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I covered another song..XD

hmm so all of my readers plz listen to my song..:)) i know its a bit harsh but i’ll be happy if u hear the song and leave comments…i’m not professional so no bashing please 😛 its an english song called If I let you go by my fav band WESTLIFE…(i feel sorry fr ruining there song..XD).Also listen to my previous cover of ss501’s Because I’m Stupid ….i’ll be thankful to all of u..:)


Code-V reveals comeback photos

Back in June of 2010, boy group Code-V made their return to the K-pop scene with Addiction. The group had originally debuted in 2007 under the name Bless, but suffered from poor sales and lack of promotion. Unfortunately, their comeback results in June was sub-par and member Taemin left the group in August.

In October, the group found a replacement for the departed Taemin in Seo Min Ho and now they’re preparing for a comeback.

Currently there isn’t much information for their comeback as there isn’t a definitive release date but it should be some time in May. Even though we don’t have much information about their comeback, photos of the group from their upcoming album was recently revealed.

Check out the photos below and if more detailed information is released, we’ll keep you informed.

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B1A4 reveals their final member, CNU!

After revealing their first four members, upcoming boy band, B1A4, has updated their website by revealing their 5th and final member, CNU.

With the 5 members now unveiled, stay tuned for what is to come from B1A4 on April 21st!

Source: B1A4 Website

Park Jae Beom, Ji Hyun Woo, Jang Seo Won, & Kim Randy Form Idol Group


Former 2PM leader Park Jae Beom is teaming up with guitarist-turned-actor Ji Hyun Woo, Kang Seo Won, and Kim Randy to form an idol group called Mr. Children for the movie Mr. Idol. The film will show the behind-the-scenes happenings that occur while creating an idol group. Kim Suro plays Sa Hee Moon, a man with the Midas touch in the entertainment industry; and Park Ye Jin acts as Oh Gu Ju, the woman behind the stars – their manager.

Music artist Park Jae Beom is expanding his activities to include acting. He plays Jio who’s an original member of the disbanded group Mr. Children; currently, Jio works as a club DJ. He’s an edgy character who talks rough and has an assault criminal record. Fans can expect heat and tension as Jio fights over the new lead vocal Yoo Jin (Ji Hyun Woo).

Mr. Children also consist of Yoo Jin, an indie band rocker. Guitarist-turned-actor Ji Hyun Woo is from an actual band called the Nuts, making him the perfect match for his character. Jang Seo Won, who has gained recognition for his role as Gil Ra Im’s senior stuntman in SBS’s Secret Garden, plays immature rookie member Hyun Yi. Kim Randy of hip hop duo Electroboyz plays GiKi, a rapper with a peculiar dialect.

Mr. Idol plans to release later this year. It’ll be interesting to see Park Jae Beom as part of a group after he started focusing on his solo career since leaving 2PM.

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi


B1A4 reveals their fourth member, Sandeul!

After revealing their first three members, upcoming boy band, B1A4, has updated their website revealing their 4th member, Sandeul.

A representative of WM Entertainment stated, “Sandeul is always smiling, so he makes people feel happy. He’s serious when he sings, though, which is why he’s the member that we all feel deserves to be the main vocalist.”

Unfortunately, their official homepage was hacked by international fans on April 12th, leading to the full image of the members to be leaked ahead of their release. B1A4 will still go ahead with their teasers by unveiling the final member on the 15th. So stay tuned for the final revelation of CNU tomorrow night!

Source: B1A4 Website, Sports World via Nate


B1A4 reveals third member, Gongchan!

After revealing their first two members, upcoming boy band, B1A4, has updated their website revealing their third member, Gongchan.

A representative of WM Entertainment stated, “Gongchan is the maknae and the main vocal of the team. He not only has vocal talent, but impressive acting skills as well, so he will be able to promote in a variety of different areas.” Stay tuned for the revelations of Sandeul and CNU in the coming days!

Source: B1A4 website, Seoul NTN via Nate


B1A4 reveals second member, Baro!

Despite joining a host of other boybands that are scheduled to debut, like BoyfriendM-1X-5Block-B, and After School Boys, the newest group to enter the frayB1A4, has been taking anunconventional approach in publicizing their upcoming debut using webtoons!

Today, the second member, Baro, was revealed on the landing page of the official B1A4 site.

A representative of WM Entertainment, the agency of B1A4, stated, “Unlike his cute looks, Baro actually has a charismatic rap tone. He took over the entire rap making for their debut album, and has exceptional skill talent in that area.”

We’ll be keeping you posted as more information becomes available about Baro and the rest of the B1A4 members.

Source: B1A4 official site, TV Daily via Nate


Our Women: Jay and Jung Eun Chae Leading Cast


Jay and Jung Eun Chae Leading Cast For “Our Women”

“Our Women” will be filling in the time slot for “Smile, Donghae” and now the leading casts for the male and female roles have been set. Jay and Jung Eun Chae are the lead roles. Jay is originally from SM Entertainment’s “Trax” which was an idol group and he also played the role of Yoo Min Ki from KBS2’s “President.”

On “Our Women,” Jay plays the successor to a large company. He is an heir that has lived however he wanted to but after meeting Go Eun (Jung Eun Chae) he decides to give up his special status and take on the world on his own. It is intriguing to see how fellow “Trax” member No Min Woo is also acting in dramas such as “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” and “Midus.” The two seem to be having a friendly rivalry going on.

Jung Eun Chae is well known for her role in “Haunters,” on “My Women” she plays a strong woman who never loses hope in any situation and lives to realize her dreams.

KBS1 has traditionally used new actors and created them into stars. During KBS1’s time slot Younha became famous through her role in “You are my Destiny.” Other people such as Kim Ah Joong, Han Hyo Ju, Kim Ji Suk, and Goo Hye Sun have become stars through this time slot. “Our Women” will begin its first broadcast on May 16th.

Written By, Translated by Jbarky


Rain is looking fierce in his uniform for “Red Muffler”

Singer/actor Rain took a few sel-cas from the set of his upcoming movie, “Red Muffler“.

On April 13th, Rain tweeted,

Today is the day I wear the full uniform…^^

Also, with my favorite senior [Oh] Dal Soo~~~

In the first picture, Rain is looking fierce in his air force uniform with one hand in his pocket and a scar on his face. However, in the second photo, Rain delivers his cute eye-smile while standing next to Oh Dal Soo.

Fans commented, “Wow! How could a uniform look so good!“, “You’ve just absorbed the clothes“, “Killer eye-smile“, and “I look forward to the movie ‘Red Muffler’“.

Rain is currently in the midst of filming for “Red Muffler” alongside Shin Se KyungKim Sung Soo,Lee Jong Suk, and Oh Dal Soo.

Source: TV Report via Daum


Super Junior’s Siwon, Donghae, and Eunhyuk show off their bromance

On April 11th, Super Junior’s SiwonEunhyuk, and Donghae uploaded pictures of themselves through their respective Twitter accounts.

Siwon tweeted, “With SK-W, EunSiHae has become real..”, while Eunhyuk wrote, “A gift from one who has… Forever EunSiHae SK-W!!!! Siwon, Thanks~” Last but not least, Donghae tweeted, “SK-W gift from Siwon!! He gave a gift of friendship to EunSiHae!! In the future, too, our Siwon.”

In the photos, Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae (a.k.a. ‘EunSiHae‘) are all striking the same pose for three different photos. All three members are seen holding the same phone to their ears, which one can only assume are the ‘SK-W’ phone. It seems that Siwon gave the phones to Eunhyuk and Donghae as a gift, thereby acknowledging the three’s ‘bromance’ with ‘couple’ phones!

Netizens commented, “Really, EunSiHae is exactly the same kekeke”, “Yeah EunSiHae is real ^^ No doubt!!”, and “Can’t get over how dorky this is. COUPLE PHONES! EunShiHae is real. =))”

Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Donghae are currently promoting in Taiwan as Super Junior-M with their latest album, “Perfection“.

Source: Twitter 123

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