Jay Park responds to criticisms over his tattoos

Due to escalating criticisms over his new tattoos, Jay Park took to his Twitter to explain his decision to get inked.

On December 6th, Jay tweeted, “I didn’t cut my hair too short for everyone to like, I put in a lot of effort to make songs that everyone would like, and I’m even resisting doing concerts before my album comes out because I thought people were spending too much money on me. Please don’t be too harsh that I have tattoos. I like it, it’s a stress reliever.”

He continued, “Telling me not to get tattoos is the same as saying “Don’t rap” or “Don’t dance”. I express my mind through these kinds of things.”

Jay, who’s been known to have a “tattoo mania”, recently revealed another new tattoo on his body, which consequently led to criticisms over his ‘tainted’ image.

Yet regardless of the minor scandal, the artist did not forget to share more news about his upcoming album. “The newest song has beats created by ChaCha, lyrics by me, and Dok2 as a rap feature. It will not disappoint.”

Source: Newsen via Daum Media



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