[NEWS] U-KISS Kevin “I think about my first kiss a lot during the performance” !

U-KISS’s Kevin expressed his thoughts about his first musical performance.

Recently, Kevin has safely completed his first performance of ‘On Air Live’ musical. He played the role of a popular idol that has left the entertainment industry, and returned as a radio DJ.

Kevin who has practiced hard for his musical debut said “I was nervous since it was my first musical stage, but I was thrilled too. Plus, I haven’t had my first kiss yet… I was trembling because I had to do it with the actresses for the stage performance. I wanted to do well since the fans were watching.”
Kevin came out on stage with a trembling heart but thanks to the intensive practice, he managed to pour out all his emotions.

After the performance ended, the press who were waiting poured Kevin questions about his first kiss’s feeling, he laughed and answered “I think about my first kiss a lot during the performance. Since there will be four times… so, I will have my first kiss hundreds of times then?”

A few fans from Taiwan and Japan flew to Korea just to congratulate Kevin on his first performance. They were holding a placard with a cute support message “Congratulation of Kevin’s first performance and first kiss” written on it.

Other actors for ‘On Air Live’ musical are Lee Jungmun, Bae Seulgi, Seo Yeong, Shini and Yoo Dongyoon. The musical will be continuing showing until February 14th at Chungmu Art Hall.

Source: TVDaily + jaymie501 at ROCKETBOXX.NET


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