Ku Hye Sun @ Grand Mint Festival 2010

With Han Hyo Joo

갈수록 예뻐지는 쿠감독님!
나 보러와줘서 너무너무 고마워!
Cr Han Hyo Joo’s cyworld

헐 구혜선 관객으로 등장… 얼굴 무지 작고 눈은 엄청 큼.==Huh! GHS appeared in the audience…Her face is extremely small and her eyes are extremely big.…_id=28487208763

GMF 노리플라이 기다리고 있는데 같이온 친구는 바로뒤에계신 구혜선님보고 열광중;;;;;;;==I am waiting for the GMF . My friend who came with me saw GHS just behind her and is in the middle of being awed.…_id=28487393460

내바로옆에구혜선있다!!!@.@아 두근두근 근데불편해할까봐말을못걸겠다==Just next to me is GHS!!!! Ahh,,,My heart is beating thump, thump,,But I just cannot speak with her because I don’t want to make her stressed.…_id=28487772279

그민페와서구혜선보다!!!땡잡았음ㅋㅋ==I saw GHS at GMF!!!What Fortune, keke…_id=28491711708



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