Untouchable’s “Only One” hits #1 on online music charts

Untouchable’s newest single, “Only One“, has climbed to the #1 spot on various online music charts; it’s an incredible achievement, considering how the hip hop group has yet to perform the track on public broadcast programs.

Their management agency, TS Entertainment, stated, “We’re happy to have received results that exceeded our expectations. We want to thank all the fans who have loved Untouchable’s music.”

The song has not only peaked on music charts, but on charts for ringtones as well. Member D. Actiontweeted on the 6th, “Untouchable’s single ‘Only One’ reached #1 on Nate’s caller ring chart.”

Source + Photo: Newsen



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  1. I’m not getting the picture at the top of the column – just a large space with a small red x int he top left. Is there a problem with my computer or is everyone getting the same view.
    I notice this with several articles. What’s up?

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