Ku Hye Sun Interview with Bling

GHS-ssi was interviewed on a very good weather.not as an actress but as an illustrator and author/composer. We filmed at ?half-basement area filled with layers and layers of torn wall papers. All the staff were feeling a bit sick in the necks and itchy in the noses from all the dust
But film/work must go on!

Even though she looks tender and soft…
she was amazingly tul-tul=free and easy/unaffected

The weather was good, but
It was because of GHS-ssi that staff’s faces were cheerful. I really felt that.
Her expressions were broad-minded and generous.

Bling’s Editor Kim Yong Hyun!
He is in charge of the GHS-ssi Inteview.
The interview atmosphere was so comfortable that it felt like carrying on a gossip time.

But, when she talked about her art work, she was very prudent/careful and ?jinsol?~maybe poster meant jinshil?-authentic?.

She also came to HanNamdong yesterday to work on decorating her room all day long and left.
She may be small and fragile in appearance but when I see her work, she really seems like a tomboy.
This author also kind of fell for her free and easy way about her
As a woman watching her, I really saw her so many charms.
Instead of seeing her as an actress, she seemed more like a friend.

She was hammering in the nails..
she also sprayed,,,even though she was drinking in all the fumes, she never stopped working until finished.
We will…soon open.
Of course nothing new in that statement..but..
To see her work with such passion is yet another side of GHS that I never saw when she is interviewed on TV and talking so affably.
I really felt this for real.
I suddenly felt very strongly that from now on I am going to make sure I see GHS-ssi’s dramas very deligently.
I will also soon show you her unceremonious (free and easy) work space.
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