INFINITE reveals plans for Japanese debut at “EVOLUTION” showcase

INFINITE held a showcase for their second mini-album, “EVOLUTION,” at Seoul’s CGV on the afternoon of January 6th, and they revealed some interesting news and tidbits for their fans.

They first discussed their plans for a Japanese debut, as they said, “We’re planning to enter Japan within this year. Japanese is a language we’ve been learning since our trainee days.”

The group plans to release the singles “Come Back to Me” and “She’s Back” in Japan later on this month, which will be followed by a fan meeting this April.

INFINITE also revealed that they had each lost 3-4kg for their ‘cold city man’ concept: “All of the members lost weight to exude a sharper image.  We’ve gone through a mature image transformation compared to our first album.  The rebellious feel is a lot stronger now.”

Regarding their mini-album, they stated, “Fans will be able to hear how much our voices have improved.  It’s a meaningful album in that all of us participated in the rap making and whatnot.  We tried our best to not let anything slip by us.”  When asked about any future plans on making acting debuts, the group responded, “We’d rather focus on our music careers right now.”

They concluded, “Since this is our second promotion cycle, we’ll be working hard to show off more music and meet more fans.”

During the showcase, the boys performed a total of three tracks off their latest album, including their comeback track, “Before the Dawn,” ballad track “To My Heart,” and “Hysterie.

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Daum, Joy News 24 via Daum



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