Ku Hye Sun 2011 Calendar via KHS Chinese Fans Site



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  1. How can I purchase the calendar? Is there a site I can go to to place an order? Thanks!


      go there i dot kno it can realy help u bt atleast u will find some clue

      • For some reason the comes up but then gets blocked by my computer. Before it gets “bounced” off I saw it’s 99% in Korean. I do have a translate function but the site isn’t up long enough to use it.
        Is there a possibility that the calendar may be bought through YesAsia?
        Thank you for your help – Apoorv. David

      • yeah same is de case with me n chrome is nt able to translate it..:( it was the syt fro where the nws was collected..hmm…i tried to find it on yesasia bt i have nt been able to find smthing…:(

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