Ku Hye Sun @ TIFF Q&A 2010

A fan gives Director GHS a surprise that brought happy smile.

23rd TIFF runs from Oct 23~31. GHS is also a popular actress in Japan due to BOF. YOSOOL is her first full-length feathre film. GHS is attending the Q&A session.

GHS revealed that she was inspired to write MAGIC or YOSOOL due to one of her favorite poems also called YOSOOL since high school days and the poet’s name is Han Yong Woon. Due to the complicated and very abstract nature of the poem, she cannot say she thoroughly understood the meaning of the poemm, however something in the poem sent her a message and moved her.

GHS said that she is influenced and inspried by Japan’s Director YiWaYi SooJi especially when viewers look at the snow scene. She respects the work of not only Director YiWaYi Soonji but also Director Miyazaki Hayao.

While GHS is in the middle of Q&A, a fan gave GHS a surprise gift with a birthday song? in order to congratulate GHS for her upcoming 26th birthday on Nov 9th. GHS expressed extreme happiness for such unexpected surprise that she never received before.

A fan who worried that GHS will eventually leave acting all together was very happy to hear that GHS will continue both acting and directing work. Director GHS also stated that she would like to make more fantasy films with happy endings.

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi.



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