CNBLUE prepares to sign on with major Japanese music labels this year

CNBLUE has receiving an abundance of love calls from major Japanese record companies.

Unlike the other Hallyu groups who are promoting under larger labels, CNBLUE has been working with indie label FNC Music Japan since before their debut.

However, the group has finally revealed plans to officially contract with a major record label and prepare for their upcoming ‘official promotions’. The group’s been enjoying much success in Japan already, as they’ve already ranked on the Oricon charts and sold out their Japanese tour; consequently, many are anticipating what their ‘official promotions’.

A representative of FNC Music revealed, “Strong Japanese record labels have made offers to release CNBLUE’s official album.”

They continued, “About 10 different agency representatives have visited CNBLUE’s performances once or twice.  Representatives that weren’t able to attend due to the tickets selling out have even asked their staff members to pre-order the band’s next performancesThe reason they want to sign the group on is not because of the Hallyu wave, but because the group is unique in that they have a strong band sound.  The Japanese market is known for their strong band musicians, and CNBLUE has managed to receive positive reviews.“”

FNC Music will be making an official announcement on the group’s Japanese promotion partner within the first half of this year.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum, Star News via Daum



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