Kim Kyu Jong reminisces over SS501’s debut days + confirmed for ‘Goong’ musical

On April 11th, SS501′Kim Kyu Jong took a trip down memory lane with his fans by sharing photos of him and his fellow members from the time of their promotions together.

He excitedly wrote, “2005!!! Time flies so fast!! Wooooow hehe. It’s spring~!! Hooray!!!! Let’s all laugh and find strengthhhhh.” The pictures he shared ranged from comical shots, to profile shots, and even a heartwarming shot of the group at the beach, all holding hands.

Previously, Kyu Jong had expressed his longing for his bandmates by bringing up their debut year. On April 1st, he tweeted, “2005.  It’s already 2011.”

Fans commented, “I really miss those times”, “I want to see SS501 as five again on stage”, and “Kyu Jong is the last one to announce any promotion plans, so it feels good seeing that he’s doing well.”

After his fan-meeting with Heo Young Saeng last December, Kyu Jong took a brief break before recently gearing up for the role of ‘Lee Shin’ in the musical “Goong” which will be staged in Japan.

The production company stated, “Kim Kyu Jong has already shown off his impressive vocal and dance talent while working with SS501. With his handsome looks, he’s distinguished himself in a variety of fields. We’re looking forward to working with him, as he is determined and passionate about his role.”

Source: Sports Chosun, My Daily via Nate

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  1. Sweet peas lovin all k-pop together and all!

  2. Thanks, to all fans please support ss501 to make a comeback again together as five who will united everything again!

    Sponser:Lee Hoong Pane

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