Ku Hye Sun Presenting Award with Yoo Ah In

101231 Ku hye Sun Presenting Award with Yoo Ah In from Natali on Vimeo.


Translation susAmerica@soompi (Ah In & Hye Sun Only)

YAI: Hello, this is YAI.
GHS: Hello, this is GHS.
YAI: You and I met three years ago in a drama called Strongest Chilwoo. Truly, it has been a long time.
GHS: Yes, it has been truly a long time. At that time, you were so popular as an assasin and even now you are again so popular as Gul Woo. Congratulations. (laughs)
YAI: I don’t know what is it about assasins. (all laugh) GHS-ssi, you are still beautiful as ever.
GHS: ah, thank you. Now, we will go into presenting.
YAI: Winners of the Netizen Award as selected by internet will be anounced by GHS-ssi.
GHS: Park Yoo Chun.



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