Jaejoong fans angered with “Poseidon” over miscasting

The writer for upcoming drama “Poseidon” is facing a lot of heat from Jaejoong fans due to a couple of contrary statements he made about Jaejoong and TVXQ’s Yunho.

Last July, he uploaded photoshopped images of Jaejoong on his personal Facebook page and wrote, “Although it’s not confirmed yet, if Jaejoong and Kap Su Jwa were cast for my drama, I’d feel so honored and do my best.

Soon after, news agencies released articles confirming Jaejoong’s role in “Poseidon”. When a fan left a message stating that she hoped Jaejoong would do well for the drama, the writer replied, “Yes, I too am hoping for good news.”

However, with recent news of Yunho being confirmed for “Poseidon”, a controversy quickly arose.

Although the writer had previously rallied for Jaejoong, Yunho’s confirmation caused him to do a complete turn. He left contradictory tweets about Jaejoong’s supposed casting, “Sigh~ Internet news agencies putting in their [EXCLUSIVE] headlines and writing as if they don’t care what the truth is.

Angry fans began tweeting back, “The writer is saying something completely different now. He acted as if Jaejoong would be cast for the drama at first” and “What happened to Jaejoong’s casting then?

The writer responded, “There was nothing confirmed, and articles were already being released as if it was. We, too, are going through difficult times because of this. However, the fans are probably going through a much more difficult time than we are. This may seem like a fake statement, but I am truly thankful for every actor that chooses to work with me.”

Although he attempted to clarify the situation, fans continued attacking him for his hypocrisy until the writer eventually decided to terminate his Twitter account.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate


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