Lee Min Ho for Men’s Uno Nov Issue

HK Version

Flower Boy undergoing metamorphosis Lee Min Ho

There are lots of misunderstanding about him.
Lee Min Ho has long been misunderstood. Hangul name in Chinese characters was miswritten as 李民浩, then in BOF he was misunderstood as a money-spender but actually a affectionate rich. Early this year in PT, he became an architect who was misunderstood by SYJ as a gay. With over 6 feet of height plus a handsome face, he is easily misunderstood as model-type actor who only appeal with his outlook. After interviewing Lee Min Ho, it makes me believe that Flower Boy was just a misunderstanding, now the idol boy eventually turns to a responsible mature man.

City Hunter

It was an Autumn afternoon in mid-Oct, at a photoshoot location in Kang Nam, Seoul. When photographer was setting the lighting & backdrop, I had coffee and chat with Lee Min Ho. Haven’t yet asked a question, he firstly asked me about the UNICEF event in Hong Kong, and told me about the situation in Korea. “ I am honored to be chosen as the ambassador of UNICEF. Previously a charity event about reconstruction after earthquake in Haiti and Chile was held in Seoul, aiming to arouse public awareness on livelihood and education issues after natural disaster. I really like the theme of this event, it’s simply called friendship.  Though countries like Haiti & Chile are far away in geographical proximity, I think love & care between mankind are always boundless.”

Being the ambassador of UNICEF makes Lee Min Ho learn to cherish, and also understand the importance of being thankful. When he acted in BOF he was still a rookie, in recent years he became popular and was hailed with drama invitations. At the beginning Lee Min Ho felt extremely flattered, and eventually he becomes more confident and have more courage to challenge different roles. “early this year I worked with Son Ye Jin for PT, and next year I will work on SBS  drama City Hunter. Now I am preparing for the drama and to grasp the personality of the character. I believe that everyone is familiar with the original manga of City Hunter. Though this comedian detective is a bit lustful, and would lose his wits when meeting beautiful girls, his personality is actually very cute and candid. He is also nimble & agile, and could finish any case efficiently. I also read the manga in the past; I always find that City Hunter’s heart was filled with sorrow behind his comedian façade, which makes him more charming.”

Flower Boy is a burden

The definition of charming man is always a confusion for Lee Min Ho. I told him that media in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan always position him as Flower Boy. He laughed a little when he heard that. Because in his mind, flower would eventually wither away, the beauty of flower is just short term. “maybe because of BOF, I was crowned with the name as Flower Boy. Actually I was quite embarrassed about that since there are many people in Korea who are more handsome ad more attractive than me. Media always adds Flower Boy in front of my name, sometimes this put pressure on me. I think outlook is not the whole of a person. I hope people would remember me because of my acting or my personality but not only my face. I know that I do not have much experience in acting. But luckily I got the opportunity to act in idol drama and romantic comedy, and City Hunter let me try out action scenes and train my comedian acting. If there is chance in future, I want to try scary movie and also want to act some darker roles with complicated personality.

Not wasting any minute

Lee Min Ho understands that the world of acting is comparatively simple; things happening in the reality might be more dramatic than any drama. To raise fund for earthquake victims, he was like starting a s filled with all kindjourney to discover the meaning of life. “The world is of happiness & sadness, which is out of our control. I believe more and more that life is too short, it’s not good for us to be too stubborn. Everything happens because of fate, I always remind myself that I have to grasp everything I own now. For me, ideal life is to live every minute meaningfully.”

Looking at the conscientious & firm expression of Lee Min Ho, I remembered he talked about his male paragon during preparation. “When I was young, I always watched Hong Kong movie. Until now I still clearly remember Chow Yun Fat & Ti Lung in A Better Tomorrow, they are the best example of personal loyalty. I am really moved by their genuine friendship.” Chow Yun Fat is the super idol to Lee Min Ho. Because of that, he also hopes that he could become a respectable actor like Chow Yun Fat in future. “I am working hard to learn acting and seek improvements. I wish that after some years, I could become a respectable senior to others. But being respectable doesn’t mean I want to put on airs. I want to be friends with juniors, can communicate with each others regardless of ages and grades. I believe that would be very meaningful.”

Credit Translation meow13@soompi.

Taiwan Version


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