will bring news directly from Korea 😐 (m just like you)

4.i get all the info from some of the most famous sites like ALLKPOP.COM and SOOMPI.COM (many more)

5.please forgive me if i ever forget to mention the source

6.all the video covers done by me are for fun but i would like to get feedbacks from you so that i can improve (no bashing :|)

So keep FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!


About Apoorv

m a boring guy...*yawns*

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