Lee Min Ho: “Worried because ‘City Hunter’ is similar to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’? No way!”

Lee Min Ho’s side has responded to the rumors that things had been worrisome becoz the character Lee Min Ho is undertaking for City Hunter (role of Kang Jin) is similar to the character played by Bi (role of Ji Woo) in The Fugitive Plan B by saying that it’s not a big deal and waved it off dismissively.

Lee Min Ho who has played roles of a picky young master, an architect who is questioned to be homosexual had been picked to play the main male lead of Hojo Tsukasa’s internationally popular manga ‘city hunter’ and has been training in shooting, martial arts and other action skills as well as analysing the character he will be acting as, scrupulously immersing himself in the preparation.

Many viewers cannot conceal their thrill (anticipation) of the drama in which LMH will be acting as a playboy who finds himself rendered helpless in the presence of beautiful women, but is also a highly skilled and agile character who unravels cases while harboring a hidden secret.

Thinking about LMH as such a character, reports that the production team of city Hunter is worried since ratings for ‘The Fugitive’ (where Bi plays a similar character) has dropped by half has arisen. However the overall opinion is this may be undue worry.

In particular, LMH’s agency spoke with OSEN through the phone on the 26th saying “We don’t know why people are saying how the character of Kang Jin is similar to the character played by Bi. The character of Kang jin that LMH will be playing will be different in many aspects from that of the original manga. The script is not out yet.”

“The character of Kang Jin is perhaps more 3-dimensional than what people imagine and will be a different (unconventional) person. Recently, LMH is immersing himself in the character while preparing for the drama. Please do not worry and please eagerly anticipate LMH’s take on Kang Jin. The PD, scriptwriter, and all staff are working hard to prepare a cool ‘city hunter’ drama.”

The korean version of City Hunter that LMH will be in has 2011′s Seoul as the background rather than 1980′s Tokyo. Kang Jin, who is a tall and good-looking ex CIA agent, neatly solves and takes care of the painful situations of the city dwellers who live in an indifferent environment, and in the process heals the wound in his own heart and takes on a new perspective towards love and family.…gid=G1010260132

Translation Webby@soompi.



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