[6th Interview] IN HANNAM celebrity – Ku Hye Sun

Besides being an actress and movie director, GHS is jumping in as an illustrator. GHS is this generation’s artist icon.

Q: How are things for you these days? What have you been doing?
A: I am currently filming a drama, THE MUSICAL and, I have completed a script for a full-length film which I plan to make next year.

Q: How did you get involved in InHanNam project?
A: Through a friend/acquaintance, Design Korea made a proposal to me to participate. I have been very interested in Design Korea for some time so I decided to participte very happily.

Q: Do you have a person or a team in this HanNam project that you are most interested in?
A: I have to say I am most interested in the people with whom I will be sharing the space..since we will be sharing everything/movement with each other.^^

Q: Do you have a mentor as an artist?
A: This may sound boring,,but, all the authors/composers/artists..are my mentors. Every one of them is different in his/her ways/styles that I receive inspiration and learning from each and every one of them.

Q: Do you have your own particular style or color as an illustrator?
A: Well,,,I tend to use lines to give overall format. I tend not to use too many colors but love to express the sense of the color very strongly.

Q: For this project, what do you want to show as an artist?
A: It is too much pressure/burden for me to work here as an ‘Artist GHS’…I just want to work here very comfortably as part of one of the people. If I must say, I would like to work on a project that would not be distant but close.. to the level of low doorsill. An art that everybody can enjoy fully without any pressure or burden..that is what I would like to try to do. (I wonder if that means her art would be less absract this time?)

Q. 디자인코리아2010에 가장 기대하는 것은?–Q: What do you anticipate the most out of Design Korea 2010?
A: I can’t wait to see the work of other artists with whom I will work and share space. I also wonder about the reactions of the visiting public. Personally, I hope that all the visitors will have deeply meaningful time.

Translation Credit susAmerica@soompi

Please come everyone and I hope that you will have a wonderful time.
To the free/relaxing December..
Sincerely GHS
Design Korea 2010 In HanNam…log/30098056800



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