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Ku Hye Sun Twitter Update 15/11/2010

I am thinking about farming cabbage. Cabbage farm just for my mother.

Uh-moo-yi (cute and provincial way of addressing her mom)left for big mother’s (her father’s older brother’s wife) house to make ghim-jang (making tons of kimchi/ghim-chi). When November comes, uh-moo-yi suffers from postpartum illness, side effect after giving birth, where her two arms swell up. (You see, I was born in the month of November.) I am anguishing over what I can do. If I declare to uh-moo-yi that I will only eat her kimchi, do you think she will like it?

We are filming drama. Amidst sleepiness and exhaustion, playfulness is activated. JooHyun unni captured it. Eu-HaHaHa..

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi


Ku Hye Sun & Ock Joo Hyun Picture during break from Filming

r 14, 2010 by loveghs

We must at least do such things to be actresses. kehahaha!요정도는 해야 여배우죠. 크하하하핫


Ku Hye Sun at Burger King (Fan Account)

방금버거킹에서 구혜선봤어요!!!!! 싸인도받았음 ㅠㅠㅠ 얼굴완전작음…762032427929600
청담동버거킹이요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…767394849783808
그냥 회색코트에 단발머리요 ㅋㅋ 근데 얼굴진짜작아요 ㅋㅋ…768001631363072
부럽지 내이름써져있음 ㅋㅋㅋ 아이폰에싸인하면서 최첨단이래 구혜선은 갤스쓰더라…767551481880576
이거 구혜선 사진은 못찍는데서 <U></U&gt;…765220308688896

버거킹에인형이앉아있네? 밀가루네밀가루…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ구혜선언니…ㅋㅋ <U></U&gt;…767517059227649

Tweets Translation susAmerica@soompi

I just saw GHS at the BK!!! I even got her autograph.,,,Totally a tiny face!!
It is at the Chung Dham Dong Burger King kekeke
She just has on grey coat and short hair cut keke But her face is really small keke
I got GHS’s autograph.
You are going to get jealous. My name is written keke She signed my I-phone and said it is the end. GHS uses? ghels?
I took such pix because they told me I cannot take pix…
There is a doll sitting at the Burger King keke flour, my flour keke GHS unni keke


Ku Hye Sun – The Musical BTS 4

from : 긴머리휘날리@DC

나는 더뮤지컬 스틸기사 긴머리휘날리횽이야…I am THE MUSICAL’s ‘still’ technician and am a member called ghinmuhriwheenhalee(=long-hair-blowing-in-the-wind).
어제 재밌게 촬영하고…I had much fun filming yesterday…
떡 정전일것 같아서 쿠갤에 한번 들어와 봤는데….I thought there will be barely any life in here and decided to come and visit….
이건 뭐…정전이 아니라.. 오일파동 수준인데..ㅎ But, what is this..instead of no life,,seems like ?5-days of upheaval level..hoho

뭐 그건 그렇고…Ok, so that is that…
쿠 근황 궁금해 할 것 같고해서..I thought you might be wondering about Koo’s recent state of affairs…
세시간전에 촬영한 신상짤 한장 들고 왔어….so, I brought over her pix while filming three hours ago.
지금은 새벽이라 맛뵈기고…It is dawn now so I just wanted to give you a taste…
잠좀자고 정신 말짱해질때.. 풀세트 들고 온다….I need to sleep a bit so that my head clears,,,then I will bring over the full set…
기둘리….just wait…
대짤이야 클릭하면 커져….It is a big pix,,if you click on it, it will enlarge…

횽 지금까지 잦다…
거의 폭풍기절해 있었어….
기다리 던 갤러들에겐 미안~

새벽에 약속한 풀세트야….
쿠갤엔 횽 아는 사람들 없겠지만…
횽… 약속한건  반드시 지켜…ㅋㅋ

사진은 쉬는 시간에 촬영한 사진이야….
쿠 현장에서 청포도 사탕 먹으면서 즐겁게  촬영하고있고…
배우들과도 재밌게.. 잘 지내고 있어….
헬스하며 내공키워 장풍도 쏘고..ㅎ

자주는  못오겠지만….
재밌는 사진 촬영하면 또 올께….
다음에 왔을때도 정전이면 나 그냥 간다…..
즐갤들하 고…..

-대짤이야.. 가로사진은 클릭하면 커진다…-

(퍼가도 되고 프레스컷으로 써도  되지만.. 출처는 밝혀… 프레스컷 출처는 필름북, 프레스컷 이외에 출처는 구혜선갤이고..)
cre DC

Ghinmuhriwheenhalee returns to DC with full set of GHs pix!
I was nearly in a state of ?pok poong ghi jul~storm season?
Sorry for making you all wait.

This is the full set that I promised you at dawn.
I may not know anyone at Koo Gal, but
I always deliver what I promised.. keke

These pix are taken during the break from filming..
Koo is enjoying her work at the film location eating her grape candies..
She is also getting along fine and enjoying the time with all the other actors
She is also exercising, develping endurance in order to shoot ?jang peung? hoho

I probably cannot come often..
If we do other interestng film work, I will return..
If I come back and see that there is no life here, I am just going…
So, enjoy yourselves…

It is a big pix..If you click, it enlarges..
(You can take the pix to whereever but you must reveal the source For the press, the source is from FILMBOOK and for others, just give credit to GHS gallery.)

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi.


[FANCAM] Lee Min Ho @ Fan Event “Love & Peace” in Tokyo

Lee Min Ho at Gimpo Airport back to Korea

Cre as Labelled


Ku Hye Sun [YG Entertainment]

i delete my translation,seems very bad huh?! here the right Translation by meow13@soompi.

this clip introduces YG entertainment, Hyesun being one of the artists. He mentioned quite a few times that Hyesun is multi-talented, not only a good actress, she can write a book & compose music, and also wrote script for movies and became a director at the age of 25. At last he mentioned about the cooperation of Hyesun & Wuchun in the new drama AD.


Lee Min Ho Fan Event ” Peace & Love” Tokyo 2010

Credit as Labelled


Lee Min Ho at Japan “Asia-Pacific Global Peace and Love 2010″ Press Conference

Credit as Labelled & Twitter


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