Ku HyeSun did not worry about anti-Korea: Taiwanese are very nice/friendly!

第54屆亞太觀摩影展首場記者會,由具惠善所拍攝的《妖術》打頭陣,首次執導劇情長片的她,就有亮眼的成績,《妖術》不僅入圍參加了本屆亞太影展,更在觀 摩影展開放網路報名後,不到一小時就被索票一空,身為新銳導演的她,就有這樣的成績,表示她的能力是受到肯定的。記者會上,她不避諱的回答反韓問題,更在 現場喝起高粱酒,覺得台灣人真的很親切,也希望有機會能再來台灣。
The 54th APFF screening/demonstration session first press conference was started with movie YoSool which was directed by Ku HyeSun. This is the first time she directed in a full length movie and she received great results. YoSool not only included in this year’s APFF, the tickets of screening session for this movie were fully redeemed within an hour. She managed to get such good results as a new director, this represented that her ability is agreed by the others. During the press conference, she answered the questions about anti-Korea and drank kaoliung, feels that Taiwanese are very friendly and she hoped that she can visit Taiwan again.

Ku HyeSun did not worry about anti-Korea: Taiwanese are very nice/friendly!

記者會一開始,亞太影展 周守訓主席就將本屆的亞太紀念酒送給具惠善,有酒國女英雄之稱的她,在現場豪邁的乾了一整杯金門高粱酒,喝完直呼:「好喝!」
被問到是否擔心近來台灣與韓國之間的緊張問題,多次來台的具惠善表示:「一點也不擔心這個問題,覺得每次來台都像回到家鄉一樣,台灣人真的很親切!」當她 一接收到亞太影展的邀約訊息,二話不說就答應來參與亞太觀摩影展,陪影迷一同觀賞自己的作品!她感到非常的開心,希望未來有機會能常來台灣。
When the press conference started, chairman Zhou ShouXun brought kaoliung and presented to Ku HyeSun as a souvenir of APFF. She was known as a ‘wine heroine’(?) and boldly drank a fulled cup of JinMen kaoliung, she immediately said, “Very nice drink/delicious!” When she was asked about whether did she worry about the problem between Taiwan and Korea, Ku HyeSun who has visited Taiwan for several times replied, “I did not worry about this at all, every time when I visit Taiwan, I feel like I am going back to hometown, Taiwanese are really friendly/nice!” When she received the invitation for APFF, she immediately promised the organizer that she will be participating in this event, accompany the fans to enjoy her own work/movie! She felt very happy and hoped that there are chances for her to visit Taiwan in the future.

初執長片導演筒成績亮眼 親臨現場
First time directing movie and received good results_Came to spot personally

2009年因韓版《流星花園》而爆紅的具惠善,其精湛的演技,也讓她演藝事業更上一層樓,首次擔任導演的她,即有亮眼的成績,其短片「快樂幫手」就在釜山 亞洲電影節獲得了觀眾獎,本次的劇情長片「妖術」更入圍了亞太影展,被問到最希望獲得的獎項,具惠善謙虛的表示:「希望得到最佳新人獎。」
In year 2009, because of Boys Over Flowers, Ku HyeSun gained her popularity. Her superb acting skills lead her to a higher level in her career. Being a movie director for the first time, she received good results. Her short film, The Madonna received an Audience Award from Pusan International Film Festival. For this time, her full length movie, YoSool was nominated in APFF. When the media asked her about what award did she hope to receive, she humbly said, ‘I hope that I can receive a Best Newcomer award.’

After knowing the tickets were fully redeemed within an hour after the registration was opened through the internet, Ku HyeSun felt very touch. Ku HyeSun said that she was looking forward to watch the movie with the fans, she hoped that every one can take it was watching a music concert, enjoy the music from the movie. She even spoke it in Chinese, 「希望大家喜歡!」 (I hope that every one will like it!)
She is an approachable/friendly person, playing multiple roles as an actress, movie director and scriptwriter. Regarding next year March school reopen problem, she felt that, “No matter how busy it will be, when school reopen, I will still study hardly.” She hoped that she can have better performance in the future.

Source: APFF

Translation by first_snow@soompi



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