[FA2] Ku Hye Sun @ Sunkyunkwan University Welcome Party

웰컴파티 w.구혜선=Welcome Party with GHS
옆자리에서 두근두근…=My heart is beating fast being next to her.
분명 기자들 사진엔 같이 앉아있는 사진이 있을텐데..=Among the press pix, there has to be a pix of me sitting with her.
왜 안올라오지요…=Why isn’t it coming up?
또봐요 누나=See you again, Noona.

웰컴파티=Welcome Party

ㅋㅋ 실감이 안남=keke I cannot believe it.
웰컴이라니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ=This is welcome? kekekeke
저기 이상한 모자쓰신 교수님 옥동자랑 갈갈이보다 웃김ㅋㅋ=That professor over there with the costume (?ok dong?) is funny. kekeke
&& 구혜선 고아성도 진짜 참석해서 놀람ㅋㅋ=and, and, I was so surprised that GHS and GO Ah Sung attended the party.

011학번 구혜선=011 School Number GHS

.. 그러고보니 오늘 신입생 오리엔테이션 갔는데 구혜선이 왔네요?
..Well, let’s see. I went to the new students’ orientation and GHS came?
… 맨앞에있어서 보지는 못햇는데 옥동자랑 갈갈이가 와서 소개시켜줬어요
…She was way in the front so I did not get to see her. But OK Dong (The professor in funny constume) went near GHS and introduced her to the rest of the school.
얼굴 진~짜작아요..Her face is Really small…
.. 공부의신에 나오는 어떤애도 왔다는데 (여자애) 하지만 누군지 모르니 패스인거에요.
.. I heard that a female from ?Spirit of Study also came. But since I don’t know her, I pass.
들어보면 학교출신 연예인이 참많다네요..
What I hear is that there are many celebrities who attend or graduated our school.
어차피 별 인연은 없겠지만말이에요
Anyway, we probably will not likely cross path with each other.
가서 신입생들 사진찍는것보다 구혜선 사진찍는게 더많았다는건 후문
News is that there were more pix being taken of GHS than any other new students.
… 플래쉬가 계속터져서 들여다보니 포커스는 모두 구혜선에게..
…So many flashes..When I turned to look, all the focus was on GHS…
P.S 동기인데 나이가 너무 많아요 … .. 6살 누나네?
p.s. She is too old to be my fellow student in the same year….about 6 years older noona?
P.S 011학번인건 학교가 600년넘어서 이렇게하라네요 농담이겠지만
p.s. The reason her number is 011 is that our school is over 600 years old. I am sure it is a joke.…otaku&no=163348



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