Ku Hye Sun,Lee Da Hae,Shin Se Kyung – Help out residents of YunPyung in steam room

북한의 포격으로 인천의 한 찜질방에서 생활하고 있는 연평도 주민들을 위문하기 위한 여자연예인들의 발길이 이어지고 있다.
Some of the residents from YunPyungdo who became homeless due to the attacks by North Korea are staying at a steam room facility in InChun.
7일 찜질방 관계자는 “KBS에서 방송촬영 차 찜질방을 찾았는데 이다해씨가 같이 와 공연도 해주고 돌아갔다. 앞서 4일 신세경씨가 직접 쌀과 구호품을 전달했으며 구혜선씨도 주민들을 만나 선물을 전달하고 아이들과 놀아줬다”고 전했다. On the 7th, the manager of the facility states that KBS’s broadcasting car was looking around for a steam room facility. Lee Da Hae-ssi and the crew did some performance. On the 4th, Shin Se Kyung came over to give rice and other helpful products. GHS-ssi came to meet the residents and gave gifts to the residents and also played with the children.
또 “김제동씨는 직접 찜질방을 찾진 않았으나 3000만원치의 구호품을 보내왔고 정치인들도 많이 왔다갔다”고 말했다.
Also, Kim JaeDong-ssi (an mc/comedian)sent over 30,000,000won worth of helpful products and many politicians visited as well.…/20101207n2036


[행복한시간] 연평도 아이들과 구혜선씨! 정말 이날 아이들을 위해 맘을 다하는 모습이 너무 감동적이었어요.[Happy Time] YunPyungdo kids and GHS-ssi! The way she poured out her all for those kids was so very moving.…476778559836161

[칭찬합시다]하루종일 연평도 유치원아이들과 거동이 힘드신 할머니를 섬기고,자원봉사자와 함께 봉사하고(자원봉사자들과 봉사자 유니폼을 입고 다니시니 주변분들 모르심)그렇게 조용히왔다 조용히 돌아간 구혜선씨! 아이들이 난리네요 좋아서.알려서 죄송합니다. =[Let us praise her.] All day long, she helped out the kindergarten children and took care of the elderly who cannot move around easily. She wore the same uniforms as the other volunteers that no one really knew who she is. She came quietly and left so quietly! The kids were going crazy with joy. I am sorry to have revealed the information.…188752910745600

[감사합니다]하루종일 아이와 놀아주고,거동이 힘드신 할머님를 씻어주고,아이들의 옷을 하나하나 챙겨전달하고.그렇게 조용히 돌아간 구혜선씨! 인천출신,그래서 더마음을 담은 그녀의 모습,정말 감동의 이었습니다. 알려서 죄송합니다.=[Thank you] All day long, she played with the children. She washed the elderly who cannot move around so easily. She gave out clothes to each child. How quietly did she leave,,GHS-ssi! She is from InChun herself. That is why she gave so much of herself. I was so impressed. I am sorry for revealing the information.…178198947172352



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