Ku Hye Sun Designed for Design Korea 2010

12월 1일 구혜선 작가님 방 살짝 들여다 보기~
구혜선 작가님 방 살짝 들여다 보기~12.1일
This person visited GHS’s room while she is not there: “On December 1st, I am taking a sneak peak into artist GHS’s room~”
Translation Credit susAmerica@soompi
at the bottom corner, it says that GHS is an actress and a director and also a formally recognized illustrator and celebrity designer. let us enter her world of art.It also says in smaller print that GHS does not attend the parties.



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  1. Hi!koo hye sun your painting it’s so beautiful
    Take care and god bless

  2. Koo hye sun if i see your painting and pics im happy because im your idol.

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