Lee Min Ho Message for Asia-Pacific Global Peace & Love In Tokyo 2010

Actor LMH will be the narrator for a documentary appealing for help for the global village natural disaster victims.

The current location of Haiti and Chile will be introduced in the documentary to share the messages of sorrow and love together with UN.

The documentary will be first revealed on Nov 11 at Japan’s Tokyo Dome at a UN ‘friendship’ themed event which is also LMH’s solo charity event titled ‘love & peace’, and will be shown on Mnet Japan.

LMH’s management company Starhaus entertainment revealed that ‘we are participating since we identify with the purpose of the documentary. The recording for the narration has been completed.”

LMH says it’s an honor to take part in doing good and hope that the earthquake devastated areas of haiti, chile and indonesia will be quickly restored.

LMH’s fans have already jumped on the bandwagon to join him. LMH’s korean fan community are collecting donations for Unicef campaigns (in which LMH is the honorary ambassador) such as for Haiti. They collected 6220 thousand won for the recent Unicef sponsored G20 Asia Song Festival event, and the donation is steadily progressing through text messages.

LMH’s South America fanclub is seeking donations for US Unicef for the upcoming Christmas through twitter. Fans all over the world have also been sharing phrases like ‘please pray for Indonesia who’s going through the pain of a huge natural disaster’ through twitter since the 27th.

Fans comment that ‘it feels good to be involved in something good’, ‘i don’t think of it as just giving money for a donation. When i look at an entertainer who leads by doing good will, I am trying to share the load as much as I’m able to with the rest’,’I feel really happy to know that i can help with just 1000 won’.




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