UKISS:Alex Kibum departure and Bran New Kiss

Ukiss aah the name reminds me of the song TALK  TO ME first ever Korean song which i learned from my heart sang it again n again for 2 years..:D This song is still most played on my cell.Next thing which came to my head was MAN MAN HANI n I LIKE YOU…<3 love their performances on music stages..they had a strong fan base (well they never really topped music charts :|).The band i knew was young,talented,had best n clean dancers(there moves were neat).


Band debuted on August 28,2008(in Korea) with their first mini album N-generation.They did a good job and gained popularity.There next mini album was BRING IT BACK TO OLD SCHOOL DAYS one of their best mini album ever.Once again they got popularity with their live performances.Band members were recognized in kpop culture..hallyu wave we all know that.New member Ki Seop was added to band to make it a 7 member group.The move was good n appreciated.They released two mini albums after  that  CONTIUKISS and BREAKTIME.Chart performance was well and everything was going fine.They had concerts in Philippines.Shared stage with RAIN(BI).Kevin won the lawsuit against the previous company.Things seemed pretty good and a fan like me was waiting for a new album..:)


23rd feb,2011 here was the bad news ..this was like most upsetting news after DBSK hiatus n SS501 terminated contracts..Kibum and Alexander were kicked out(yeah…kicked out) of the band.News surfaced that Kibum was going to help his brother Kim hyung joon in his business n Alex is going to pursue his studies but after few hours the truth came out.There contracts were terminated  to add new members AJ and HOON.The reason was simple and clear they wanted to strengthen the band’s vocals(According to wiki “they were lacking in there area” :|).Well my point is what were the areas they were lacking in?? and what made NH media to take this step.They could have added the two members if they wanted(jst like what the did in case of Ki Seop).Well after the drama of 3-4 days and uncertainty about the band Ukiss announced there comeback with there 5th mini album Bran new Kiss.It was hard to accept their departure bt they really wew kicked out of the group so one could do nothing.Petitions were filed online(i dont know about Korea coz i dont live there)but nothing really happened.Hoon and AJ were revealed and so there new album BRAN NEW KISS.

BRAN NEW KISS —–the name suits the band’s new album because of two reasons

1.Fresh Line Up(this is what company calls it..:|)(Soohyun is the new leader)

2.Totally different genre

When i first checked the new title 0330 i thought it must be like some fast beat song..but it was totally different.I have to agree that AJ n HOON did exceptionally well  m gonna support them,they have strengthened the vocals but one can easily feel the absence of Xander and Kibum.No matter how hard NH media tries they can never replace Xander and Kibum.Well i see no point of their comeback in the future in Ukiss but i can only wish them luck for their future.They will be always in the heart of a True kissme and Ukiss is not complete without them…




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