Ku HyeSun arrived at Taiwan Finished Kaoliang in one shot

(CNA)Korean actress Ku HyeSun is now a movie director, her first featured full length movie was included in the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival(APFF). She has just arrived Korea today and the chairman of APFF, Zhou ShouXun brought her kaoliang ( strong distilled liquor) as a gift. She finished it in one shot on the spot and calmly said, “Very nice drink/delicious.”

Ku HyeSun has started to gain her popularity from drama Boys Over Flowers. She is a multitalented woman, she published a novel, held an art exhibition and composed music. This year, she works with WuZun in Absolute Darling, trying to get herself a place in the Chinese market. Her first directed movie YoSool is included in this year’s APFF.

Ku HyeSun appeared in APFF casually. She visited Taiwan for several times and she revealed that she feel excited for this visit too. There was an anti-South Korea issue recently, Ku HyeSun replied, ‘It was irrelevant to movies, the Taiwanese are very friendly/nice, I feel like I am back to hometown when I visit Taiwan.’

YoSool is a story about young people learning music together. Ku HyeSun played four roles in the movie, director, actress, scriptwriter and music composer. She smiled and said, ‘This is my first time being a director, please bear/forgive me. If you don’t understand the story, you can listen to the music.’

Source: libertytimes

Translation by first_snow@soompi
(I will translate HyeSun’s words based on the translator)
0:07 (Words on screen) Ku HyeSun put on her ‘magic’ meet the fans nicely.
0:08 (Narrator) Korean actress Ku HyeSun with her first featured full length movie YoSool attended the screeening session. She may look very fragile and soft, but she is very good in drinking. She happily got a sip during the session. In refer to participate in APFF, she showed her ambition/aspiration.
0:22 (Words on screen) Ku HyeSun happily participate in APFF. Hoping to get a new director award.
0:29 (Translator) Rookie award. (Reporter) What is a rookie award? (Translator) Supposed that this is her first directed movie, so she hope to get a new director award.
0:39 (Narrator) YoSool is a story about love story between the students in a music school. When it was screening in Korea, there were some audiences commented that they did not understand the story.
1:08 (Words on the screen) Presented her new work. Ku HyeSun hoped that the audience may bear/forgive her.
1:23 (Translator) She emphasized that this movie is different from the movies in the past. So for audience that do not understand the story, please bear/forgive her. Take it as enjoying a beautiful music concert(?)
1:43 (Narrator) After all, YoSool is Ku HyeSun’s first directed movie. So people please give her more creativity capacity.



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