Rain’s fatherly charms and fondness for daughters

Netizens on an online community recently put together a compilation video of Rain being a “player” for his supposed daughter obsession which has since become a viral topic on the internet.

During Rain’s appearance on SBS “Strong Heart” during his “Love Song” promotional days, the singer expressed, “I want to live in a house full of daughters so that I can take my pretty daughters to kindergarten every day and buy them nice food.”

In the video, you can see Rain meeting a friend and their child son in the hallway of a broadcasting building, greeting them happily thinking the child was a daughter. In another scene, Rain is seen tightly hugging a little girl at one of his fan meetings, displaying his father-like charisma. The singer also once made a guest appearance on a radio program where he showed his enthusiasm to be father, to the point where he even talked about what kind of fashion his daughter would have.

Fans who watched the video commented, ,”Rain will be a prosperous dad”, “Why am I becoming jealous that he’s obsessive over daughters”, and “I want to become that daughter.”

Meanwhile, Rain recently wrapped up his concert in December 2010 and will endure a shorter break to speed up the filming of his movie, “The Red Muffler.”

Source: BNT News via Nate



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