Ku Hye Sun Working Place for Design Korea Show 2010

It appears that about 6 houses in HanNamdong are being used by the artists. 31-4 is the address of the house that GHS will be staying. Her house mates are: graphic artist Yoo DaeYoung who brought a mat used in steam-houses. He says that he loves his work space which he considers better than his home and he has been already living there for few days. Two doors down is an artist who work in America. He flew back to Korea to participate in DK2010 in order to newwork and work on his art. In this house, talent GHS will also live and she will work on her illustration. She is working hard on decorating.

There are 30 teams of 78 artists living at these locations until the end of next month–so, until end of December.

The article also says that people can visit and open doors to any artists’ rooms and see the artists’ work in progress. It is live art–as Park TaeEun, project manager, says, it will be a program where artists’s lives are broadcast live like ‘real variety town’.…/20101126n01348

Translation susAmerica & webby@soompi


오늘 디코인한남에 낮부터 배우 구혜선씨가 자신의 작업 공간을 꾸미고 계시더군요 바쁜 스케쥴에도 열심히하시는 모습 아름답습니다!/DAROCK00

The tweeter says: Since the afternoon, at the D.K 2010 In HanNam, actress GHS has been decorating her work space. Despite her busy schedule, her deligence/working hard looks beautiful.



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