Kim Joon’s fans deliver food and drinks for 400 people to the set of “Crime Squad”

Actor Kim Joon’s fans have delivered a gigantic amount of gifts in food and drinks to KBS’s Crime Squad’ team.

DCInside’s ‘Kim Joon Gallery’ and T-Max’s (group Kim Joon is a member of) fancafe ‘Go T-Max’ delivered snacks worthy of 100 people from the start of ‘Crime Squad’ filming, a total of four times, handing out each personally to Kim Joon’s co-actors and actresses, as well as the staff.

On the assorted snack food gift boxes that include hand-made rice balls, donuts, rice cake, cake, cookies, drinks, fruits, etc., individual stickers with Kim Joon’s picture on them show phrases such as, “Detective Shin Dong Jin is buying this time”, “Please take care of our young Shin Dong Jin detective”, “For viewer ratings that go over 70%”, and “We support you in the path of becoming the nation’s drama”, have been stuck on, showing their effort in preparing the gifts.

Kim Joon passed on his thankful thoughts through his Twitter, “’Crime Squad’ goes off running again with the food fans gave us!! Because of you guys, we can film well. Everyone, we ate it all thankfully!

Meanwhile, Kim Joon is receiving the viewers’ love for his character of the smart brain detective on-site and clumsy pretty boy off-site.

Source: Osen via Daum


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